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[ profile] jenni_talula recently posted n the costumes she would like to make. I thought I'd join in, though as my abortive attempt to make a frock coat a couple of years ago shows, I'm pretty bad at the follow-through on these things!
  • A Z.A.F.T uniform from Gundam Seed. One of the red-coated ones. It may be a bit silly though, as only young pilots wore them, IIRC.
  • A musketeer costume. Doesn't everyone want a musketeer costume?
  • A steam-punk outfit. Coz everyone's doing it and it's one of the few themes which I could actually look good in. I'm told I suit a w'skt. Maybe I need more than one of these? Especially if we do a League of Extra-ordinary Gentlemen LARP or similar.
  • A new "Smuggler" outfit. A la Oliver Tobias. my existing lacy shirt is getting too threadbare to wear, and I need real boots and a tricorne. Much of this or musketeer stuff could double for pirate costumes.
  • An Alex Rowe (Last Exile) style outfit. Though that could be considered a form of steam-punk too.
  • A body armour outfit, either Starship Troopers, Colonial Marines, Cadian Imperial Guard, or a real one, complete with appropriate weaponry.
Hmm, on examining that list, it's decidedly warry, maybe I need to soften it a bit. Perhaps I need a Priscilla - Queen of the Desert outfit as well, or an outfit appropriate for a Shiny event, or maybe a George the Third style outfit complete with white wig.
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So I got thrown off the C project for telling the PM he wansn't going to get what he wanted in one day (yay!), and then I completed all the work for another project (related to international number portability) in the time I was given for estimating it! Heh! XSL guru at work! I tried to explain to them that the thing was so simple there was no change to design, no change to actual code, just a mod to the schema and the stylesheet, and that doing it would take about half as long as updating the user documentation, but I don't think people believe me.

Been reading through the Chobits manga now I have tjhe complete set, and I have to agree with [ profile] evie_fae that in comparison to Fruits Basket it's an easy read! A thinner Fruits Basket volume would last me both ways on the train, the thicker (primarily because of poorer paper quality I think) Chobits volume lasts only about one and a half train rides.

Gonna have to introduce [ profile] seraphs_folly to Fruits Basket, so she can love Kyo & Yuki & Haru too.

I do still really enjoy the themes of Chobits, though I think I have completely ruined my reputation on the Hutt train by reading that sort of thing. I can see the thoughts now. "He's reading comics! With pictures of cute young girls in only their panties! How paedophilic!". Still, it does mean I get cute, knowing, smiles from some of the Asians. Ain't cultures funny things? And AYK, I enjoy being big with the shock value. Marilyn Manson with a beard, thats me! Except he's got metal teeth and I ain't got teeth.

Went into Device today to see if they had any PVC pants for the Ball. Nope. Just chaps. Don't worry, I didn't buy any of those. Such things are hard to find!

On NCIS yesterday Abbie actually gave Gibbs a kiss! I've missed it recently, but they've obviously played up that relationship. It wasn't a romantic one it was for getting her out of a boring course by giving her priority work but still if I was Gibbs I wouldn't be complaining either

Now some links, for my benefit mainly, but some of you might enjoy them too.

Now these are some halloween costumes I could go for!
An Aliens Powerloader, an APU from the Matrix , and a Battletech-style mecha suit . A related item is the Battletech tree house, though thats been around for a while.

And here's a little something for Idiot Savant, I know he likes pumpkins!

For cosplayers who like WoW, the World of Warcraft Costume Contest winners.

(all of the above, as well as my watching of eureka , Heroes and BSG III, courtesy of my work colleague GR!)

Will be at TNC tonight for a change! Maybe I'lll see some of you there!
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Joss Wheedon is 真的是天才, 懂嗎?

Just got back from the Serenity advance screening. Still slightly shell-shocked by it I'm not going to say anything specific about the film itself, no spoliers from me, but if you haven't seen it you must do so.

My day started with some virtual flowers and wish of a great day from a new friend. Man, did that wish come true!

Busy day at work helped it pass quickly,

Hung out at [ profile] katipocafe after work for a bit with [ profile] mashugenah before headin'; on down to Coyotes for the shindig. A great little gathering, the fans filled the place up and at every table there were people I knew. Got to be quite the social butterfly flitting 'round the crowd. Found yet more links in the game of TDOW, never realized that [ profile] gialiat was part of the Lost Girls with [ profile] jenni_talula and the others.

Drank Tully, had a chicken & brie pizza gave away some of it, chatted with people I hadn't seen in a while. Chatted to people who I'd never chatted to before. Got in photo ops. Hardly spoke to some people who I probably should have spent longer with time went both faster and slower than I expected, in that the time never dragged but there seemed to be a lot going on.

Finally it was time to go over to the cinema, but just before we went Nick and Norm announced the cosplay winners, and 他媽的!I got a prize!

Got the visual companion book, a movie poster, and a token from Busy Bees as a prize! w00t!

We rushed over to the theatre, and I experienced the cinelounge for the first time. Popcorn and drinks were free, Ice cream could be delivered to your seat halfway through the

Joss had a special introduction for the advance screening which was very humorous and he did a wonderful impersonation of "The Comic Shop Guy" from the Simpsons at one point.

Then we watched it. It did not disappoint. It was better than I expected and as good as I hoped.
I will be seeing it again when it's released. I will be buying the DVD the moment it hits the shelves.

Then, in the afterglow. I wandered down stairs surrounded by people I knew, and other who I didn't, all bound together by having seen it, till I met up with [ profile] evie_fae and [ profile] jarratt_gray who offered me a lift home. It was good they did, unbeknownst to me in my haze of Serenity love and warm Coyotes and cinemas, the trains had been cancelled between Wellington & Petone due to the sea hitting the line in the weather.

I didn't know this until we drove past Petone and I saw a large train, empty, parked at Petone station, far too large for that time of night. I mentioned, it and was told of the above by people who were more grounded in the real world than I was this night.

I wonder if the trains will be running tomorrow morning?

And because [ profile] evie_fae said I would, I'll blog her comment as she tried to get comfortable in the car:
"It's past my bedtime and I shouldn't be wearing a corset"
I have to thank people for making this a great night.

Firstly, I must thank Nick Cole for organizing the event for us in the first place, organizing the shindig, for buying all our tickets for us, for arranging prizes, for getting me a seat in the front row of the cinelounge, and for having a damn good Mal costume all the way down to the replica gun. Y'know dude, I know you were organizing so couldn't be in the running, but your costume was better than mine!

I must thank [ profile] panda_pitt for buying me a hat when he was in Peru.
I must thank [ profile] holding_pattern for lending me the coat.
I must thank [ profile] evie_fae for telling me I had to wear my "Jayne hat", thus effectively making me create a Jayne costume.
I must thank [ profile] jarratt_gray & [ profile] evie_fae for giving [ profile] panda_pitt & I a lift home after the event
謝謝 all.

And finally a big 謝謝 to Joss Wheedon for making the damn thing in the first place!

Can't stop the signal!
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Am happy with my lunch time raid on Core Blue Sun supply depots. Have recovered appropriate imagery for cover disguise. Have found iron-on transfer sheets. Have purchased khaki / olive drab t shirts. Have found a leather holster! Have purchased cheap belting to strap holster to thigh. Have scared work mates by showing them holster.

Need only to print logo and iron to shirts. Already have combat boots, appropriately coloured trousers, and funny hat. Funny hat is not original colour funny hat, but is real and from Peru and given to me by family member so is more appropriate. Could do with olive-drab jacket of some form, but will use khaki coat if necessary

Will still investigate creating a 完美猫 shirt with girly picture, but will use Blue Sun imagery as fall-back option. May make Blue Sun shirt anyway, as is cool to have.

Am channelling Jayne too much. Should probably stop before I get into trouble.

I'll be in my bunk!
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It's Sunday morning and I am pleasantly exhausted.

It has been three days in a row of staying out till 2.00 am and cruising through the days with almost no personal angst, excerpt for some momentary drunken maudlinity. (Is that a word? It is now!)

I've already covered Thursday, so here's Friday and Satyrday, because y'all so want to know what I've been up to.

Friday )

Satyrday and the FF X LARP )

Enough, it's midday and I should get dressed and get on with Game prep for tomorrow!


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