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Haven't felt like writing. Too tired, too busy, feeling blah.

OTOH, with the busy, there's been a lot going on.

Friday we started playing [ profile] eloelei 's new Scion game, in which we all play rock stars who just happen to be the children of gods. So far, we've had a good gig,  started the band's legend as one that trashes the joint, and certain characters are starting to tweet their experiences. I'd link to the Twitter account(s), but I don't know it, maybe [ profile] jarrat_gray will oblige ?

For the first time in years, I've actually been getting rid of crap out of the rumpus room. [ profile] seraphs_folly helped me take a car load of stuff to the Sally Army, and there's a pile of boxes containing unwanted magazines and books that will be going to the Charity Book Sale guy sometime this week probably. There's a pile of cardboard in the garage to be disposed off next rubbish day. The floor is almost ready to be cleaned, and table tennis will soon become an option again.

I got rid of an ancient, Japanese-made,  judogi (that was old when I got it and wore it as a child) to a mother &  son last week.  It went for a $1 on Trade-me, and the mother, who had never won an auction for a $1 before, brought me a couple of chocolates to go with it. She didn't need to, I was already happy letting go on for $1, it's served several boys in the past, and it needs do so again.

Now all I have to do is stop getting more stuff. But the good deals... I can't pass them by!  Picked up a batch of GW stuff for $20 on Saturday that, if bought at today's prices, would have cost in the region of $300. Will probably recover my expenditure with little effort, and as it came from the grown son of a lawyer who owns what is probably a million dollar property, I didn't feel the low price mattered to them either.   Karma?

Saturday evening, [ profile] seraphs_folly and I went to see Angel, a clown-theatre event at Bats. It was entertaining. I think the bit I liked most was the newly cast-down angel enjoying playing in our rubbish.

But I have decided I really hate cats. At least, I really hate cats that spray on things. After having to deal with large amounts of cat spray in said rumpus room (for some reason anything that is a plastic bag needs to be covered in spray ), my computer died from being sprayed on. It only lasted as long as it has because the CD-ROM drive cable shielded most of the mother board from the spray. I don't know if the memory is recoverable, though the CPU probably is. I think all of the data is OK though, and I'm runing fo the 1TB back-up drive and using my work computer for now. Played Spellforce 2 on it last night, worked well.

A link or two now. Firstly, an old one but an interesting concept for the "science" behind a paranormal based role-playing game (and incidentally, provides a "scientific" basis for almost any form of real world paranormal belief), the Shadow Biosphere .  From the opening paragraph :
Astrobiologists from Arizona State University, Florida, UC Boulder, NASA, Harvard and Australia have recently theorized about a “shadow biosphere” – a biosphere within a biosphere where alternative biochemistry may be thriving in a way that we haven’t yet thought to examine. Such “weird life” may have had, for hundreds of millions of years, their own ecologies right here in our own backyard.  Indeed, like Dark Energy and neutrinos, “weird life” may be all around us even now, only in a non-obvious way. Some astrobiologists are now suggesting that “weird life” is just as likely to be found here on Earth as it is in the Martian regolith, the seas of Europa , or certainly the complex bio-hadronistry on the surface of a neutron star.

In other news, Agatha Christie's fortune of jewellery and coins worth up to £100,000 is found in an old leather case sold at auction for £100

Comics have been intruding into my life again. [ profile] asgard pointed me at an article which reveals that a NZ  woman owns a copy of Detetcive Comics #27 (the first appearance of Batman) and a number of other rare and expensive comics. I can imagine our future arguments now : "You only married me for my comics!" "No, you only married me for my comics!" . This morning, the guy wearing a tie sitting next to me on the train was reading a hard-bound library copy of Shanna the She Devil.  Train cheesecake! Maybe I need to start reading shojo manga on the train again too! 

The oracle hit me with Portishead's Undenied. this morning, so I'm passing it on 

Your softly spoken words
Release my whole desire

And so bare is my heart,             I can't hide
And so where does my heart             belong

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It was my birthday yesterday, and it was a wonderful day. The day started by getting up relatively early and eating the strawberries that [profile] seraphs_folly had prepared for my breakfast me the previous evening. She'd removed the greenery from almost an entire punnet of strawberries, so I was unable to finish them all for breakfast!

I headed off to work and kept nicely busy, so the day passed quickly with a minimum of stress, and several happy birthday wishes via txt or twitter, and then it was down to Kazu yakitori where [profile] seraphs_folly had already started on the lychee chu-hai, and she began to ply me with beer (Asahi).

I was also surprised by a pile of presents on the table, topped off by a beautiful cat-shaped birthday card (I'll post a pic later). Even though she had already given me a birthday present (a watch), and there was another birthday present on the way in the mail (something naughty), and even though busy with her latest house project, my love had gone out of her way to pick up some presents for me to unwrap.

The wrapping paper was also memorable, possibly the richest wrapping paper I've ever received, thick heavy paper, embossed with gold glitter, etc. It was so beautiful I didn't want to damage it, so I very carefully plied it off to reveal...

Well, I was expecting a couple of little things, just to give me something to unwrap, more "stocking fillers" than real presents, as I'd already received, or had ordered, some lovely presents. What I got was presents that were in many ways more impressive than those I already knew about.

My love told me that she'd gone into Comics Compulsion and asked the guy there to show her "the prettiest things he had". She'd sorted thru these and made her choices trying to ensure they weren't things I already had. And so I ended up with the hard-back version of Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell's The Dream Hunters(1) and Absolute Death. I am very spoilt, and I'd say that these were the best presents ever, except I seem to be saying that every time about the things my lady gives me. It's wonderful having someone who knows you well enough to buy surprise presents that one really likes.

We ate and drank our fill, edamame, karraage, miso. In the process I discovered that the Kazu peppered steak is divine. We moved on to Cafe Eis for dessert. I had an ice cream that tasted like biscuits and coffee. From there we weaved a somewhat drunken way to Reading Central, and determined we had to wait a bit to get Gold Lounge seats for 2012 We filled in the time by trying out the iFeel (or some similar name) massage chairs in the lobby. It was a little disconcerting being held by the ankles, pummeled in the back of head, and anally-probed, by an intelligent chair.

The Reading Central Gold Lounge is not a particularly good deal these days, without the free drinks and popcorn, and with the seats being a bit worn and clunky after several years of use, but the seats are still nicer to relax into and we had some of the best ones. Based on the trailers, I now want to see several movies, from Sherlock Holmes (if only for the laughs) to Avatar (Even though it worryingly reminds me of the second Star Wars trilogy, combined with Matrix 2 and Starship Troopers the TV show).

As to 2012, well, as expected it was a big, dumb, special effects movie that was a lot of fun. It had many common Hollywood tropes, from reconciling a divorced couple with kids(it happens all the time in movies, I'm not sure it ever happens in real life) to killing all the people who have sex. But there were very few times that the pace got slow or there was unnecessary padding, the only places where I felt that was where some characters lingered a little long over their good-byes and kisses when there were important reason for them to hurry. I enjoyed several things, like the fact that the lead drove his Russian mafia bosses limo, which was one of those armoured, over-powered things, with bulletproof tires, designed for taking gunfire and for combat evasion, through the initial escape, giving at least some justification as to why the car survived that sequence. And then the Russian pilot found possibly the only aircraft that could have gotten them out of Las Vegas like that, an Antonov AN-124 Ruslan (NATO reporting designation 'Condor'). I also loved Woody Harrelson's character, and you could tell he was enjoying it too! The Yellowstone eruption sequence looked great, regardless of it;s technical accuracy.

There were so many enjoyable little touches, many of which made me LOL, I can't list them all and of course, the spectacle. Overall I think it's well worth watching in a big theatre while tipsy, probably not worth getting on DVD though unless you have a 60" screen and a really good sound system.

Waiting for the Gold Lounge showing meant we didn't get home until almost midnight. When I got home I found I'd received a lovely email from a close friend which really topped off the evening, and then when i remembered to turn on my phone this morning (having turned it off during the movie) I found more birthday txt messages.

And just a few moments ago, my love informed me that she had also purchased tickets to Neil Gaiman's talk next year for she & I.

A really great day that made me feel very loved and special.

Just finishing this at work while waiting to head of to BBC, followed by TNC.

All I need now is a day of relaxing at home to remove the shrink-wrap and really appreciate my presents!!

1. Not to be confused with Neil Gaiman & and Yoshitako Amano's
The Sandman : The Dream Hunters.
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For those who are about to rock

For the war-gamers.

I think I like this Subnormality series
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I'm bored trying to understand a design that it is overly complicated and poorly documented, in order to see if I can actually re-use the code. My mind instinctively reacts against such ridiculous complexity, which seems to exist purely for the sake of showing off one's knowledge of OO design principles, and wishes people could adhere to the KISS principle.

(The KISS principle, of course, being that if Gene Simmons can't get his tongue around it, it's too complicated.)

This makes me cruise off and look at web comics instead.

I ran across this strip, and find it makes me want to quote the tag line from MegaTokyo, "relax, we understand j00." How many other gamer's internal monologues sound like this one? I know mine often did. I used to (and may again some day) wander down Featherston St., bothering to look up, checking for snipers, investigating each passing face for the tell-tale signs that they're about to draw an Uzi or katana and launch into a killing frenzy, knowing that I would quickly draw the key-chain from my pocket, blind them with the attached laser pointer long enough to drive the 9 cm of Barina door key through their ear and into their brain, relieving them of their weapon and using it to deal with any accomplices...

What? Isn't everyone continually going over scenarios for potential random attacks in one's head, just so that they are prepared? *grin*
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Thanks to [ profile] dbarr commenting on my last post (w00t!, i luvs da internetz, you get comms from people you don't expect!) and following links through her sites, I discovered that Wowio was offering free downloads of some old comics, such as Bill Mantlo's rather cheesy, but still fun, Swords of the Swashbucklers.

So, excitedly, thinking about my recent post about wanting to reduce the physical clutter in my life and thinking "Yay, maybe I can actually replace several centimetres of shelf space with electronic versions!" I queued up all the free books in the series I could find (roll up, roll up, get them while they're free!) and hit the "Queue" button excitedly, happily clicking the "new user" button, thinking "Here's another place I could spend money", only to get this page.


On the other hand, I also discovered the existence of the comic XXXena : Warrior Pornstar, which I'm sure certain people I know would find fascinating, if they haven't heard of it already! It's rationale, that XXXena suddenly finds herself transported to the 1990s, and ends up being a porn star largely because of her name, certainly makes sense to me.

In a few minutes I go to dispose of a part of a castle.
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Got up early this morning to be at the head of the queue for a WOF. Went thru with no troubles. Read Time magazine from October. I read about Blackwater in Iraq. Merle Haggard becoming a Democrat. Went to pick something up but must have got the wrong address. Sat in the warm sun in the car listening to Snow Patrol.

Got home, did a few chores, a little coffee, and some net. I read [ profile] jenni_talula's mention of reading Absolute Sandman. I got the two volumes from Amazon. (In fact, I got them twice, the second time for free. This makes a certain seraphic folly a lucky girl.) The Talula' s mention of them reminded me I had yet to even break their seal, so I put off further chores, and sat down with the first heavy tome, and began to read.

After 231 pages, and having just finished The Sound of Her Wings I remember why I liked this series so much. I'm impressed by the improvement in reading from the paper, new printing process, and the somewhat increased size. I enjoy Paul Levitz' introduction. And it all causes me to write about my experience in this staccato narrative style. Anyone

More importantly, I've remembered why I like writing.

Lunch now. Scottish roll with ham from [ profile] giffydoll, karikaas Gouda, and button tomatoes, a break for some more chores and then back to it, methinks. Ah, my darling appears briefly to say helloo. Bye for now, my droogies.
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Just received this information in email direct from Top Shelf, and I know a number of people will be interested :
Tanya Spreckley of the Canadian TV show "SexTV" has just aired the one-and-only filmed TV segment on LOST GIRLS. Flying over to Northampton, England, Tanya and her crew filmed and edited an amazing interview with Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie. And they've just posted a streaming-video version of it at their website.
I'm afraid I haven't watched it yet, so can't say how good it is. I'm at work and I suspect "Sex TV" is not a thing to be watched at work... :)


Sep. 28th, 2006 01:02 am
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So [ profile] holding_pattern has already raved over it and I've already commented there, but just in case anyone isn't reading her, you've got to see Heroes!.

Edgy with many comics references, definitely hard core, how many TV shows depict the results of putting one's hand into an insinkerator? I f you like superheroes, or anime, or just good TV you should see the premier at least..It may go downhill like the 4400, but the start is great!

I love the idea of the painter , and Hiro's excitement, and the cheerleaders... oh just see it for yourself.

NBC released the premier on the web and there is a torrent available/
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Firstly, some people were discussing Valerie's letter in V for Venndetta recently. You know the bit
"for three years I had roses and I apologized to nobody..."
[Edit]The original link below is to the LJ page which required you to be a member of the community, so I've replicated the relevant pages to my server :

Page 26
Page 27
Page 28
Page 29
Page 30

Someone has posted the relevant pages to [ profile] daily_yuri. Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone wanted to see the original who hasn't.

Anyway, it's been busy, busy, busy... )
Back home for food and more recovery. The next few weeks will be interesting! 48hr film next weekend. Conclave and Steve Jackson's game design workshop the week after, and best of all more [ profile] seraphs_folly!
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For those who seen Sin City, and who know the comic, it is amazing how accurate to the comic the movie is. But I didn't realize just how accurate it was until I went to this site.

Some of that is amazingly close to the original panels! Wow!
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So watching Last Exile last night at [ profile] jarratt_gray's place we finally got to really meet Maestro Delphine. What a bitch. And poor, lovely, Dio...

Anyway, seeing her a lot crystallized something in my head, as she reminded me of Deathbird as Majestrix Shi'ar. This lead me to consider other similarities.

At the begining of the Phoenix Saga, Christopher Summers, ex-USAF pilot who lost his wife to the crazed Shi'ar Emperor D'ken, and long lost father of Scott (Cyclops) and Alex (Havok), leads a band of freedom fighters and renegades named after their ship the Starjammer against the corrupt Shi'ar empire under the crazy Majestrix Shi'ar, Deathbird . At some point they pick up Lilandra, the true Majestrix Shi'ar, and help her overthrow Deathbird with the help of her love the bald Charles Xaxier (Professor X). During the story they pick up the captain's son, Scott. and his red-headed lover Jean Grey (Phoenix)

Later in the story, Centurion and the Imperial Guard, the cream of the Shi'ar military who at the beginning oppose and defeat our heroes, switch sides and fight alongside them

In Last Exile, Alex Rowe, an ex-vanship pilot who lost his love in the Grand Stream, leads a band of freedom fighters and renegades aboard their ship the Sylvanna against the Guild and it's crazy leader Maestro Delphine . Their XO is secretly Princess Sophia, heir to the Annatoray throne. During the story they pick up the son of the captain's fellow pilots who were killed at the same as his love, a natural pilot Claus, and his navi and mechanic, the red-head Lavie.

Later in the story Vincent Alzy, captain of the Urbanus, the cream of the Annatoray navy, who at the beginning opposes and defeats our heroes, switch sides and fight alongside them.

Ah, the dangers of an idle mind..


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