mundens: A coquettish fairy looking at you over her shouder, by Masamune Shirow (Shirow Fairy)
mundens ([personal profile] mundens) wrote2012-02-20 09:09 am

Sister of Night

In the heat of the night
In the heat of the day...

The Sister's Dominion had just begun playing in my ears, when, like an apparition from long gone nights evoked by that song, she appeared in front of my morning-addled senses.

Petite, in a black leather bustier, only just concealing a bright red lacy bra, tattooed flowers spiralling round her wrists. Dark black hair with a hint of colour, pinned up to reveal her pale white shoulders and a single pair of butterfly wings tattooed on her shoulder blades. The obligatory, over-large and unneccessary, sun-glasses, and a cigarette, completed the gothic fairy look.

Sounds like an opening for a story doesn't it?

But actually that's exactly what happened this morning as I went to get my coffee.