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Yesterday turned into the least boring** day I have spent here so far.

The day was horribly hot and bright, but I allowed myself to be dragged out to brunch overlooking the ocean, and other than the amount of interest the ants found in my legs, it was quite nice sitting in a little shaded gazebo drinking pineapple juice and eating pancakes.

Later I was also convinced to go swimming in the ocean, and to go para-sailing, which I have to say was absolutely terrifying. Being strapped into a harness that is old & worn, and then being dangled over shark-infested waters several hundred feet up with nothing but the skill of a bored boat-driver keeping you from crashing into the hard water and being drowned by the parachute canopy (they didn't give us knives for cutting our way out of the parachute and it's lines, and we weren't wearing quick release harnesses either) is not my idea of fun.

Possibly it's because I know far too much about what happens when you hit the water in a parachute from training in the Air Force. Possibly it's because the people running the operation actually forgot to put us in harnesses in the first place, and I had to remind them. Possibly it's because it felt like I was going to fall out of the harness at any moment, and I spent the entire time I was up in the air trying not lean forward too far. Anyway, I doubt I'm going to do that particular trip again.

I will admit that in the brief moments I managed to distract myself from the terror, the view was wonderful, and the soaring swooping motions the parachute would make as the wind changed and the boat driver adjusted for it, were great fun. I found the driver's skill at being able to winch us in and land us standing on the deck of the boat impressive.

After having survived that, I needed a drink, and my lady bought me a "bananarama", something quite alcoholic with bananas in it, that may or may not have been a political comment, and was accompanied by deep fried bananas and ice cream. I chased that with a big glass of pineapple juice to deal with dehydration.

This was followed by another dunking in the ocean to cool off, as all that flying around had resulted in quite a bit of heat being captured my skin. Playing in the ocean is a lot of fun here, as long as you avoid all the wild-life.

After that we crashed for a few hours back in our room.

We got up at around 7pm and walked to the resort next door for dinner at Cross. Cross is the most expensive of the restaurants attached to the Raddisson, It's run by Richard Cross, an ex-Christchurch chef, and I can heartily recommend it. Every course was superb, from the ciabatte garlic bread entree, thru the beef main, to the kava ice cream dessert. The beef was probably the best I have ever had, cooked perfectly even though it was inches thick, served with cubes of a wonderful cheese, shiitake mushrooms, & potatoes au gratin. The kava ice cream was presented with a tower of spun green toffee almost as thin as candy floss, home made marshmallows, and a pina colada to wash it down. My lady had a huge Akaroa salmon steak, and their "chocaholics" dessert, both platters being presented in such wonderful style, I wished Id brough my camera with me to photograph them.

The service was superb also. My lady asked for water melon juice, and though they didn't have it on the menu, they came back with freshly crushed water melon in a glass. Naturally the meal cost more than most, but in this case, I think the meal was totally worth the price.

Today we woke up late. I haven't bothered with any breakfast as yet. Weather outside is a bit oppressive.

Only about another two weeks of this hell to endure before I get back home.

(**Yeah, I'm afraid beach resorts largely represent boredom to me. There's only so much of sitting around waiting for other people to do nothing I can take. Thank Gaia for Inotia 3 on my Galaxy SII. I also don't get this fascination that other people have for exposing themselves to the radiation from an un-shielded fusion reactor.)
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I've added selected photos from the last batch that were still on my camera to the holiday photo set. There's also a couple of pictures of Sam ([ profile] panda_pitt's cat) sleeping in the sun.
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Uploaded some selected photos from my trip up north.
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There's no way I can adequately document the whole of the four weeks I spent on holiday with [ profile] seraphs_folly without writing some sort of travel book like Michael Palin, so instead I'll just see how I go. Where I have any, I'll include any relevant pictures.

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Will edit and add pictures later.
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I arrived back from Pauanui late Thursday night after travelling just under 640 kilometres alone in a car with just three listenable tapes. I now know Californication and certain Green Day tracks far too well. I already knew the Three Doors Down compilation too well.

But I was home, and other than the road leading into Tauranga and getting stuck behind a really slow moving couple north of Rotorua, the traffic flowed and was friendly. Not having a map I was guessing and following signs to begin with, so there may have been a slightly faster way to get from Pauanui to Upper Hutt, but once I hit Rotorua I knew the terrain well. Still the road from Tauranga to Rotorua was interesting, and the sun setting in the clouds as I flew along the straight north of Foxton reminded me of a film.

It had recently been raining, and while there was no rain and the sun was out the road was still wet. Wipers were off, and a heavy truck and trailer passed me in the opposite direction, our combined relative speed close to 200 km/h. The tires of the truck and trailer combo were remarkably efficient at clearing the water off the road and throwing it to one side, which meant that I hit a wall of water as we passed. The slap shook the car, and there was so much water I couldn't see a thing, and that persisted for what seemed like several seconds after the watery impact until I reacted and turned on the wipers.

NMA's 125mph rung in my head and I was glad I had not wound down the window for a clove as I had been considering doing just moments before.

What's a road trip without some excitement, huh?

Anyway, since getting back I have unpacked, dealt with outstandng email, mail, and finances, did some laundry an tidy-up, updated the KapCon website, there being a large number of stacked changes to deal with and met up with family.

Ben slept over last night, and we watched Constantine and the Cowboy Bebop movie. Ben is now playing Soul Caliber III.

The song [ profile] panda_pitt is currently playing seems somehow appropriate to my experience over the last year :
Could it be that I got bored and lonely?
Could it be that I'm just old and horny?
Could it be that Lady Luck has smiled herself down on me?

(The Seatbelts and Steve Conte from the Bebop movie. )
I have a few stacked, back-dated posts I may get round to uploading over the next couple of days, and as I get back into being connected again, there are things running round in my head I want to write down about the trip and the lady who shared all but that last drive with me, so when I feel the muse I may write more, I want to talk about the Tairua ferry and the sea-front restaurants, the colour of the sky, the long low tide, the impossible shape of the hills, and such, but there are things I need to do. I will also have a few photographs to upload. Didn't use my camera much, still not into carrying it around with me everywhere, so pictures were missed.

She's still up there, having some mother and sister time. There are many things I wish I could write about her, but it would just get pornographic too fast! Perhaps the most decorous way of describing the experience is to say that, especially when the two of us were alone together at Paunui and on the road to Tauranga, it felt like a honeymoon.

I can quite safely say it was the best holiday I've ever had.

Oh, and I made it through last year. I don't know whether it killed me yet though. :) .


Dec. 8th, 2005 01:28 pm
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Is good and full.

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Will probably BBC/TNC tonight, whilst She dines with her sis, at least until it is time to escort Her home.


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