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Climbing high on a windy mountain overlooking the sea to get a better view of the massive tidal & storm surges in the ocean below, I watched sea birds glide down to the sea, becoming first dots, and then invisible against the steel grey mountains of water. One of them grew bigger instead, growing past the size of a seabird, until I was aware that it was a human in a feathered flight suit. He hovered almost stationary in front of me, balancing in mid-air between the updraft of the cliffs and the wind rushing over the top of the mountain.

"Come on" he said, "There'll never be a better time than this!" I signed assent, and he folded his arm wings, plummeting feet first like a missile toward the heaving seas below. I watched him accelerate to terminal, and shortly before he became too small to see, I saw the orange glow of lift fields extending, transferring much of his vertical velocity to horizontal, and he finally disappeared from my normal vision as he speared down towards a wave that seemed as large as Kapiti Island, but it was not all that different in a sea of waves of similar or larger size.

My ocular enhancers and HUD activated at a thought, and my sight of Kurt (yes, suddenly I remembered his name was Kurt) became clear again. Small coloured dots appeared in my field of vision, indicating other fliers, with ID info. Some rich fuckers had paid for custom icons to appear on my HUD. Around the edges of my vision the dots were replaced by arrows pointing to items outside my site. The sea itself had a number of dots, some green & tiny moving in shoals, others in red, moving fast around the shoals. I focused and zoomed on one with a rising altitude indication just in time to see it break surface in pursuit of prey. It looked like something from Earth's past, a sea-going dinosaur fish with armoured plates and multiple rows of needle teeth.

Cutting the HUD, I made some last minute adjustments to my own suit and moved to the edge of the cliff, balancing myself against the updraft. To be honest, I was scared. Sure we had the flight suits. But the scale of this sea coast, the size of the waves, the consequences of any failure of equipment or skill... then I laughed at myself. Of course, that was the point wasn't it? The fantastic feeling of fear, the rush of the risk... I leaned over the edge supported only by the updraft and savoured the terror.

I folded my arm-wings, and no longer supported by the updraft I toppled forward over those gigantic waves, the air rushing and buffeting me faster as I fell...

Then the alarm went off.
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Last night, I think primarily because of the heat, I slept poorly, and thus remembered my dream

The scene was the kitchen area of a camp-site, like Brookfields, during something like Hydra or Chimera, and people had gathered for breakfast.

We were kissing hungrily, ignoring the stares of those around us, even though I knew that I should not be kissing you where others might see. I didn't care, and it seemed neither did you, there had been something more that night, and we were beyond caring about social norms, basking in each others company.

There were nervous attempts at jokes from those around us, about us "practicing for our character roles". Some acted disgusted, some looked jealous, others just found it funny but it was obvious everyone knew that what was happening in front of them would have significant consequences to the social group and our other relationships.

Later that day, everyone prepared for sleep, and somehow whatever had happened to the original pair of us appeared to have infected others. A whole group of us placed our sleeping bags in a pile along with some mattresses and jumped into them together. There were limbs, torsos, hands, feet, and other parts, all touching and moving together. It was very difficult to sleep that way.

Later, I awoke, and the camp for LARPs had somehow morphed into a training center, and it was my first day on the job. I stumbled into it, hungover, wearing only bath robe & shorts, looking very Dude-like, to discover that some-one had scheduled me to run a course on Digital Communication Technology first thing in the morning that I had not even read yet.

I went to the class room, and, in my bath robe, apologized to the three or four students who were already there, saying there must be some sort of scheduling mistake, and that I'd sort it out, and headed off to the staff room.

There I found all my colleagues from when I was at Software Education, along with the writer of the course. When I approached him about it, he told me that it would be easy, I knew all the stuff in the course already, and I could easily handle it. I restrained myself from punching the smug-looking bastard in the face and told him that while that might be true, it would have been nice to have been told about the course before breakfast this morning...

At this point I woke up to find that both the side of my face and the top of my left foot were aching as if they'd been punched or stood upon, respectively.

And no, I'm not going to run the first part of my dream as a LARP at Hydra. Though I suppose it's possible the Slash LARP might head that way.
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This weekend didn't start well. Friday was a day at home sick, in which, after stumbling out of bed early in the morning, realizing I wasn't up to going into town, and ending off the obligatory emails to managers, I fell back into bed and didn't wake up again until almost 2pm. After getting up, I discovered that the week's mail had been delivered. You know how NZ Post was talking about reducing deliveries form daily to once every two days or so? It's crap, NZ post only delivers to our place, which is Not a rural delivery area once or twice a week already! I got mail that had been sent two days earlier, and mail that had been sent almost two weeks earlier, in one delivery. 

However, by the time I'd opened the mail and recorded it and and responded, etc. It was almost the end of the day. I vegetated and caught up with my YooNo feed until [ profile] seraphs_folly turned up with my favourite Thai for dinner. It was the hi-light of the day, though It was also nice that a number of people commiserated on my whine about being sick.  I did however, get most of the washing done throughout the course of the day, seeing as that's something that doesn't take much effort when you have a machine for it.

Saturday I slept in without any getting up until 11.30pm. There was shopping needed, so I got washed and went and did it, but by the time I got back I felt wasted, and really didn't feel up to the drive over the hill to Gynn & Holly's ceremony. Apologies guys, I'm sorry to have missed your special day, especially considering what people have been saying about it since, but potentially ruining it with vomit would not have been a good look.

Several hours later, I was felling a bit better so  I went and picked up [ profile] seraphs_folly to go to a farewell party at the Southern Cross for her artist who was returning to France. Even that was probably was a little beyond me, especially as there was some sort of French music festival on, and The Cross  was packed and very loud. It took all of my energy just to avoid running and hiding from the crowd or reacting in flight-or-fight mode, so I wasn't good company. I couldn't face real food, so just ate some garlic bread and some wedges. I did perk up a bit though when I realized that somehow I'd managed to do my normal thing of being surrounded by cute girls (six of them this time). 

After a while there we walked down the road to [ profile] sokky & Lee's 70th party at the Fringe, waving at [ profile] allyn thru the window at Wildilocks on the way. The karaoke party was less hectic and I could manage it a lot better. Saw [ profile] giffy_doll 's  rendition of "Big Spender", among others., and
[ profile] sproke_ina_can 's boots Liked catching up with people, but was still glad when we left. We were in bed not long after, watching  a couple of episodes of Fringe to wind-down. Sleep was bitsy and the dreams were vivid and strange.

I was a Doctor Who co-operating with a whole pile of other Doctors to foil the big bad who ws trying to destroy the universe. I had become convinced that one of the Doctors was actually the big bad, and at the last minute has realized that we all needed to get out of the Tardis as the renegade Doctor was using it as a trap to catch and kill us all.

I raced out the door of the Tardis yelling to the other that hey needed to get out, but as I exited the renegade Doctor acted hitting me with a gob of white acidic substance from some sort of gun that knocked me to the ground and burned like fuck. As the white goop began to dissolve my body I realized that once the Tardis door closed the other doctors would be trapped, so I tried to block the door of the Tardis with my leg, but the other Doctors were not leaving, I tried to get their attention but all I could do was scream in a muffled way as my body dissolved...

That woke me up. I think I may have actually made a few real-world muffled screams. Later in the evening I woke up worried about being trapped under a landslide to find two cats lying on me, Rosie on my groin and Lilly on my chest. The large fluffy white tail in my face was probably what woke me. There were other odd snatches of dream between bursts of wakefulness, and by the time I got kicked out of bed to shower for brunch I still could have slept for several more hours. 

I safely got to Courtenay Place and  got a park, despite driving in a bit of a daze. Brunch was a tearful affair due to saying goodbye to the French couple, but there was a lot of Leonard Cohen played. along with some Roxy Music and the Cat People theme from Bowie. Afterwards we got to visit [ profile] danjite  & [ profile] khaybee in their new house, which was lovely. It was good to see their art & curios out, and to taste the yummy bread [ profile] khaybee was making for their Thanksgiving dinner.

[ profile] seraphs_folly  headed home and I headed out to Newtown for Alice's Enlightenment-era D&D and game. My character spent most of the  session hallucinating from a hallucinogenic poison in a chest trap and deaf from a failed usage of  gunpowder weapons, both events which happened last session. It was however quite fun being completely useless and not understanding what people were saying. Alice has a wicked way of describing what my hallucinating character was experiencing. But despite a comedy of errors, we all managed to survive, win,  and more-or-less do the right thing.

I dropped in on [ profile] seraphs_folly  on the way home, finding her in the middle of her Firefly re-watch with S, left them to it and picked up some buns from the pantsu for tommorrow's lunch, came home and wrote this up, because for some reason I felt like writing before bed. 

I titled this as a a "fail weekend", as I didn't achieve many things I'd planned to, and often I wasn't good company, and that's what  it felt like to me when I sat down and started writing, but in reading back over it, while being really sorry I missed the Rickersby's ceremony, and while some of it was sad, and some of it was nauseous or sleepy, there are quite a number of lovely little bits in there. Even the sad bits were lovely.

I think I like my life. Even when I'm ill and not I'm thinking I'm doing well, it's pretty special.

Thanks everyone for being who they are.
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Last night i slept fitfully due to a large cat walking all over me. This means I remembered a dream :

I dreamed I'd gone to a NiN concert, except that it was only Trent Reznor by himself, and it was in a classic old NZ-style school hall, i.e.: wooden floors, doubles as both gym and assembly area, capable of sitting perhaps 200 people max on wood and steel "forms" with a basic built-in stage.

Part the way thru the concert, Trent decided that he'd rather sit around with us and talk about stuff. so we all sat in a big circle on the floor of the hall and talked. It was sort of like one of those medicine lodge gatherings of men, except without the steam and sweaty naked bodies. I don't remember seeing any women.  I found myself telling Trent my life story, and he and a number of other people there responded in in kind, so by the end of it we all knew a lot about each other and were, surprisingly perhaps, getting on real well.

Finally Trent said that maybe he ought to play some more music seeing as we'd all forked out for a concert, but after a bit of discussion it turned out that everyone would rather just head off to a bar. Trent had to be reassured that this wasn't because we didn't want to listen to his music, but that just hanging out with him was more special.

In other musical experiments, has anyone else ever notice how similar the choruses of David Bowie's Queen Bitch and The Killer's Mr. Brightside are?

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Mind fed on science fictional poetry read by the Voyager's authors, body fed on half-price Chow - edamame, Angus beef satay, Thai fish cakes, and banana leaf-wrapped fried chicken, watered down by Asahi, I cuddled up with seraphs_folly in a haze of of over-fedness.

This, unsurprisingly, led to dreams.

Plane Crash )

Pokemon Evolution )
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The dinosaurs are back. I don't know what it is about the concept of Jurrassic Park and dinosaurs, but they keep appearing in my dreams. 

This time the park was in a coastal area, similar in feel to Queen Elizabeth II Park, just south of Raumati.

@SallyMclennan had decided to land her space-ship house there. She had chosen a spot based on the map, and kept insisting that was the spot for her, even though I had been to the place before and kept telling her that if she landed the house there, the rear section would be at a forty-five degree angle. This wasn't such a big deal as the gravity compensators could easly over-ride a mere 1G and make it feel like it was flat, but it would be a continual, unnecessary power-drain, and the engineer in me detested the idea.

After we had landed there was much exploring of dunes and seasides, until after scaling the side of a waterfall we came across the area we would later discover was the dinosaur park. It was not sign-posted and was merely difficult to get into, not impossible, requiring us to do a high wire act across the lake behind the waterfall, though while doing this I had deja-vu, and felt that it would not be safe but all those  who've watched Fringe know what deja-vu is, so we ignored that. 

There followed some discovery of dinosaurs and the by-now-mandatory hiding from T-Rex by staying still. If it turns out when we do re-create T-Rex, that Jurrassic Park and it's advisors were wrong, and T-Rex can see pretty well, then there's going to be a lot of people standing still and letting themselves get eaten.

While hiding in this manner, we observed that the dinosaur park had multiple levels,and we watched as the T-Rex made use of the elevator between them. It had difficulty using it's stumpy forearms, and had to sort of push it;s head against the wall sideways to be able to push the buttons.accurately. But it was smart. At one point we waited for it to go into the elevator before we made a break for a door, but the T-Rex was waiting for just such an event and poked it's head back out of the elevator seeing us running for the door.

It leapt  between us and the door and we were doomed! Until suddenly we were rescued by a cute girl who flew out of the sky and interposed herself between us and the T-Rex. This seemed suicidal, until she announced herself as Battle Angel Alita, (though in my dream she looked more like Chise from SHE:The Ultimate Weapon). The cyborg, of course, wiped the floor with the poor T-Rex, whom one could almost feel sorry for as something that bite-sized turned out to be impossible to bite, and we escaped.

Later, we defended ourselves from, and herded, some velociraptors by each holding bed-spreads printed with a life size Battle Angel Alita in front of us. Also, at one point I got involved in hand-to-hand combat with another T-Rex and managed to escape it in a Jackie Chan-style sequence in which I managed to handcuff it somehow. Who said dreams have to make sense?

I had a later, more involved dream about politics & investigations, but I remembered more details about the anime dinosaur one.

I can actually see sun outside...
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There was fog in the Hutt Valley this morning, turning the approaching train into a shoggoth with lights. I didn't blame the driver for being a few minutes late if his visibility of the line was anything like our visibility of the train.

The fog seemed to seep into my brain though, everything from turning off the alarm till the first coffee at work felt like I was running on autopilot. This was perhaps due to certain amount of sleep disturbance.  It was comfortable sleep disturbance, but nevertheless I would have preferred to not get up this morning.

Probably due to the sleep disturbance, I dreamed a lot. The one dream I can remember details of was about attending  a NiN concert. NiN had a new line-up, which consisted of Boy George (yes, the Karma Chameleon one) on an impressive array of keyboards, and Oscar Keightley on guitar, and Oscar's sister on drums. IRL, I don't even know if Oscar has a sister, but in the dream he did.  

Speculation between audience members centered on whether it was Boy George, Oscar, or Oscar's sister that was making Trent Reznor happy at the moment. 

Finally finished watching Dollhouse last night. Beautiful little twist in the second-to-last episode around the identity of Alpha. Found the end of the final episode poorly constructed and didn't quite follow what was going on. It felt like it had been edited to the point of removing the important bits. Would say more, but am trying to avoid being too spoilery  for those that haven't watched it. 
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Passing on some image amusements from all over: Last night I passed out from Kingfisher Strong consumed while saying goodbye to Orienteering John, so didn;t dream, but the previous night I did. It wasn't a particularly nice dream.
I was in the military in a place that was somewhere in the Indian/Pakistan/Afghanistan area. I only remember snatches, like being on parade and then being told the parade was moving to another location so I had to get on a bus to get there. When I got off the bus I was no longer with my unit, I'd either got on the wrong bus or forgotten to get off it. I got my kit stolen, and I was annoyed because it was my fault for putting it down in the first place. I think I spent some time trying to recover it.

The most vivid part of the dream though was at the end, when an elderly-looking woman handed me a young child. At this point I was unsure why she was handing the child to me, she was talking fast in language I could only pick out a couple of words from, but I got the impression it was because she wanted me to take her somewhere.

I took the child, who was a girl, and realized my hands were covered in blood, and then that the blood was coming from multiple deep lacerations on the girl's back. The older woman, who looked too old to be her mother, handed me a fine silk quilted jacket, turquoise on the outside with gold thread embroidery, and silver on the inside, indicating I should use it to wrap the girl and contain the blood.

It was obvious now that she needed to be taken to a hospital. I hesitated when taking the jacket, it seemed antique, beautiful, of very fine make. Surely it was worth a fortune, surely we should use something else to soak up the blood? I was thinking. The elderly woman obviously understood my hesitation and said, in English, "no matter", pushing the jacket between my hands and the girl.
That woke me up.
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Yesterday was a good blob out. Did very little except play No One Lives Forever (which I'm enjoying greatly), and provide a wee bit of MySql assistance to [ profile] evie_fae, in return [ profile] jarratt_gray provided some nice curry and pasta. I need a sign : "Will fix computer problems for food". Also got to spend some time with Shai and Dauny. Oh, and their humans too. :)

I went to bed real late, as I was having too much fun trying to sneak around offices in NOLF, and had crazy dreams. In one :

I was with a group of survivors of an apocalypse. The apocalypse somehow resulted in lots of dinosaurs being around. We were continually fighting off and outsmarting velocoraptors and similar. We had men sacrifice themselves to try and keep the few women we had with us alive, purely because we need the breeding stick, and they understood this was a species survival thing

There was a guy older than I with us, but wiry and fit. He was some sort of scientist, and the guy we all looked to for leadership, though there was no formal chain of command. We survived a particularly brutal assault, after which there were only five women left, and he came and broke down in front of me.

He asked what was the point? We didn't have a viable gene-pool, we couldn't live forever like this, the beasts were wearing us down, we couldn't sustain the losses, and we'd run out of ammo long before they ran out of teeth. Why don't we just shot ourselves and save everyone a lot of pain. He was right about the situation of course, but I knew we couldn't just give up. Even if we did get wiped out, it was better to die trying than to hand victory to the beasts.

We struggled on until we came to a ruined city. As we approached the city centre, a giant duck ran down a covered sidewalk in front of us. Our point men almost shot it, after all, as they said, fowl are descended from 'saurs, ain't they? But they decided to conserve ammo, as it wasn't a direct threat. We crept thru the town, half-expecting another raptor ambush, when we came the civic centre, one built in classic pseudo-Grecian style.

We went to the Library, and pushed open the big doors, to be confronted by an astounding sight. The Library was busy, full of giant, clothed, and obviously fully sapient, ducks. Some held clipboards and wore white coats, others looked more blue collar, at least one even had glasses. We just stood and stared open-mouthed for a while. They continued on with their tasks, seemingly not noticing us. We finally realized that they were organizing and cataloguing the collection of books, and preparing them for either transport or storage.

This caused the scientist to fall to his knees and begin to cry, I looked at him, worried, and I realized that he was laughing silently and crying from that. I knew what he was thinking, that it was good someone, even if they were a giant duck, was caring for the books. The knowledge would survive.

I remember thinking how the hell do these ducks manage to protect themselves from the raptor packs and other beasts?
Then I woke up. Since then I've though that maybe the raptor packs belonged to the ducks, a savage, less-evolved, servitor species.

At this point it was light outside, and I felt like I had been on the piss until late the previous night. I was really drained, I wondered whther perhaps I'd actually been fighting off a cold, or had somehow managed to suffocate myself in my sleep or something. I went back to sleep and dreamed some more, this time about people who were stupid enough to steal my heavy weapons ( a couple of LAW's and a Barret .50 I think it was) from the back seat of my car, so I was obliged to chase after them and teach them a lesson. It involved a lot of smashing of car windows with 4x2's.

But despite the dreaming, the late sleep, and the almost hang-over feeling I woke up with, I felt quite energetic and have pottered round getting quite a bit of stuff organized. I have little piles of stuff all over the rumpus room that I need to get people to look and either take away or leave for me to dispose of.

I also discovered an entire box of hard-back science fiction and fantasy books which I had completely forgotten about! I think it may have once belonged to [ profile] threemonkeys or someone similar, and I picked it up at a convention brought it home, and threw it on a shelf in the rumpus room. After which, other stuff got put in front of it, and I forgot it was there.I will have fun reading through this lot !

Now I have a dilemma! What should I do? put on the orange and leotard and fight H.A.R.M., or read classic SF? Shopping can be done tomorrow.

Oh, and does anyone happen to know where [ profile] wasup_bro is? I haven't seen him since Friday, ad his cats are getting noisy!
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Rather disturbing dream last night. There were two parts to it. In the first part we were preparing to repel a vampire assault on a castle

Assault )

The next part of the dream was set after the vampires had taken control of the castle, and was largely just me living through their sybaritic celebration of victory.

The Aftermath )
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I don't really have to say more than that. There was little plot, the dream was basically a travelogue of the commune. Parts of the institution were occupied by others, and the house in the middle where the care-taker lived was out of bounds. There was a large disused and run-down auditorium, which at one point I wandered across the stage of quoting Shakespeare in a deep and travelling voice, until I got too embarrassed. We were growing vegetables in the courtyard, and the communal kitchen was very nicely fitted out, looked like it had been recently renovated in comparison to the other parts of the institution. But there was a sort of sunken stairway out the back of the kitchen that was still blocked with debris we had to climb over.

The reason for the tour was so that I and my partner could choose a place to crash. Other than the sealed off part of the institution that had been turned into flats and were being separately rented out by the owner of the place, and the caretaker's part, we could crash anywhere that wasn't being actively used by the group. My partner and I enjoyed the high vaulting ceilings in the older buildings, and were considering taking one of the classrooms or wards there. Numerous people I knew already lived there, and it wasn't a post-apocalyptic, as much as preventative, people gathering together to produce food and live communally to save money and resources. We were talking re-decoration and where to put the LCD TV, and asking if there were any bandwidth limits. so it wasn't like we were down and out, it was a choice to live differently. We were actually quite excited at the opportunities for redecoration afforded by the old institution buildings, and I was asking whether anyone minded if we cleaned up and used the auditorium for performances.
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Last night the wind it winded and the rain it rainded. I suspect that might have something to do with my disturbed sleep, but maybe not everything. I dreamed... )

The storm is exhilarating. I love the wind blowing my hair around and rushing past my face. I go straight past the huddling crowd at the intersection trying to hide in the lee of the building and revel in the blast of rain and wind. Maybe it's the additional ozone, but it makes me feel alive. Certainly not a day for light, short, skirts though, unless perhaps the wearer also enjoys the rush of air around their thighs!

Orlanthi I shall be, and those without reference may wonder at the poesy! Or perhaps the Storm Bull? I smile at the thought and feel fey, like the bull before battle. I meet answering smiles from those who know the feeling. Today is a good day to live, and if one must die it might as well be on the wind. The building shakes to The Bull's roar, to Orlanth's song. Flight is surely possible on such days. I see the glass building ripple, as when Trinity swings from the helicopter. Anything is possible. Everything fluxes and flexes and flows. This, from a butterfly's wing?
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Through the angel rain
A clean bedroom and lounge make one feel better. There is discontent stirring in me around the clutter of my life. There is a lot of stuff I need to dispose of. Philosophies that talk of how materiel things hold one back are correct. But I'm too much of a dragon to be able to give it all away. That means selling, which means work. I go through these phases once in a while, and then I find it's all too hard and give up again.

Then there are things to do to the house. I need a DVS type of system. Fujitsu is doing a six months no pay plus another 18 months interest free deal. I might go for it. I need to fix, or get fixed taps and showers. That kitchen needs work. I want to start painting my room, though strangely the bit I want to paint most is the skirting. I want to replace the old, worn, and cat-stained carpet throughout the upper storey with wood. I want to sand away the mould layers in the bathroom. I want to fix the bits of wall that are missing broken, or in bad repair. I want to remove garden rubbish from around the house.

It must be Spring.

I should plan and prepare, have a budget, have a project plan, do things in the logical order, but part of me just wants to get on with something, to "just do it" like the Nike slogan. Which reminds me, today I saw a Nike swoosh logo at the station with the word Nike above it, and an image came into my head, I shall have to try and capture it.

This morning I actually remember part of last night's dream )
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Last night was curry night, [ profile] khaybee and [ profile] danjite kindly dropped me off afterwards. I mention that because I think this morning was to least partially caused by curry & Kingfisher.

I actually woke up reasonably early, about half an hour before my alarm went off lay there and thought about what I needed to do, heard the alarm, and reached over and switched it off, fully intending to get out of bed... and then fell asleep.

In the half hour I was asleep...

I had a Dream )

And woke up. I was, of course too late for my normal train, especially as I had to get the rubbish out. I did make it to the next one, but I forgot my glasses., which is the main reason why everything is fuzzy. I can no longer work properly without my glasses. I can concentrate and focus enough to write and read, but it seems like a layer of gel is between me and the world. It's very hard to concentrate on actual work!

On the positive side, the fiuzziness makes the lingering cough insignificant. I think I shall have to try and get to bed early tonight, because there is Confusion tomorrow, followed by Burning Bedlam!

Edit: Appropros the primary subject of this post, I feel the need to pass on this lovely essay on sleep by Jenny Diski that [ profile] elfs recently linked to. I'm still "drifting" ! :)
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This morning, instead of the expected storm and gales, it was still, clear, and bright sunshine. There was, however significant evidence of the storm, large pools of water in low lying areas, debris above the rocks on the shoreline, at least two new crash-barrier penetrations on the motorway visible from the train, and something making the train spend almost half an hour waiting on the coastal track. I just chilled to Tori, Portishead, and Minuit, and remembered my dreams.

Dreamwatch : Going Under )

For [ profile] wyldcard, I lost internet due to scheduled maintenance at midnight so did not see your posts, even though I was still up and in front of my machine, and I can't comment on your LJ from work for some reason (even though I can read my friend's page with your posts on it) so for future reference for you (and anyone else who needs it) there is almost always crash space at my place, there's a couch bed in what is currently [ profile] ferrouswheel office, and an actual bed in the rumpus room, so if anyone needs it, feel free to call or just turn up. The drawbacks are where I am, out in Silverstream, and that if it's while I'm asleep you may need to make a lot of noise to wake me up!

However I also know how it feels to not want to bother anyone. During the bad bits of my life over the past few years I now realize I probably should have imposed on some of my friends more, rather than trying to deal with it all myself. But I fully understand that desire not to be a bother.

I also know that you may not feel close enough to me to have called on me even if you'd got over that. But hey, you don't have to be close to crash. Couch surfers crash with people they've never met, and those people are usually happy to host them, it's a thing. From each according to their ability, to each according to their need. Maybe not workable in the large, but among the far-flung multiply-inter-connected community of SF fans, role-players, pagans, burners, goths, kinksters, punks, ravers, etc. and it seems to work OK.

Oh, and here's one of the reason's (contains sexual innuendo & language) I like the BBC's Jekyll
It's also reminded me just how sexy danger can be, and that I haven't been listening to the wolf enough.

Throat Cut

May. 13th, 2008 12:23 am
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This morning I woke around 5.00am from a dream in which the usage of meat cleavers and similar large bladed instruments to slice open throats featured strongly. There was a serial killer involved. I think I got him, but he also got me. I was trying to explain to the people who came what was going on. Only with my throat cut to the bone I was finding it difficult to talk. I was trying to make people aware that I needed medical treatment, but they weren't listening.

I don't know if that had anything to do with it, but today I finally decided I had enough with the carpet in my bedroom and ripped it all out. It already makes a hell of a lot of difference. Feels a lot cleaner even though I haven;t fully cleaned the floor yet. But it gets me closer to starting to clean up and paint things, and make use of that advice people gave me earlier. Though it;s taken me long enough to do the first part, which is get rid of the carpet.

The sort-of-cold I found out I had when I relaxed over the weekend at [ profile] seraphs_folly cottage really buggered me when ripping out the carpet, I think I must have worried [ profile] ferrouswheel with my huffing and puffing, as he brought me a glass of juice, which was nice. But I think maybe, with any luck, that exercise burnt out some of the crap.

The weekend was wonderful despite that sort-of-cold, which meant I spent far more time sleeping, or close to sleep, than I would have preferred. But on the other hand, it meant my lady got a lot of rest too, which was good. And cuddling is actually a lot of fun, especially in a made-for-the-purpose floor bed watching Yoshitoshi Abe-designed anime.

[ profile] seraphs_folly has covered the shared events of the weekend pretty good already, I'll just add that I helped a classic blonde out on the way down. She was about to head off from the long-term car-park to walk with her bags to the terminal, when I told that the shuttle would be here very shortly.

Today i received a large parcel with almost USD $200 worth of professionally made wargames terrain, which I picked up for $51, and a selection of OOP BDSM-related erotic graphic novels. One of which, entitled Emily's Secret, reminded me that I haven't posted a real entry since shairng a nice meal with [ profile] tyellas last Thursday evening. I also recieved several Traveller alien's and a USB-powered massager.

This post is coming at you from Logjam, a GTK LJ client. I miss the preview option though. and I haven;lt booted up Windows on my machine for some days now. Still have to get PHP and My-SQL installed properly, and I still have to install the drivers for my network printer, but I do now have a lot of the fancy Compiz-Fusion GL graphics functioning for the desktop. It's fun having the windows swap as a rotating cube. Or setting fire to things randomly.
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I was at a ceremony, it was white on white, white pillars, white marble stairs, everyone in white robes, except that that there were factions. One faction wore bird masks, they were our enemy. I was not as well dressed as the rest of our faction, no robes, just white shirt and black trousers. Obviously junior. It was a wedding with oriental trappings, feeling like a scene out of a Chinese martial arts movie (except I knew that white was a mourning colour).

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I dreamed that I was entering a sanctum. It was one like that of the Native American artificier Forge in X-Men. It felt like it was in a tall glass tower, it was white and sterile and airy and spacious and yet still somehow comforting and warm. We sat on Bahaus settees, and below the glass floor was a swimming pool There were three of us present, it seemed like the owner of the sanctum reminded me of [ profile] jarratt_gray, and there was a dog who was an equal in the conversations, that reminded me of [ profile] seraphs_folly's Doogs.

I was showing off, so I created a white moasaur in the pool beneath us, someone asked me if it was some other form of icthysaur, but I insisted it was a moasaur, even though it was actually more like a cross between a luck dragon and a giant armoured polar bear. The glass floor blurred our vision of my creation, and so the owner of the sanctum, whom I now realized must have been my superior in these arts, and it was perhaps to him I was showing off, removed the glass floor between us and the pool.

Our vision was now crystal clear, and while there was nothing between us and the water we did not fall into it. The "moasaur" shot up out of the depths of the pool and hauled itself out of the water onto the invisible flloor. I felt great trepidation as the creature approached, it was after all, a "moasaur", but it wrapped itself around us all like a big white furry blanket, it's body even more of a luck dragon, one head a pure opolar bear, the other a small toy dog.

The polar bear head was gruff and happy and friendly and wanted to hug us all. The small toy dog was standoffish and felt the polar bear was demeaning itself, but being the smaller head, had little control of the luscious soft body. There was more... but i forget at this time.

This morning the things that occurred which were notable are three. Firstly, I must either smell real bad or look scary in my shades and hair, because people preferred to stand in the aisles of the train than to sit next to me. Am I perhaps becoming too crazy or sleazy looking?

Secondly, I saw what looked like a brand new book wedged into the hand rail by the bus depot exit of the train station. I momentarily considered examining it more closely, but then decided it was better to be left there to meet it's destiny, I have too many books as it is, perhaps it will be picked up someone who does not, and it may enliven their day.

Finally there was some form of accident at the corner of Featherston & Bowen. A bus advertising neonatal care had parked across the cars flowing into Featherston St. to protect the victim and the small group of people helping them. Kudo's to the bus driver for such a clever idea.
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Feeling significantly better today, but the odd dreams continue. Or perhaps it's just I'm sleeping more

Last night I dreamed that I met up with a young lady I know (of course, almost all the ladies I know are young compared to me, so that's not narrowing it down much :) ) at a bohemian coffee shop that had couches and verandas and hammocks. I arrived wondering what it was she wanted to tell me, and we did the usual pleasantries as we ordered coffee and cake. It was aparrent she was bursting to telll me something, but held it in until the coffee arrived, at which point she beckoned me in close to her as if about to reveal a confidences and said "My boyfriend has decided that he's OK with the idea of poly, and that means that I can do what I''ve wanted to do for ages."

She took advantage of our closeness to kiss me. Just a quick kiss on the lips, hesitant, perhaps afraid of being rebuffed, but she pulled back only a little and searched my eyes. I was actually quite surprised, both at the obvious meaning of what she had said and done, and also at her forwardness, not what I had expected from her. But I composed myself, hopefully before she got too worried, said "That's wonderful!", and closed the distance between our faces for another kiss, this time a bit more than a peck.

Drawing back, I suggested we take our cake to one of the hammocks, and she was agreeable. There we lay together in a multi-person hammock, carressed and kissed and fed each other cake. I explained that while the cuddling and kissing was OK, any more would need discussion about sexual health and discussion with my lover, which she was thankfully ok with, I had been worried that perhaps given the exuberance she had displayed, she would have wanted to find a bed as soon aspossible, and it's difficult to say "no" in such circumstances.

Then an odd thing happened, the vaguely Nordic woman at the other end of the multi-person hammock from us, whom I took to be a European back-packer, as many of them ended up in this place, began writhing around and rubbbing her body, causing her dark khaki t-shirt to no longer cover her left breast, and then she rolled slightly and I could see that her technicolour sweat-suit pants had cpome down far enogh to expose a signiifcant portion of a quite athletic looking arse.

Surprisingly for me, I found this rather rude and annoying, as it was distracting me from the lady in my arms, and causing both of us a little discomfort.

I woke up about then.
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The answer seems to be "Have Sex!" Yes, I finally watched 300 today, after [ profile] panda_pitt gave up on Mortal Kombat 3., which seems to have been made by a Californian porn movie company, based on the cheap budget, the actors, the style of martial arts, the music, and the women in it.

Some of the visuals of 300 are wonderful, and there are some good lines. But why are the Immortals dressed as samurai? The Persian immortals have a well defined image that would have been much more believable than the pseudo-samurai in the film.

A Persian Immortal wielding a spear,
wicker shield, dagger, and bow.(from wikipedia)

Still I suppose making Persians look like Persians might have made the propaganda content too obvious even for U.S citizens.

And why the mutants? And why did the cripple betray them? I was so hoping in the temptation of the cripple that he would say "Yes, I want all these things you offer, but there's one more thing I want... Respect. And I can gain that by your Death!!" followed by a lunge at Xerxes with whatever weapon was available. Even if unsuccessful, it would have been a good way to die. Except, of course, as in previous Frank Miller works, he is implying that weak, crippled, or deformed is equivalent to evil.

I also thought the queen should not have offered herself to the councillor, the old guy helping her, said that she had two days to get him to not speak against her in council, and killing him when he first met with her would have served that purpose. Finally, the women in Sparta seem to have small breasts. Or is that just because I have become accustomed to such bounty in that department recently?

Fever dreams were odd.
I am a powerful, capricious lord, similar to Bowie's Goblin King, and yet in another age, one of pistols and khaki. A Mexican stand-off, pistols at heads, hers against mine, mine against hers. She is with family, but still trying to stop me, an enemy, but a good and honourable one. I know neither of us will give ground, and I don't want to kill them, they have some utility to me, so I do one of those frame-rate speed-up things, and switch my pistols to her young son's head before she can react.

I wring word from her that we will truce for 24 hours. All the time I need to complete my nefarious plans, but to her it seems I'm generous, because I could ask for so much more.
Then there is an odd scene as I try to balance a large and heavy table on it's edge, which may have been inspired by too much use of the gravity gun in Half Life.

Speaking of which, I shivered when I entered the huge toilet and shower block in Nova Prospect, because I have had dreams about such a place for years. I do not remember ever actually having been in one so big, but a repeated dream has been fleeing or engaging in combat in such a place. So, in at least one way, Half life has fulfilled my dreams.

I am sick at present, nose running, throat sore, woolly headed, so am doing nothing except playing with my new mobile, a Nokia 6288. I have read my GMail on it. I have played golf on it, and I have listened to Simple Minds on it. The interface takes a little bit of getting used to, and the connection plug is ridiculous, I reckon it's designed to make you want to buy a Bluetooth headset. Which I do. So I can listen to music on the train without having to use that plug.

Now Nick has put on Sin City, he's having a Frank Miller day. Last (and first) saw this film the night Ele left me. It's going to be interesting what it seems like to me this time.


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