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Sep. 3rd, 2012 01:13 pm
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Well, that was a successful complete re-work of the persistence mechanism of the core object structure in the application. Now to see if it survives regression testing.

The mp3 oracle was rather morbid this morning. Firstly, it gave me Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear The Reaper", which is basically about happily accepting death; followed by REM's "Everybody Hurts", which is basically an anti-suicide song; and finally in this sequence came Nick Cave's "When I Go", which is basically a somewhat tongue-in-cheek catalogue of all the things that will happen after the singer dies, done in a New Orleans-style dirge that you could imagine being the accompaniment to a funeral procession down Bourbon St.

Anyway, all I can say in response is that I have no intention of dying soon, though I do agree there is little point in fearing it. How can I die when there are so many things still to do? I've always imagined that the primary emotion I'd feel on dying would be anger rather than fear, as in "How dare you interrupt me Mr. Death? I'm busy! Go away, or I'll kill you!" I imagine I'm a prime candidate for becoming a liche. I wouldn't be surprised if some years from now people start complaining about the smell, and on investigation it is discovered I died months ago, but have been continuing on, as if nothing had happened, on sheer will-power.
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It's raining today in Pinehaven. Rain against the backdrop of pine is one of the many beautiful things about this place. Heavy and continuous, the clouds cry and I cry with them, the weather matching my mood, in that while tears represent "giving water to the dead" as the Fremen call it, the cycle of water from the ocean to the sky is what keeps us alive, and is a celebration of life to which lush greenery behind the falling rain can attest.

I read about two deaths of creative people this morning. First, Neil posted of the death of Scots musician, cartoonist and children's book writer and artist Harry Horse in an apparent suicide pact with his partner Mandy, who was incapacitated by MS. It is a touching story and a sad loss.

Then I read of Robert Anton Willson's death. I had not really registered it when it occurred on Thursday, bound up as I was in personal issues Go and read the last few entries on RAW Data, his personal blog. I hope I can approach my own death as well as he appears to have.

Like [ profile] laputain, RAW was one of those authors that really changed my life, putting meaning behind the Beatles song "Yellow Submarine", initiating me into the Golden Apple, making me wonder about John Dillinger's penis, and definitively answering the question "Who Killed JFK?". A lot of what I am now was probably triggered by his books.

I can think of only one appropriate way to mark his death. I wonder if I can find a willing partner? :)

Hail Eris!
Non Discordia Carborundum.
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While on a hunting trip, you are "accidentally" shot in the face by your friend with a shotgun. Your lifeless (and headless) body falls to the ground with a resounding thud.
OK, so which of you is it then, hmm?

A slightly different meme, that I picked from a vampire I met in a dark alley. Get a prediction on how you die from The Death Psychic
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via [ profile] mcmlxxviii

The cause of death was : )
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Earlier this evening Shady's tongue was hanging out, as if she was thirsty, so I put some milk on a spoon, and she lapped at it. We had come full circle from when she was fed milk in the same way in 2 Hangar as a tiny kitten by the mech we all called 'Joe 90'.

Later I noticed her tongue was hanging out again, and I tried to give her more milk. She didn't lap it.
Her pupils were wide, and black. and unmovng. She didn't move when I stroked her. I left her for a while to see if there was any change, and the only change was that she grew colder.

We will bury her with the other girls who have gone before her, Friday and Cassie.

We only have a single male cat here now, the oldest, the old warhorse, with his scars, stiff walk, and milky eye, Boss Cat Sam, [ profile] panda_pitt's cat. The younger males have all gone with their reapsective owners.

I have known she was on her way to the other side for some time. she pased quietly, with me stroking and being with her every few minutes during the day, as I did nothing except post here, and play or listen to music.
She is free of this life, free to run and play as she did as a kitten. No longer bound to me, no longer suffering the frailties of her ancient, and yet still sleek and fine, body.

Farewell, my love.


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