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Recently posted this on FaceBook, decided I should post here as well, as this is more reliable.

Unlike many on my friends list, I actually remember the events depicted in this movie. I was eight. When moon landing was broadcast, the entire Bamber Bridge Primary school were gathered in the school hall to watch it on the school's single
television that was a huge black & white monstrosity.

I felt lucky to be at a school that had a television. Our family didn't own one, my mother had to make do with the radio broadcast where she worked as a receptionist for an optician. My father was one of a huge crowd who skipped work and gathered round the television display in the window of Preston's fanciest department store.

After watching it, my best friend at the time, J.J. ( I know longer know what the initials stood for, if I ever did.) said "I'm gonna do that when I grow up." Robert said "But you're a girl!" J.J. said "So?" in that sort of voice that dared anyone else to come up with similar irrelevancies. No-one did. I smiled at J.J and said "Me too."

Over the next few weeks J.J., Robert, & I explored the school yard and various woods and demolition sites on the long walk home as astronauts. We bounced over terrain trying to emulate that well-known, slow-motion. 0.6G dance we'd all seen on various broadcasts, talking to each other in clipped, scratchy voices with added squawks, clicks, and beeps.

Between us we pushed human exploration as far as Neptune as we searched the few books in the library for new worlds to explore. For our game they had to be real worlds though, not the ones in stories.

I especially remember Neptune because it was cold & dark, and even in the heated space suits and with the torches. J.J. admitted it was cold and suggested that we cuddle to keep warm. I agreed, even though that meant I'd have to (ewww!) touch a girl. I was willing to make that sacrifice for the good of the expedition. Robert thought it was silly, and said his suit had super-heaters and he didn't need to cuddle.

As the sun set and "Neptune" started getting really cold, we waited for the call from Mission Control that would mean we'd have to make our way back to our individual space capsules where our mothers were making our dinners (how could brave astronauts survive for months-long journeys without bringing their mothers to cook for them?), J.J. said "How do astronauts kiss with these helmets on?"

Just like a girl I thought, bringing silly love stuff into an otherwise exciting adventure. But I didn't vocalize that thought, because a) she'd probably hit me, and b) well, astronauts on a mission didn't argue, they just solved problems together.

"They'd bring their helmets together and pretend to kiss, but they'd do it without talking about it, so Mission Control didn't know what they were doing." I said. J.J. thought a moment. "You're right" she said "Mission Control would giggle if astronauts kissed."

"Hey look, there's an interesting rock!" she said, pointing to behind an allotment shed, and she bounced slowly over to it, with me following behind. As we reached it, J.J. held a finger several centimeters in front of her lips, miming the "be quiet" sign over an astronaut's helmet. Then she stuck her lips out in an over-emphasized kiss, and motioned me toward her.

I probably would have told her not to be silly, except, well, we were just pretending and we had pretended before to be James Bond and his extremely capable female fellow agent. Then I'd had to point out that even though James Bond did it, it wasn't very professional to kiss during a mission. This wasn't as bad as that, as we were separated by our space helmets. I moved and crouched a bit so my face lined up with hers, and we moved our faces together until our helmets touched.

J.J. still had her kiss going, and closed her eyes, so I did the same. We were like that for what seemed like some time, eyes closed with mouths in kiss formation, until I suddenly felt her nose and lips touch mine. I was startled and jumped back flustered.

"You broke our helmets!" I yelled. She just grinned & looked satisfied before miming asphyxiation. Luckily Robert had heard my yell over the radios, and rescued us with mimed "emergency breathing masks". I could tell he was suspicious about the "rock fall" that had broken our helmets though.

So that was how this astronaut had his first kiss on Neptune.

I wonder if J.J. ever made it?

(Note: not everything above actually happened as written, I just felt inspired to write it out as a story in homage of Neil Armstrong and my remembrance of the childhood his Apollo XI mission influenced. Though most of it did happen sort of like that. :) )
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Last night, I think primarily because of the heat, I slept poorly, and thus remembered my dream

The scene was the kitchen area of a camp-site, like Brookfields, during something like Hydra or Chimera, and people had gathered for breakfast.

We were kissing hungrily, ignoring the stares of those around us, even though I knew that I should not be kissing you where others might see. I didn't care, and it seemed neither did you, there had been something more that night, and we were beyond caring about social norms, basking in each others company.

There were nervous attempts at jokes from those around us, about us "practicing for our character roles". Some acted disgusted, some looked jealous, others just found it funny but it was obvious everyone knew that what was happening in front of them would have significant consequences to the social group and our other relationships.

Later that day, everyone prepared for sleep, and somehow whatever had happened to the original pair of us appeared to have infected others. A whole group of us placed our sleeping bags in a pile along with some mattresses and jumped into them together. There were limbs, torsos, hands, feet, and other parts, all touching and moving together. It was very difficult to sleep that way.

Later, I awoke, and the camp for LARPs had somehow morphed into a training center, and it was my first day on the job. I stumbled into it, hungover, wearing only bath robe & shorts, looking very Dude-like, to discover that some-one had scheduled me to run a course on Digital Communication Technology first thing in the morning that I had not even read yet.

I went to the class room, and, in my bath robe, apologized to the three or four students who were already there, saying there must be some sort of scheduling mistake, and that I'd sort it out, and headed off to the staff room.

There I found all my colleagues from when I was at Software Education, along with the writer of the course. When I approached him about it, he told me that it would be easy, I knew all the stuff in the course already, and I could easily handle it. I restrained myself from punching the smug-looking bastard in the face and told him that while that might be true, it would have been nice to have been told about the course before breakfast this morning...

At this point I woke up to find that both the side of my face and the top of my left foot were aching as if they'd been punched or stood upon, respectively.

And no, I'm not going to run the first part of my dream as a LARP at Hydra. Though I suppose it's possible the Slash LARP might head that way.


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