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OK, I didn't expect this to be on the agenda quite yet, but what's your opinion on the hitting and molesting of bots in VR?

Watch this. You can skip to 0.47s for a start, the hitting is at about 2.05s, and the molesting is at 3.00s

I have nothing against consensual violence between partners, in fact I enjoy it. I go into many violent games and have no problems blowing away male or female or other opponents, or beating the crap out of them, and seeing the blood spatter in slow motion.

But this... this disturbs me.

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The dinosaurs are back. I don't know what it is about the concept of Jurrassic Park and dinosaurs, but they keep appearing in my dreams. 

This time the park was in a coastal area, similar in feel to Queen Elizabeth II Park, just south of Raumati.

@SallyMclennan had decided to land her space-ship house there. She had chosen a spot based on the map, and kept insisting that was the spot for her, even though I had been to the place before and kept telling her that if she landed the house there, the rear section would be at a forty-five degree angle. This wasn't such a big deal as the gravity compensators could easly over-ride a mere 1G and make it feel like it was flat, but it would be a continual, unnecessary power-drain, and the engineer in me detested the idea.

After we had landed there was much exploring of dunes and seasides, until after scaling the side of a waterfall we came across the area we would later discover was the dinosaur park. It was not sign-posted and was merely difficult to get into, not impossible, requiring us to do a high wire act across the lake behind the waterfall, though while doing this I had deja-vu, and felt that it would not be safe but all those  who've watched Fringe know what deja-vu is, so we ignored that. 

There followed some discovery of dinosaurs and the by-now-mandatory hiding from T-Rex by staying still. If it turns out when we do re-create T-Rex, that Jurrassic Park and it's advisors were wrong, and T-Rex can see pretty well, then there's going to be a lot of people standing still and letting themselves get eaten.

While hiding in this manner, we observed that the dinosaur park had multiple levels,and we watched as the T-Rex made use of the elevator between them. It had difficulty using it's stumpy forearms, and had to sort of push it;s head against the wall sideways to be able to push the buttons.accurately. But it was smart. At one point we waited for it to go into the elevator before we made a break for a door, but the T-Rex was waiting for just such an event and poked it's head back out of the elevator seeing us running for the door.

It leapt  between us and the door and we were doomed! Until suddenly we were rescued by a cute girl who flew out of the sky and interposed herself between us and the T-Rex. This seemed suicidal, until she announced herself as Battle Angel Alita, (though in my dream she looked more like Chise from SHE:The Ultimate Weapon). The cyborg, of course, wiped the floor with the poor T-Rex, whom one could almost feel sorry for as something that bite-sized turned out to be impossible to bite, and we escaped.

Later, we defended ourselves from, and herded, some velociraptors by each holding bed-spreads printed with a life size Battle Angel Alita in front of us. Also, at one point I got involved in hand-to-hand combat with another T-Rex and managed to escape it in a Jackie Chan-style sequence in which I managed to handcuff it somehow. Who said dreams have to make sense?

I had a later, more involved dream about politics & investigations, but I remembered more details about the anime dinosaur one.

I can actually see sun outside...
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The last four days have been one long wonderfully decadent pastciche of snuggles, sleep, food, and anime, primarily Death Note

Read more... )
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I'd never watched the entire series of Bubblegum Crisis until this evening. I've spent most of the last three nights doing so. This is a great series that holds up extremely well seeing as it was produced over ten years ago.

Things I like about it :
  • Megatokyo - Yup, we saw it here first
  • Pris - Classic mercenary tough girl, a rock singer, biker chick, and hot. I think a line from her in the second to last episode as she floats, momentarily alone, in space preparing for the big showdown, sums her up:
    What the hell am I doing here? No-one is paying me, no-one even asked me to do it...
  • The scenes when all the guys are left sitting at base worrying about the girls in combat.

  • 2001 references.
  • A Sky Hook! A technological singularity! Re-entry Dolphins!
  • A happy ending (including non-gratuitously naked women singing on beaches*.)
  • A series where every episode is named after an album or song by a rock/punk band )
There's a pile of other stuff I like about it too, but late and I need to go to work in the morning.

*Which as it's late, and I'm half asleep and silly with sick and cold and animé after glow, makes me wonder, why is it that almost every woman I've been close to, even if just as a friend, has at some point sung in my presence? Some of them to me, some to the night, some to the mike. Even the ones that don't Singstar. And why do so many of them write beautifully? And so many of them produce wonderful art? Really, it doesn't matter why, I'm just lucky they do, and grace me with their creations. Heh! So egocentric. Like, most of the guys I know, know the same women, so it's not like I'm special or anything. And if I think about it, many of the guys do these things too. Though not very many guys have sung to me... grin. I should go to bed before I get myself in more trouble. It's sorta like posting while drunk, only not. Now I'm seeing angels out of the corner of my eyes and feeling Her presence. Yes, definitely time for bed.
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Got the virus, with the help of Kaspersky, an impressive product, nicely designed internally too seeing as you can have numerous different windows open from different sections of the app, all tracking it's current scan status, I bet it's got a great internal subscriber model. It even detected my collection of hack tools, and raised a flag about them being "riskware". Heh! I'm considering buying it, nice combinations of form and function like that need to be encouraged!

So relaxed blowing away a few more zombies in Doom 3, and then watched the first couple of episodes of GiTS: SAC 1. Lovely title sequences, Motoko in FF-style animation a cople of feet away from me on the big widescreen suited perfectly for watching. Love the ending theme too, and surprise, surprise! It's another of Yoko Kanno's, Lithium Flower :
she's so cold and human
it's something humans do
she stays so golden solo
she's so number nine
she's incredible math
just incredible math
Love the idea of calling someone "incredible math"!

The music link above is to, which is the website of BulleJapon, "a French association which organizes quizgames about manga, j-music, Japanese culture and karaoke duringconventions dedicated to the manga and the Asian culture in France.“ They have a good selction of vids and music, and much of it is translated into English as well. I love their 48 Hours in Tokyo page They use a lot of Flash, but.

Oh, and do you wanna know how to fight? Guy makes sense to me, says all the right things based on my (limited) experience, though I think he emphasies the danger of knives a bit much. Sure, they're dangerous, like any weapon, but personally I'd rather face a knife than a three foot length of three-inch iron pipe.

My Weekend

Apr. 22nd, 2007 11:49 pm
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Saturday was largely a day of work, I killed Ivy, and other creeping plants, and created a huge pile of it in front of [ profile] wasup_bro's car. In doing so I discovered a ladder.

[ profile] jarratt_gray offered take me into Armageddon, but I declined, so I could continue work, though the offer was appreciated. [ profile] superlate tried to get me hold of me to organize a game, but I couldn't hear the phone in the garden. Contact was restored in the end, and he and I made it out to [ profile] adrexia's place for another mind-blowing evening travelling to the EAST, which [ profile] adrexia has summarized nicely for those that might be interested.

Sunday was a lazy day to begin with, though I did manage to load the bin with some of the pile of biological waste from the previous day, and then [ profile] evie_fae and I went into Armageddon to watch the cosplay. We had left yourselves plenty of time for getting there and finding a park and stuff, but as it turned out the trip in was smooth and we got a park almost right outside, so we had lots of time to kill.

We ran into [ profile] kittyfarmer, [ profile] amphigori, and [ profile] lamprey who were leaving as we entered, and saw many others, including [ profile] eyes_of_winter and friends at the Evinshir Games booth, and in the end went out for a coffee at a very odd coffee shop in order to avoid watching people being force-fed food on stage

It was called (IIRC) Latitude 41, and it had a quote from Miss Piggy on one wall, and then city names including Wellington, Chicago and Istanbul.The latter caused [ profile] evie_fae to start singing the relevant They Might Be Giants number, and to speculate on the meaning of the chosen city names, that perhaps if one followed the listed path, when one finally arrived in Istanbul, Miss Piggy would reveal further pearls of wisdom to the lucky traveller.

We got back just in time to grab a seat next to [ profile] bekitty and [ profile] kittyfarmer (who had returned!) and watch the AMV contest finalists. The winner, by popular acclaim, as well by judges choice was
DN Angel - If you were gay

Then there was the cosplay. [ profile] giffydoll & [ profile] jenni_talula (dressed as Yuki and Kyo from Furuba, helped out M (dressed as Witch Hunter Robin) run the show.

see a couple of pics )

The standard seemed pretty good and there was some funny stuff. [ profile] panda_pitt joined us afterwards, and a bit later so did [ profile] jarratt_gray. In between, several people took photos of the Yuki-Kyo combo, including one guy with a 3D camera!

Afterwards dinner for M was held at Fidel's, so we got to have dinner with Yuki and Robin.[ profile] superlate dropped in briefly to say "bye" to Yuki, as he headed off to his assignment in the wilds of Wairarapa.
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This morning I dropped off [ profile] seraphs_folly at her sis' place, marking the end of her visit to me this side of Christmas. As I'm sitting here actually able to use my computer (grin), I'm missing her already.

This last week has been a bit of a nasty one, as far as biology goes. I was sick at home for two days, and [ profile] seraphs_folly has a tummy bug, so there wasn't a lot of, um, shall we say, partying, at least not after the C.U. And that also meant we didn't get out to visit people as we had planned.

Instead we spent time pottering around Wolf Castle (as [ profile] seraphs_folly has started calling this place), cuddling and watching animé, and looking after each other. Which in some ways was very nice. I hope I get to see her on her way back to Christchurch too!

Decided that Texhnolyze, while very arty, just doesn't have the grab that other animé have. No discernible plot or character for most of the first episode doesn't help. The character art is by Yoshotoshi Abe, who did both Serial Experiments Lain and Haibane Renmei. So we tried watching some Lain as well, and that at least has story, though the experimental style of Chiaki J. Konaka shows through in both.

Surprisingly, despite the annoying degradation of the lead girl by her boyfriend ("Dummy!"), Saikano (fully Saishuu Heiki Kanojo: The Last Love Song on This Little Planet, advertised in English as She:The Ultimate Weapon) is actually a lovely story. At least the first disk is anyway. The way the background war is only hinted at, the surreal quality of the town it is set in, the way the town is actually recognizable as a real place (or so [ profile] seraphs_folly tells me), and the awkwardness of the characters... well, I like it.

Now to prepare for the arrival of [ profile] ferrouswheel tomorrow morning, though I may not see him until Saturday morning due to [ profile] superlate's stag do tomorrow!
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Well, firstly I suspect should apologize for not getting to various meetings with people this weekend. Some like Steph's gathering on Sunday I'm afraid I didn't hear about until afterwards due to being out of web contact for most of the weekend. Others, well...let's start Thursday night... )
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Just have to pass this on to people :

Some lovely pics there, especially in the shounen-ai and couples section!

I feel some new user-pics coming on... ;)
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Walked up to Brooklyn to watch Memoirs of Geisha with [ profile] stephanie_pegg last night, thru Central Park. It's a nice walk but for unfit persons like myself the uphill part was a real killer. Still, a little exercise will do me good. I've been told I have to get my stamina up by a certain person....

The theatre was quite nice, though not as nice as the Lighthouse. But it did seem to be filled with old people! Er, ok, I suppose I'm going to have to consider myself "old people" soon, but not that old.

The movie was great. A very pretty movie, lots of fine close-ups that would have made great stills. The colour was not as impressive as Hero of course (what could be?) but there was great use of colour and lighting and the cinematography was wonderful. The set detailing was great as well, and little thngs like the geisha's chaperones and such like just being there, never saying anything, and being able to understand the few bits of Japanese the little bits such as the father at the beginning repeating "daijobo" as the trader took away his daughters. And did your mother tell you about the eel and the cave? :)

I would say that if you have a 42" LCD or plasma screen, one could play this movie in the background as moving picture and it would be better than much static art. I'm still amazed at the panorama's over the town., in rain, in snow, in sun, in war, obviously the same place, but different seasons Does the place exist or was it just remarkably effective CGI or a model?

Anyway this is for me going to be a Japanese movie themed weekend. First Geisha . A colleague lent me the double disc DVD of Appleseed. and then just this morning as I started to write this, the Appleseed picture book Prometheus Montage arrived. (Which means you'll be getting yours in your P.O. Box soon [ profile] asgard)

At the same time my Zaku Gundam cushion arrived from Leo. It is most cuddly!

I am supposed to be working right now, but I need to buy milk and things and post stuff, so I will go out for a bit. Zaku cushion pictures later!

[edit: and then in the morning post a copy of the Project A-Ko RPG. Shame I really should wash the dishes, do the ironing, hang up the washing, put another load through, shine my shoes and fix up a web-site for Telecom. I am drawn away by shiny things... ]
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Just had crumbed fish and chips at the work canteen and caught up with June.

Interesting things going on at work now, looking into an issue that is continually crashing a major customer's site. Playing with client-side XSL processing, Will use what I learned there on the SDC site very shortly.

Buying too many things on Trade-Me, and a major budgetary mistake has forced me to live on credit for the next week. Such things as a celtic sword (for [ profile] panda_pitt), some items of a disciplinary nature, a Gundam cushion (I'll post a pic when it arrives) and Luna-Maria Hawke )

Memoirs of a Geisha and trying to avoid the Sevens tonight, and a colleague has just lent me the Appleseed DVD, so I'll be watching that sometime this weekend. If anyone feels like joining me, let me know.
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So Wednesday went according to plan, got a pile of CDs from [ profile] kimeros, had a coffee and a chat met her akido friend. Discussed martial arts, and that doing them would be a good idea for someone of my sedentary habits. Was encouraged to buy clothes at Glassons. :)

Walked down to Lueven and hung out reading Linux Developer and drinking Hoergarten until [ profile] stephanie_pegg turned up. She was looking well, and we both proceeded to order their croque monsieur. Mmmm, gruyere and ham! Finished that, and popped across the road to The Feathers, where we met up with the Phoenix crowd. Lots of talk and laughter, good to see (almost) everyone again after the break.

Thursday continued the trend, I met up with a Trade Me seller's flat-mate to pick up some animé DVDs, and then wanderd a bit before settling down at JJ's to wait for people to arrive for BBC. Ran into someone I didn't expect to, when JB convinced the group she was with to change cubicle with us, as we were overflowing our tiny one.

[ profile] adrexia was already at Dawaat by the time the BBCers stumbled down to it, and the Kingfisher Strong was quick to come out. I had a beef buna ghost this time, and had, as usual far-ranging discussions.

Whilst having a clove outside I was approached by a person from one of the other tables who asked who we were, so I told him. He'd actually heard of us, and was there with another IT group.

I also got evangelized about Ruby, an OO scripting language that was pushed to me as somewhee between Java and PHP. So today I spent some time looking at it, and found it had some very interesting features, such as the ability to dynamically add methods to class instances.

Not ready to give my verdict yet on the language itself yet, that will take some usage time, but I thought I would mention the hilarious Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby. I'd say this is worth reading even if you're not normally interested in new programming languages!

Tonight it's Katipo, though probably not a late night, I need to upload a whole pile of updates to the KapCon website. I've done them all but I can't FTP to the internet from work, so the uploading will have to be done tonight.

I have to admit that I am beginning to agree with [ profile] panda_pitt that Cowboy Bebop is the best animé ever! The soundtrack has to be the best, no other anime I've seen has so many great tracks. Gonna Knock a Little Harder kicks ass and takes prisoners!

P.S: I picked up my glasses today. One's specially made to deal with my odd and unmatched eyes. The resolving power of my right eye is almost three times that of the left, and has been since I was told when I was about fifteen that wearing glasses wasn;t going to make any difference anymore.

But now that both eyes are aging and thus changing more radically than they used to, it seems that there's a chance that the under-utilixed eye could now be nbrought up to speed and act as a back up for the other whihc is getting long-sighted (normal aging, or so I'm told). And I need the magnification anyway for detail work and reading, it might as well be the right magnifcation for each eye.

I can't wait to see what looking at a 25mm figure will look like through these glasses. My computer seems like it has so much more reolution now, there's all these little thngs I haven't seen before in the icons!
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So why is it, do you think, that of the four ladies to post their random anime characters in this thread, three of them have a costume which consists of 'Leather, belts, chains, bondage pants, collars, and tight shirts." ?

And just what does this meme mean by bondage pants ?
Please explain, with pictures preferably! :)
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Via [ profile] libbybun :

Generate your Anime Style by Jena-su
Hair:In a style so odd, it defies all laws of physics.
Clothes:Simple, comfortable, everyday clothes.
Powers:Elemental control
Special Features:Cat ears and tail
Sidekick:Small dragon.
Attitude:Overprotective of those you care about.
Weapon:Giant wrench
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Hmm, quite insightful for a random meme, huh?

But it makes me want to try and draw this character now!

Hey, what about this as a roleplaying game? Generate your random anime character and start playing!
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I feel I have crossed some sort of line.

This evening I arrived home to find that some things I bought on TradeMe had arrived. I now own two 29cm Neon Genesis Evangelion figures, and one smaller one.

Yes, that's right I now actually own animé dolls. I feel I am now officially some sort of otaku.

As a technology exercise, I have taken photos of them and uploaded them to Flickr you can either view them as a slideshow which requires Flash installed, or normally by clicking on the picture below.

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Overall I feel this weekend has been the best yet since the day the world went away.

It began with .. )
Got up late Satyrday.. )
Sunday.. )
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Went for anime at Piwakakwaka last night.

We watched Millenium Actress another anime directed, co-written, and just about co-everything by Satoshi Kon who was also responsible for the great Tokyo Godfathers. Just like the last one, there was absolutely no reason why this movie would not have worked just as well as live action. This one would have been slightly harder to prodcue, but still probaly doable on low budget.

The story is basically about a guy making a documentary about a retired actress, interviewing her at her home. She reminisces about her life and the roles she has played, and, well, suffice it to say it becomes difficult to tell what is reminsicence and what is real life. Make sure you wait for the last line in the film. It changes things considerably. Yep, just one line.

Didn't get to sleep till after 2.00am last night so was completely unorganized this morning, woke up a mere twenty five minutes before my normal the train was due to leave. In fact, I should have been on a train an hour earlier, but after the alarm went off I fell asleep again.

Bought some new CDs yesterday, though old music. Got some Janis Joplin on CD, because I can't find my old LP to rip, and I wanted some Joplin back in my life. Got a bit of [ profile] laputain's favourite, and a bit of Coal Chamber and on a whim, Liz Phair.

Musically, I should have bought the Who collection I was considering instead, need a copy of the original Behind Blue Eyes, but at least I have now been introduced to the song Hot White Cum or it calls it on the album cover.

<sarcasm>I think knowing that this song exists has significantly changed my life for the better.< /sarcasm>

Now I need a version of it done by a girl's school choir. Just because it would be so dodgy.


Aug. 26th, 2005 08:58 pm
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In case anyone was wondering, I stayed home today, because I was feeling ill.

But this evening I felt like I needed something to pick up my spirits a bit. I didn't want to inflict my cold on anyone else, and I was still not up to going out, so I decided to have a nice night in.

I needed to go out to get some more milk for the morning anyway, so I picked up a few other supplies as well. The I came home and started watching the last six episodes of Chobits, something I had kept promising myself I would do one day.

While watching I had Hell pizza , including both lemon pepper wedges and corn nuggets with garlic mayo. I washed it down with Just Juice Orange & Mango "Bubbly".

Then I watched to the end of Chobits. Surprisingly, it had one of the best endings of any animé I have ever watched. Good resolution of all the plot elements (that I noticed), and not too much "going cosmic".
I really like it! It might have helped that it touched me to the heart that the important point of a loving relationship was just the being together. Something Ele either didn't understand, or understood and didn't want any part of.

To me it's quite amazing when I think about it that something written by a group of Japanese women can get so much inside me, a gaijin man. Or not. It certainly argues for constancy of emotion across cultures, and the theme of the story itself, effectively about inter-species relationships, maybe just makes that more obvious.

So I finished watching the last few minutes of Chobits, amazingly they hold the suspense of will he/won't he, will she/won't she very well right up to the end, so it was quite emotional.

And then I ate my Kahlua and white chocolate cheesecake.

Now I am writing this down while sipping on a glass of 12 year-old Glenlivet watching the "Chibits" extra feature all about how Chi forgets something and Sumomo and Kotuku try and get it to her using an unlikely rocket and, um, parachute!

I am replete. I am satisfied. I could happily die now.

The only worm in the apple is this damn head cold. Still I'll get it drunk soon and it won't bother me any more. Now more animé, or just music? Ah the freedom of choice!

The only thing missing is [insert your name here]!

Hmm, I think the drugs are beginning to work...
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The shoes I was wearing to work this morning were loosing their soles so bad that the ends of my trousers sometimes got caught between the sole and the shoe. I mentioned while walking to work that I needed to get new shoes and [ profile] evie_fae pointed out that I had been saying that for weeks, (much like I keep saying I need to get a hair cut), and why didn't I just go out at lunch time and buy some?

A Shoe Shopping Expedition )


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