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Aug. 22nd, 2017 01:47 am
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My awesome partners, [personal profile] teaotter & [personal profile] amberite, and I all went out to Madras Oregon (which lies at the center-point of the totality, and had over 2 minutes of visible corona). We went with friends, most of whom went out there on Saturday, we ventured out on Sunday, because we were all camping in a soccer field (the campgrounds was a fund raiser for the local Little League). We were worried about traffic, but were only half correct. Driving out to Madras took the normal 2.5 hours in minimal traffic. We left 30 minutes after totality and getting home took us 7.5 hours, and it would have been longer if [personal profile] teaotter had not suggested I download a map of Madras offline onto my phone (since all data and phone services were mostly overloaded to uselessnes), and we located farm roads on Google Maps that got us past one of several accidents that brought traffic to an actual stop. OTOH, the experience was amazing.

Madras is in eastern Oregon, in the desert, and the sunset on Sunday night was incredible. Click here for 2 images of Madras sunset, and 7 of the eclipse )

Fa'afafine video

Aug. 22nd, 2017 08:38 am
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Not sure if the first link is going to work for people outside Australia, because it is from on-demand TV from a public broadcaster, so I've included the Facebook link as well.

Interesting short documentary interviewing three fa'afafines and how they experienced being raised that way. Of the three, two have positive things to say, while the third was badly bullied and discusses their resultant substance abuse. This is a very honest bit of media, and mostly focuses on the social aspects--one of the people interviewed comments that it is really common that explorations of what it means to be fa'afafine focus on [paraphrase] 'what they have in their pants, and who they have sex with'.

The SBS/direct link.

the Facebook link

edited to get rid of a very poorly used phrase

Dreaming my family issues

Aug. 22nd, 2017 07:33 am
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This morning, the alarm went off in the middle of a dream where I had been called up to speak at my father's funeral, despite the fact that I had said I didn't want to. At that point, I hadn't said anything yet, but I think my first thought after 'argh, alarm' was 'what do I have to say that won't mess this up for other people'.

Basically, all I could think about when half asleep was either angry or bitchy. And there might be large swathes of my family I'm not keen on, but I'm sure that they will be genuinely grieving, and my whole 'never emotionally available, despite being the only person I have/had a hope of getting closure on some of the shit my mother did' issue is my issue and I shouldn't be venting it on them. least I don't have funeral/dealing with the death dreams about my mother or my ex-husband any more..

More on 45

Aug. 21st, 2017 04:53 pm
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Now, what makes me think that Trump was trying to gouge another few percent from the Secret Service in order to allow them to do the job they are no longer being payed for, having hit their overtime cap.

All his accusations about Obama taking vacations, costing civil and Secret service money and time, now look rather tame when one considers 45's first seven months of office.

America. This is insane. This is an insane situation. I'm sorry I repeated myself. It is for emphasis. We can read between the lines and draw conclusions ourselves. You have an asset-stripper in charge. Sooner or later it just becomes good business for 45 to sell the family silver alongside the family secrets to the highest bidder. Let's hope the Koch Brothers can outbid Uncle Vlad or Chinacorp <sur>TM</sur>.

The thing is, his supporters will still support him and consider themselves patriots. It's almost like they don't understand what words mean, or live in a Cheshire Cat reality where words mean only what he says they mean.

Maybe official business needs to be carried out at official residences and places of work. This maybe Trump's actual legacy to the White House: after his egregious usage of the office for his own business advantage, it appears that constitutional checks aren't working properly, and need either restating, or reformulating to prevent abuse..
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All right, we got that everyone hastily equating the neo-Nazis to the "other side" of the "many sides" is a closet racist, fascist, Nazist, and other nasty sorts of -ist. Now that we've got that out of the way, could I please inquire about something?

Why the sudden surge of Confederate-related monuments planned for demolition? Why now? I mean, hundreds of memorials, memorial plates and signs, etc, have now been planned for removal. All of them related to the so called "Southern heritage" in some way. Even in places that were never on Confederate territory. We've got the Historical Revisionism topic this month here, right? I think this is part of the topic as well. The Civil War has been gone for a century and a half, and more. These memorials have been there for decades. Why this "spontaneous" attempt for a new reading of US history? Seems a bit strange to me, the timing I mean. Could it have something to do with Trump being president? Could it be an attempt to stick it to the Douche-in-Chief in some way? Could it have something to do with the orchestrated "Fake News" cannonade against him? (Would be sooo SAD if it were so!)

More dumb questions... )
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 We only have slight colds.

It's annoying though, we are still on holiday and meant to be having a good time.

Hopefully we will be better tomorrow. 

I got the news this morning that my Mum's cousin - we always called her Auntie - passed away last night. She was very full of life in her heyday, intelligent and always had an entertaining story to tell, usually one of her mishap filled "adventures".

Alas she did not deal with diabetes well. Might as well have been called denialbetes and in the past few years it all caught up with her severely. Look after yourself people. Some things really don't go away on their own.

(no subject)

Aug. 20th, 2017 02:34 pm
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I friended so many writers (an A+ thing to do) that I've gotten a bit inspired to try my hand at prompts (eventually). Something short so I'm not getting ahead of myself, because I very well can. I still haven't had much luck on the RPG front, and because of how things are going irl right now I may not have the time to make my own just yet, but that's okay.

JUST ONE MORE MONTH AND IT STARTS TO COOL DOWN! I'm sorry, I just do not feel like my babely self when I'm sweating everywhere. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything because of how hot it is, yadda yadda, I'm sure it's the same for most people. I have so many projects around the house that need to be done but the heat totally prevents me from finishing. We don't have central air, only window units in my room and my dad's room, so the rest of the house is uncomfortably warm. Once the sun starts going down is when I can do anything, but mainly cooking!

I'm bummed for my dad because he had plans with a friend to fly up to Oregon for the solar eclipse tomorrow, but he had a doc appt the day they would've left. :( We'll see about 72% of it where I'm at. I can't wait to see the amazing videos/photos that come out of it! Are you guys gonna be looking out for it? Is this a big event for you? It's pretty stellar either way. 

“As I said, not until August 21, 2017, will another eclipse be visible from North America. That’s 38 years from now. May the shadow of the moon fall on a world at peace.” 


Was Bannon really a failure?

Aug. 20th, 2017 05:13 pm
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Bannon is many things, but not a failure, even though I wish he was. Bannon IS the alt-right and he made the alt-right mainstream!

Before him, it was NOT OK to vote for someone like Trump. Someone who is vulgar, openly xenophobic, openly nationalistic, openly misogynistic and openly anti-intellectual, insulting every single segment of the population that wasn't white Christian males.

Bannon made it possible that 62M people would vote for such a man. Digusting? Sure, but not a failure.

And he may actually be right about North Korea: there's no military solution.

Fix all the things!

Aug. 19th, 2017 10:54 pm
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I have the correct invoice for the Tour!  And I've paid it!  So I must be going to Europe soon!!  By the way, if you are reading this, and you are in Europe and would like to catch up, send me a message, and I'll let you know all my dates and where I will be, so we can give it a try.  Sadly, I won't be getting to England this time - I'm really only away for three weeks, and I'm spending the first 12 days of them racing around east Germany, Austria and Prague - but if you are able to pop across to the continent, I will be winding up in Paris, so that might work.

It's been a bit of a mad week.  My wrist is still causing me grief, and the exercises my physio gave me weren't helping (and with 4 repeats of a half hour routine every day, they would have had to help a lot and fast to be worth my while), and I felt that she wasn't really listening when I told her the issues I was having, so when she forgot to ring me to touch base, I decided not to bother following up.  Ghosting on one's physio is probably not the best move, but at this stage I know SO MANY wrist exercises and I think I'm really better off resting my wrist and trying those for a week or two and then trying someone new.

Despite this, I managed to write not one but two short stories for my Stories Under Paris site.  Basically, I had Chardon Lagache station, which clearly required a thistle-related story, and depending on how you translate gâche it means all sorts of things, ranging from 'trowel' to 'spoils'.  I had this plan to do a whole bunch of drabbles, but then I realised that one of the drabbles wanted to be a proper story about Sir Gareth of Orkney (also known as Sir Gareth Beaumains), who spent his first year at Camelot in the kitchens and was notably mild tempered, and thus clearly my sort of knight.  And then I realised that I had another story I could write about him crossing paths with the princess from Donkey Skin, because really, if any knight of the Round Table ought to be sympathetic to someone who was trying to escape the threat of incest, the mild-tempered brother of Mordred ought to be that knight.

So I wrote The Trowel and the Thistle: Two Lost Stories of Sir Gareth Beaumains, and I think they are both rather sweet, provided one ignores the fact that one starts with attempted incest and the other one has sort of got cannibalism in it.  (My choir friend told me that she thought I had found the blurred line of cannibalism, which is not a line I had ever wanted to blur, but there you go.)

Meanwhile, Australian politicians continue to turn out to be not quite Australian enough (there was a nice article today suggesting that actually, since New Zealand recently changed its laws regarding the rights of Australian citizens, nobody in Australia is eligible to sit in Parliament any more.  I don't think that this will fly, but it's a pleasing thought.).  I emailed my parents to check whether I was still the only person in the family who was eligible to sit in Parliament, and they said yes, and then Dad went to the Italian Embassy website and said, oh, actually, maybe not.  This is frustrating, because I was told when I was 18 that not only was I not Italian, but I couldn't even apply for citizenship without living in Italy for a year first, which was thoroughly annoying, since my brother, being under 18, got citizenship when Dad got back his.  Except that, oops, I was advised wrongly, and I've been Italian all along.  Which is really quite infuriating, because I would definitely have made some different decisions about where I was going to live long-term if I'd known this back then.

Also, apparently I can't become a member of parliament unless I renounce my Italian citizenship, even though I've never got any good use out of it.  But, on the bright side, I could compete in Eurovision for Italy, so I suppose that's a silver lining...

Work has been interesting this week.  One of my favourite postdocs came and asked me to join the Women In Science Parkville Precinct group, because apparently they have lots of brilliant ideas and very little ability to bring any of them to fruition, and she thinks that I can get them sorted out.  I had never thought of myself as someone who could do this, but yes, from what she is describing, I certainly could get them focused and pointed in the same direction, and it's an interesting opportunity, so I've said yes.  I'm going to regret this for sure.

In politics, oh Lord.  I'm finding it very hard to read Facebook and Dreamwidth at the moment, because there are so many posts that are saying 'You need to be doing something about the Nazis, yes, you, and if you are not, you are complicit', which make me feel terribly guilty because I am not currently doing anything specifically about Nazis, but that's mostly because I'm way over here in Australia, where we have our own horrible government doing terrible things, and I'm pretty sure I have to make that my priority.  I mean, I only have so many hours and resources, and we are in a very big glass house when it comes to racism in Australia, and I'd rather put my energies towards preventing home-grown racists here.  And I already feel guilty about not doing enough about that.  Feeling guilty about not stopping Nazis in the USA seems excessive.  And I know those posts are not necessarily directed at me, specifically, but my emotional brain inevitably reads them that way, because she already thinks that she is responsible for every single bad thing happening in the world that she is not actively fighting (which, realistically is everything), and it's all a bit much. 

It's tricky, because a lot of the people doing this sort of calling out are writing other important things that I think I really do need to be aware of and understand better (racism, for example, is something that I know is an issue everywhere, and it's something I rarely comment on because I don't feel educated enough to do so), so I don't want to mute them entirely.  But I don't know what I can do, and I'm feeling overwhelmed at present, with so many people around me suffering from awful things and wanting to support them, and our government determined to make everything worse.

I think it's a matter of sorting out useful guilt from useless guilt, which I can do to an extent on an intellectual level, but I'm kind of bad at emotionally.

I may have to give myself a social-media-free day once a week to clear my head.  I can't leave entirely, because it's how I promote the political action I *do* manage to do.  And the fun stuff, too.

Of course, all this stuff about how I should be putting my energies towards acting locally is less justifiable when I'm not doing enough about that, either, but I'm overwhelmed on that front, too.  How do people manage to support multiple causes at once?  How do people manage to survive at all?  It boggles the mind.

Anyway.  Right now, I'm kind of doing Marriage Equality stuff to the exclusion of all else, because it is directly affecting my friends, and because it might actually be something where I can be effective.  I wrote a post today updating people on how to register to vote, and also included a link farm for people who really needed to read something affirming and non-depressing about LGBTQI people right now.

So at least I've done that.  Still feeling guilty about refugees, of course.

I wish I could stop being politically aware.  It must be so nice.

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It should be pretentious and snobbish to say: “Sure I eat hot dogs, I have homemade mustard and homemade lingonberry ketchup on it”. Then to take the DIY philosophy serious you have to make the hot dog yourself.

Context sounds delicious!

"What next?"

Aug. 18th, 2017 02:11 pm
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Warning: this has turned out to be a .. long post.

Recently, on the twitters, Stephanie Hurlburt suggested that it'd be healthy for people who have been around the computering industry for a while (*cough cough*) to take some "audience questions" from strangers. I obliged, and someone asked me an interesting one:

"After memory safety, what do you think is the next big step for compiled languages to take?"

Setting aside the fact that "compiled" languages have had various more-or-less credible forms of "memory safety" for quite a long time, I agree (obviously!) that cementing memory safety as table stakes in all niches of language design -- especially systems languages -- continues to be an important goal; but also that there's also lots more to do! So I figured I'd take a moment to elaborate on some areas that we're still well short of ideal in; maybe some future language engineers can find inspiration in some of these notes.

Before proceeding, I should emphasize: these are personal and subjective beliefs, about which I'm not especially interested in arguing (so will not entertain debate in comments unless you have something actually-constructive to add); people in the internet are Very Passionate about these topics and I am frankly a bit tired of the level of Passion that often accompanies the matter. Furthermore these opinions do not in any way represent the opinions of my employer. This is a personal blog I write in my off-hours. Apple has a nice, solid language that I'm very happy to be working on, and this musing doesn't relate to that. I believe Swift represents significant progress in the mainstream state of the art, as I said back when it was released.

That all said, what might the future hold in other languages?

so many things )

Yeah folks, NK is safe

Aug. 19th, 2017 12:14 am
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"The scariest part about North Korea is, it could be anywhere".

Sums it all up, methinks.

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This is the nth book in McGuire's Toby Daye series. Can't say I recall the exact ordinal, but it's definitely early. Stats with a party, but quickly switches to a quest of sorts, as Sylvester, Duke Torquill, tasks Toby with checking up on the county of Tamed Lightning, headed by his niece, January. Mostly because it's a small place, nested between two domains not quite at war. And nothing had been heard from there for quite a while.

At first, things seem fine, although a smidgen is. But as usual, in Faerie first impressions are not what they seem.

Eminently readable, but I would hesitantly say that this series grows better later. All that said, it is perhaps not a bad place to start, if you're curious. There will be things that have been explained earlier, but the general "the series has hidden mass accumulated" is not nearly as prominent as when you're 6-7 books in.

The lurgy recedes

Aug. 18th, 2017 06:10 pm
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I'm still feeling wonky, with a chest full of gunk, but have begun to suspect I might live.  Not good to get sick, but at least I made it back before I began to feel really bad.  In Changi Airport I was aware of *really* wanting some icecream - couldn't find, but got some iced coffee - but still thought/hoped it was travel fatigue.

About international travel these days:

I was glad to find that the dire warnings about extra travel time were not exactly accurate, well, not if you were travelling around midnight, which is the first time that's actually been an advantage.  Customs is more automated than when last I travelled in 2013 and provided one did not screw up - there are a surprising number of ways you can present your passport to a scanner - it was very quick.  

I set off alarms on my outward journey going through the scanning doorway, and had to go back, remove my belt and then hold my pants up with one hand while I waited for my belt to rejoin me.  Also new;  while lining up for the luggage scan, a drug dog with its handler ran along the line, sniffing at speed.  It didn't find anyone interesting.  [Reminder to self; don't pat the drug dog.]  They also had somebody checking passports - basically that you actually had one, and a boarding pass - before you even got into the room with the scanning equipment.

The admonition over the loudspeaker to report "peculiar behaviour" was constant;  I must have heard it 20 or 30 times, but I'm still here, so I must've been normal enough.  The first flight, Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong, was absolutely chockers and while the staff aboard did their best, it was just too crammed for comfort.  They don't seem to do the hot towels thing anymore, which I used to appreciate.  I spent the trip hating on my seatmate, because he was able to go to sleep.

The Finnair flight from Hong Kong had more room and I'd booked a seat with more leg room which I appreciated, but note to the wise;  may not be worth it next time because you are in direct line of sight to the loo so get bright light flashed in your eyes whenever someone opens the door.  Which was constantly, on outward and return flights.  I was barely conscious at landing, and appreciated a monosyllabic taxi driver on the way to the hotel.

A monster's death throes

Aug. 18th, 2017 10:40 am
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The cowardly attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils show one thing. ISIS is almost dead. I know, it may sound a bit counter-intuitive, but think about it. These terror organisations used to throw big and well coordinated attacks performed by big and well organised terror cells that used to reside in target countries for months and years, and meticulously plan their actions. They used sophisticated tools and strategy to hit as many people as possible, they used to choose important locations and they used to deliberately select particular occasions, like public holidays and anniversaries, sports events, political summits...

Now they've resorted to lone wolves using the easiest possible means, like taking a vehicle and ramming it into crowds of people. Sure, the Cambrils group had bomb vests, and it was only thanks to their hapless inanity that their van capsized, which allowed the police to shoot them. But the general trend is clear: ISIS is now using the operatives it brought along with the refugee wave to infiltrate Western societies - lone people who've been radicalised on the Internet, and possibly trained in ISIS-controlled camps. They don't have the resources they used to have before. These are the desperate last efforts of a dying network. A snake still lashing out after its head has been chopped off.

This will be ugly. No one is stupid enough to believe it won't be. But peace will prevail in the end. Make no mistake about it.

The bigger question is, what then. How do we prevent another network like Al Qaeda and ISIS from showing up again. Because, unless we've changed our policies both at home and abroad, it's going to happen. And we'll be back to square one.


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