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(and her five daughters? as a certain lady said to me the other night)

For those others who expressed their interest, we'll be eating at Tulsi (Cuba St.) at 6.00pm.
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Whitcoulls currently has the first three series of BattleStar Galactica, plus the mini-series, selling at $89.00. I only have the first series in hard-copy which alone cost me about $50. Very tempting! Should I do it? Tell me, please!

So there's another NiN album out, Halo 27 - The Slip, again available free. Get it now!

This article on food that causes anal leakage isn't very well written, but it may be useful for some. It certainly explains why KFC goes straight thru!

Slightly more appetizing is Nik Ainley's art, probably easiest to experience on his site ShinyBinary. His Stranger is especially delectable. If you look at his DeviantArt site as well, it contains art with the txt "Join me in Shinyland" that made me think of Shiny.

Cracked have listed the poison head crabs from Half Life 2 at only Number Two in The 10 Most Terrifying Video Game Enemies of All Time. I would have to agree that they are damn scary. Especially because you know they're there before you see them, but knowing they are there only helps in avoiding them if they are at a longer range and you have line of site to them. Hearing them cackle when you're in a dark room, especially when you;re not already holding an appropriate weapon...well, HL2 is one of the few games that actually causes physical flight-or-fight reactions in me, and those poison head-crabs are big part of why.

So, now I'm part of "EDS, an HP company", how does that make me feel? Pretty "meh" actually.

Recently I realized I have been doing too much reminiscing over past good times, and not enough arranging for new good times. Long term this is, I know, and may fall apart before it happens. But this year I"m 47, and while I'll be spending the actual birth day at Southern Exposure, I would like to have a party somewhere up here. In keeping with my earlier attempts at theming my parties, this one will be called "Closer" (based on my own pseudo-Cockney rhyming slang of "Forty Seven - Closer to Heaven". Take that however you like, though I was thinking of NiN's Closer when I said it.

The next year, 2009, I will be 48. This means I will need to have a 48 hour party. A 48 for my forty-eighth. It will be a real party, I know several DJ's now! :) But hey DJ, please, play it at 48 rpm coz I'm slowing down in my old age! :) Start planning for November 2009 now! And don't die before it happens!

Thinking of TNC this evening, and need to spend some time doing something prior to that, so anyone gonna definitely be at BBC, or elsewhere, for an after-work relax?
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Estimates are boring and inherently a waste of time. One day they'll realise, if they let us just go ahead and do it, it will always take about five or six weeks, regardless of what it is.

My phone was feeling humorous this morning, after starting off with Shakespeare's Sister and Stay, it followed up with Steve Conte's Wolfs Rain theme-song, Stray.

Quite a nice contrast in both titles and lyrics from the Sister's possessively switch nature :
I'll go anywhere with you
Just wrap me up in chains
You must only think of me
There can be no in between
When your pride is on the floor
I'll make you beg for more

to Tim Jenson's BALOR* lyrics of
In the white freeze, I never spoke of tears
Or opened up to anyone including myself
I would like to find a way to open to you
Been awhile, don't know if I remember how to
I'm here waiting on the edge
Would I be alright showing myself to you?
It's always been so hard to do..
I'm quite enjoying listening to music on headphones, you hear a lot more of the lyrics that way. Stray used to compete poorly in my mind with Gravity the Wolfs Rain closing theme, but now I actually prefer the Stray lyrics, as parts are quite descriptive of my nature.

In more serious news, I'll be reserving judgement until it is actually visible, later "tonight" US time, but it looks like Google FriendConnect could be something that kills the insular sites of MySpace, LJ, and Facebook. On the other hand, if Google act like LJ, and attempt to, or are forced to, censor content, then balkanization will continue to be encouraged because of those of us who don't like to be told what words we're allowed to use.

Passing on from [ profile] elfs : the Brownie recipe from The Black Oven ( a bakery website by a dark metallist) for people like [ profile] exiledinpn & [ profile] evie_fae to compare to their recipes. Some of the other recipes look like fun too. The brownie from She looked interesting, will have to test when I get another chance.

This debunking of the 6 Most Frequently Quoted Bullshit Statistics is hilariously ironic. (a hint, how did they determine these were the six most frequently quoted?. Personally, my most frequently quoted bullshit statistic is : "According to a 1960's Masters & Johnson study, 86% of men admit to being wankers, and the other 14% are liars."

Finally, I like this idea : solar collectors designed as lilly pads.

Oh, and as an after thought, look at some cool typography ideas. I think Dive Deep and Scarlett are cool for different reasons.

*(For those not in on local slang, BALOR : Bad-Ass Loner living by their Own Rules )
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This is my first LJ post from my new Athlon 5600+-based system with a 22" monitor. Things went well yesterday afternoon, other than plugging the speakers into the wrong socket, and gettng terrible interference. It's great for playing anime lik GiTS on! And for Half Life 2!

But things fell apart today when I got an MBR and boot record virus because the AVG anti-virus system wasn't good enough to detect the virus on download (though it did detect the executables it infected after every reboot, it didn't detect the fact that it had infected the Windows restore copies as well) , and then spent hours today trying to figure out how to fix it. Still not fixed...

When picking up the computer, I had just been across to Miramar to pick up another aution win, after dropping my dead lap-top at work and finding a pirate jacket and coat for Sanctuary. On the way I noticed that Miramar has a Palmers, and that there is a Chocolate Frog cafe attached to it, so as it was a hot day and almost dinner time, I had a lovely iced coffee and a piece of "chocolate fish" cake, which was just yummy.

I'm glad I did get in some food and drink, because then I was introduced to trying to get from Miramar to Karori during rush hour. It was OK once I got to Aro Valley, but it was crawling from St. Pat's to the Willis St. intersection. On the way back home with my prizes, I passed one of the Google camera trucks as it turned off the Hutt motorway into Petone.

This evening, prior to going to [ profile] rivet's place for the zombieology lecture organized by [ profile] xhile, I carried out some VR pratice for dealing with ZA Day by playing Doom 3. It's pretty damn impressive how much scarier a possesed marine is when he combat rolls and comes up in a crocuh with his shotgun. Also, Imps were blase, but in Doom 3 they are scary. At the lecture we examined the zombie species documented by Peter Jackson in Braindead. I'd forgotten how bloody it was, and Peter's desire to make King Kong is so obvious from alll the little references.

As I sped home on the motorway in the dark, police cars racing past with lights blaring, and the wind pushing me onward, the radio blared out first "They rally round tha family! With a pocket full of shells" (Rage Against The Machine's Bulls on Parade ), folllowed by Iron Maiden's Run to the hills ( run for your lives ! ). While neither song is actualy about zombies, the first being abojut warmongers, and the second about the killing of Native Americans, they
both be perfect for an escape sexquence in a zombie apocalypse, the first as the protagonists break out with shotguns, and "pockets full of shells", and the second as they drive out of the city pursued by the zombie hordes.

[ profile] panda_pitt is now leather-working and I'm badly missing contact with [ profile] seraphs_folly, I hope they're OK up there and aren't holding off zombie hordes or being flooded out!
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I'm in the Manchester Airport Raddisson. Like most of the good hotels I've been in over here it's got free wi-fi. You can also get a cable connection if your laptop is so old it doesn't have wifi, but to do that you have to go sit in the lobby.

I'm sitting in my room feeling rather disconcerted at the eye-shaped mirror facing me across the desk, which has it's own eye motif going. Even the soap here is special, smells lovely and made specially for the hotel chain. This one is a little more expensive than the Mercure St. Pauls, but not as expensive as the Brittania.

This evening I had a Beck's and a "Hawaiian" pizza. It was actually the best Hawaiian pizza, I've ever had. Loads of big chunks of pineapple, and the ham wasn't your normal pressed ham, it was thick chunks of real ham off the bone that tasted like it had been honey glazed. And there were spices in the cheese that made it fresh and tasty. Of course it cost £11, but although that's about NZD $28, it's only a couple of pounds more than a similar one at Pizza Express, and the difference is defintiely worth the price!

Tomorrow morning I fly out of here via Singapore, arriving in Auckland around midnight Sunday. Then I stay at the Ventura over night and fly back down to Wellington in the morning of Christmas eve. As long as all goes according to plan. It's been a close call so far, employees of the airport operating companies here have given sixteen day notice of a strike today. Actually things have gone pretty well, a nice train from Sheffield to Manchester, sitting next to a guy who was flying to Australia tonight, got my bag in a good place and got a seat, not like some of the journeys I've had. Hotel check in went smothly, though it seems most hotel reception desks over here are staffed by East European women.

All I have to do is get up at six to be checked in three hours before the flight leaves, though I only have to check out and walk down the travellator.
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It may be Friday morning back home, but it's Thursday night here so seeing as I haven't had an actual dinner meal since G left last Thursday, I thought I'd be with TNC in spirit, and went had my normal murgh tikka masala at The Saffron Club. It has to be the least Indian Indian restaurant I've eaten at, with sparkly colour-changing lights and music that sounds like it would be at home on Rise FM from GTA.

The food was OK, though like most English curries, not very hot. The garlic naan was special, I;m sure the naan's in the UK here are bigger and thicker than elsewhere. Their mango lassi made a nice dessert. The main problem was my stomach. It has shrunk. I feel totally bloated after only a single naan, MTM, & rice. When Ii got back I crashed on the couch for many minutes trying to deal with the bloat

I am currently ROFL about Whose Line Is It Anyway?. Colin Mockery doing a tyrannosaurus is just hilarious.

It seems that it's primarily the US, Canada, and Japan, that are the prime blockers in Bali. So people are saying that they should ignore them, because all those countries will be facing government changes very soon and the new governments will be forced to into line by the voters, like Australia was. Unfortunately I don't believe it, neither the US nor Japan have a credible green or liberal party. But anyway, Avaaz wants a large dynamic response in the next 24hrs from you and anyone else who thinks the US and it's allies should stop procrastinating, to take to the talks and help shame those three into an agreement.

Meanwhile, via Daily Kos, a Florida jet that ran out of fuel and crashed on the Yucatan Peninsula in September with 3.6 tons of cocaine on board has been identified as one of the jets used by the CIA for their extraordinary rendition program

And has anyone back home heard about this Reuters story ?
A New Zealand woman who sent a naked man to the wrong house on the promise of a good time has been charged with misusing a telephone.
The 17-year-old woman sent the man an enticing text message offering him an early Christmas present in the shape of two friendly women and suggested he take off his clothes to save time...
But it was the wrong house and the householder did not see the funny side. The police were called and the man arrested...
And finally a review of the XO laptop, the one that is being built for $100 by Nicholas Negroponte's OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) project in places like Nigeria.
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In a month I will be preparing to return. Though this is a nice apartment and life is good, I'll be pleased to get back. Today it was sunny but really cold. For the first time I actually wore a thick top. This weekend will be a lazy one, some shopping and buying of tickets for next weekend.

Tonight I convinced G to go with me to Nermal's. Nermal's is an Indian restaurant on the corner of our block run by Mrs Nermal Gupta, who is something of a legend in the local restaurant community having been here for many years, and who refuses to follow the crowd, doing what she wishes and thus creating a unique restaurant.

Also the food is really, really good. The best peshwar naan I have ever had, and best chicken tikka masala as well, and those who know me know I have had a lot of chicken tikka masala. Admittedly it was probably milder than I would normally have it, but the layers of flavour more than made up for that.

Mrs. Gupta is something special. She sells you her food, not in that pushy way that was so annoying when we were actually in India, but more so than most restaurants. When she tried to sell us on her ice-cream, I was disappointed to have to say no because I was already so full.

Then she came round and asked if we'd like to buy a raffle ticket! I would have been quite capable of saying "no thanks" until she said it was for the Down's Syndrome Association. So now I have a chance to win £5000 on the 14th December.

I came away feeling warm, full, and mildly buzzy from the Kingfisher, a good way to start a restful weekend.
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I've got out of the habit of updating. Perhaps because these days there's very little happening in my life that's worth updating about that doesn't get mentioned already by [ profile] seraphs_folly, so it seems like I'd just be repeating stuff. :)

However, some more detail on one bit from me.

I spent the weekend in Christchurch again but due to a booking snafu on my part, it became a three day weekend!

I turned up at Christchurch Airport on Sunday evening, and the lady behind the check-in counter couldn't find the flight I was booked on when I gave them the pre-printed boarding pass. In the end she called in her supervisor, who determined that the reason they couldn't find the flight was because it was on the next day Monday! So I had a choice, pay an extra $125 and try to get back to work on time, or say "fuck that !", and spend the $125 on a nice meal for myself and my love, spend another tonight together, and trust that my employers wouldn't mind me "working from (someone else's) home" on Monday.

Guess which I chose? Actually, it turned out that I wouldn't have made it to work before about 11.00am the next morning anyway, so they probably got more work out of me than if I had spent the extra money, and I got another night with my love.

We ate that night at Strawberry Faire. I was looking at the price of the dish I ordered, a chicken breast glazed in honey with figs and cuscus, for about $27.00,and thinking, "that's a bit pricey!" but after I'd seen and eaten it, I would have to say that it was worth every cent! Beautiful! The stuffed figs were lovely and the cuscus was fine-grained and not too dry, the chicken was perfect. I followed it up with the chocolate cake and coffee ice-cream. The chocolate cake was so rich that if it had been any drier it would have been stodgy, and if it had been any thicker it would have been impossible to eat. As it was it was perfect!

My considered opinion is that while the Wellington Strawberry Faire gives you a bit more dessert for your buck, the quality of the Christchurch one is noticeably higher!

BTW, [ profile] giffydoll, I have a polystyrene head for you!

And [ profile] holding_pattern, that is fun music!

Just been to [ profile] jenni_talula's for Karate Kid II !

Feeling loved, happy, sated, tired, and cruisy Now to bed.
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To alleviate the fears of those who worry about my diet (thanks for caring, BTW), this evening I actually made myself a pasta dish

!Pasta Del Pitt

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Well, firstly I suspect should apologize for not getting to various meetings with people this weekend. Some like Steph's gathering on Sunday I'm afraid I didn't hear about until afterwards due to being out of web contact for most of the weekend. Others, well...let's start Thursday night... )
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I haven't posted since the 17th. This is because I have been locked up in [ profile] seraphs_folly's dungeon all weekend. And when I say "dungeon", I mean "cottage". With frequent visits to fancy restaurants for decadent food.

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I have eaten enough and drunk enough tea this weekend to easily last me until when [ profile] seraphs_folly visits me in Wellington next week!

For people's future planning, we will be probably going to TNC together on the 27th, and spending the following Friday night at Katipo, so anyone who doesn't already know the lover from Christchurch I have been raving about on here and rushing off to visit all the time, or who does know her and just wants to say "hi!", there's your chance! On Saturday, we'll be going to Armageddon, [ profile] argentbear's flat-warming thing, and will try and get to [ profile] allyn's birthday combination one too.
mundens: Picture of Brad Pitt playing Tyler  Durden from Fight Club. My Hero (ChiCake) I was trying to explain to the taxi-driver this morning

Don't bother reading, unless you like food porn and soppiness )


Aug. 26th, 2005 08:58 pm
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In case anyone was wondering, I stayed home today, because I was feeling ill.

But this evening I felt like I needed something to pick up my spirits a bit. I didn't want to inflict my cold on anyone else, and I was still not up to going out, so I decided to have a nice night in.

I needed to go out to get some more milk for the morning anyway, so I picked up a few other supplies as well. The I came home and started watching the last six episodes of Chobits, something I had kept promising myself I would do one day.

While watching I had Hell pizza , including both lemon pepper wedges and corn nuggets with garlic mayo. I washed it down with Just Juice Orange & Mango "Bubbly".

Then I watched to the end of Chobits. Surprisingly, it had one of the best endings of any animé I have ever watched. Good resolution of all the plot elements (that I noticed), and not too much "going cosmic".
I really like it! It might have helped that it touched me to the heart that the important point of a loving relationship was just the being together. Something Ele either didn't understand, or understood and didn't want any part of.

To me it's quite amazing when I think about it that something written by a group of Japanese women can get so much inside me, a gaijin man. Or not. It certainly argues for constancy of emotion across cultures, and the theme of the story itself, effectively about inter-species relationships, maybe just makes that more obvious.

So I finished watching the last few minutes of Chobits, amazingly they hold the suspense of will he/won't he, will she/won't she very well right up to the end, so it was quite emotional.

And then I ate my Kahlua and white chocolate cheesecake.

Now I am writing this down while sipping on a glass of 12 year-old Glenlivet watching the "Chibits" extra feature all about how Chi forgets something and Sumomo and Kotuku try and get it to her using an unlikely rocket and, um, parachute!

I am replete. I am satisfied. I could happily die now.

The only worm in the apple is this damn head cold. Still I'll get it drunk soon and it won't bother me any more. Now more animé, or just music? Ah the freedom of choice!

The only thing missing is [insert your name here]!

Hmm, I think the drugs are beginning to work...
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The shoes I was wearing to work this morning were loosing their soles so bad that the ends of my trousers sometimes got caught between the sole and the shoe. I mentioned while walking to work that I needed to get new shoes and [ profile] evie_fae pointed out that I had been saying that for weeks, (much like I keep saying I need to get a hair cut), and why didn't I just go out at lunch time and buy some?

A Shoe Shopping Expedition )


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