Jun. 30th, 2012

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I recently bought a bulk lot of old hex-based war-games, primarily games with magazines like Strategy & Tactics and The Wargamer (I'm selling the extras on Trade Me BTW )

It came with a pile of folders containing photocopies of old computer game manuals, war-gaming catalogues and piles of paper containing the previous owner's own game designs, results and records of games played, etc. I'm going to toss the vast majority of it, as I don't keep paper like this anymore, but I couldn't resist having a look through it and it reminded me of the sort of stuff I used to do at college.

It even has paper lists of where on the cassette tapes this person's Commodore 64 games were. Who remembers winding tape to counter positions to load programs ?

The pile also contained a lot of extra counters, either hand-made or for games that were in magazines like Aries.

This is a real nostalgia fest, remembering why I loved getting Strategy & Tactics back in the 70's as it's info was far superior to what was generally available to the public in New Zealand back then. The first magazine I ever actually subscribed to.

Hmm, this nostalgia trip is making me think a meme should be started about people's firsts...


mundens: Picture of Brad Pitt playing Tyler  Durden from Fight Club. My Hero (Default)

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