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Recently posted this on FaceBook, decided I should post here as well, as this is more reliable.

Unlike many on my friends list, I actually remember the events depicted in this movie. I was eight. When moon landing was broadcast, the entire Bamber Bridge Primary school were gathered in the school hall to watch it on the school's single
television that was a huge black & white monstrosity.

I felt lucky to be at a school that had a television. Our family didn't own one, my mother had to make do with the radio broadcast where she worked as a receptionist for an optician. My father was one of a huge crowd who skipped work and gathered round the television display in the window of Preston's fanciest department store.

After watching it, my best friend at the time, J.J. ( I know longer know what the initials stood for, if I ever did.) said "I'm gonna do that when I grow up." Robert said "But you're a girl!" J.J. said "So?" in that sort of voice that dared anyone else to come up with similar irrelevancies. No-one did. I smiled at J.J and said "Me too."

Over the next few weeks J.J., Robert, & I explored the school yard and various woods and demolition sites on the long walk home as astronauts. We bounced over terrain trying to emulate that well-known, slow-motion. 0.6G dance we'd all seen on various broadcasts, talking to each other in clipped, scratchy voices with added squawks, clicks, and beeps.

Between us we pushed human exploration as far as Neptune as we searched the few books in the library for new worlds to explore. For our game they had to be real worlds though, not the ones in stories.

I especially remember Neptune because it was cold & dark, and even in the heated space suits and with the torches. J.J. admitted it was cold and suggested that we cuddle to keep warm. I agreed, even though that meant I'd have to (ewww!) touch a girl. I was willing to make that sacrifice for the good of the expedition. Robert thought it was silly, and said his suit had super-heaters and he didn't need to cuddle.

As the sun set and "Neptune" started getting really cold, we waited for the call from Mission Control that would mean we'd have to make our way back to our individual space capsules where our mothers were making our dinners (how could brave astronauts survive for months-long journeys without bringing their mothers to cook for them?), J.J. said "How do astronauts kiss with these helmets on?"

Just like a girl I thought, bringing silly love stuff into an otherwise exciting adventure. But I didn't vocalize that thought, because a) she'd probably hit me, and b) well, astronauts on a mission didn't argue, they just solved problems together.

"They'd bring their helmets together and pretend to kiss, but they'd do it without talking about it, so Mission Control didn't know what they were doing." I said. J.J. thought a moment. "You're right" she said "Mission Control would giggle if astronauts kissed."

"Hey look, there's an interesting rock!" she said, pointing to behind an allotment shed, and she bounced slowly over to it, with me following behind. As we reached it, J.J. held a finger several centimeters in front of her lips, miming the "be quiet" sign over an astronaut's helmet. Then she stuck her lips out in an over-emphasized kiss, and motioned me toward her.

I probably would have told her not to be silly, except, well, we were just pretending and we had pretended before to be James Bond and his extremely capable female fellow agent. Then I'd had to point out that even though James Bond did it, it wasn't very professional to kiss during a mission. This wasn't as bad as that, as we were separated by our space helmets. I moved and crouched a bit so my face lined up with hers, and we moved our faces together until our helmets touched.

J.J. still had her kiss going, and closed her eyes, so I did the same. We were like that for what seemed like some time, eyes closed with mouths in kiss formation, until I suddenly felt her nose and lips touch mine. I was startled and jumped back flustered.

"You broke our helmets!" I yelled. She just grinned & looked satisfied before miming asphyxiation. Luckily Robert had heard my yell over the radios, and rescued us with mimed "emergency breathing masks". I could tell he was suspicious about the "rock fall" that had broken our helmets though.

So that was how this astronaut had his first kiss on Neptune.

I wonder if J.J. ever made it?

(Note: not everything above actually happened as written, I just felt inspired to write it out as a story in homage of Neil Armstrong and my remembrance of the childhood his Apollo XI mission influenced. Though most of it did happen sort of like that. :) )
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Been wandering around today as if I have a concussion, finding it hard to think straight, to remember thing to get things done. I've been not very observant, being surprised by things I should have seen earlier, etc. and my head has felt woolly and on the verge of illness. I've pushed on through it, getting a new hoover for half price at Farmers, and number of little things done round the house. But if this keeps up, I'm not going to be up to any new year partying. Which would be a shame, as I have many invitations.

I have got nowhere near as much done this week as I had hoped, I suspect mainly because of the lure of Skyrim, finding GOG, and the fact that a lot of what I want to get done involved sorting stuff of mine, and that is always distracting, as one discovers something one hasn't actually read or looked at in detail yet, or going off on tangents associated to what one finds.

For instance, finding GOG was a result of trying to throw out ancient photocopied manuals for ancient PC games, that I had copied back when I was in the air force in the eighties. I reasoned to myself that if I could find online PDF copies of these manuals I didn't need to keep the stack of photocopies. Searching on the game manuals led me to a link that described how GOG had bundled Wing Commander I & II, with no DRM, in a form that would run on Windows along with official PDF copies of the manuals, and the original "Bible" distributed to those working on the Wing Commander projects. At GOG I discovered several free games I remembered and found myself buying several of their games that I missed being able to play on more modern machines at half proice because of their holiday sale...

That became some tangent, huh? All from trying to throw out a small pile of paper.
See why I don't get anything done?

There has been an awful lot of linkage and discussion about geeks, depression, and Asperger's, on the web recently, culminating in the inclusion of suicide in Violet Blue's latest column due to the suicide of one of Diapsora's founders. It's interesting, I have never, ever, considered suicide during my life, because it always felt to me that doing so would be to admit defeat, and letting the bastards win. "Do not go gentle into that good night, rage, rage against the dying of the light" has been my motto with regard to death ever since I read that poem. It's stuck with me since school, from the one few high school English syllabus parts I really got into, the war poets.

I've had situations in which suicide would have been considered a potential option by some people, so much so that I've even had people worried for me in that way, but the closest I have come is that potentially fatal recklessness one gets when one just doesn't care, and I guess I have just been lucky when in those moods

Oh, I got my packet of random shirts from Tee Fury today too. It was full of win. There was only one shirt I had to look up to figure out what it was about, and having done so, I might be forced to give it to someone who likes bacon.
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As most of you will know I hit fifty last Friday. This led to a bit of retrospective thinking about my life, which in turn led me to asking my other if she had any photos of me as a baby as it would be nice to see them. They arrived today, and I decided to scan them so my other could have the originals back, and then I thought there might be some amusement to be gained by posting them on here.

My mother didn't have very many photos, but you have to remember that back then getting film developed was quite expensive, at least in comparison to wages. People actually got employed to develop films in local chemists. My mother was the daughter of a "downstairs" lady, and as I was born out of wedlock as the result of an affair my teenage mother had with an older and married naval officer, our little family, consisting of me, my mother, her mother, and her mother's live-in companion, were on the poor end of the scale when I was born.
Image Heavy, click to see pictures! )

Well, I hope some of you enjoyed that little glimpse into my early childhood. I certainly enjoyed putting it together, being all reminiscy and stuff.
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Last Friday I turned fifty.

The previous night, I had attended Thursday Night Curry, starting in the Fork & Brewer with [ profile] adrexia, Joel, Jacob, & Martin. [ profile] seraphs_folly joined us at Dawaat, along with others regular TNC-ers.

I'd taken my birth day off of work, after [ profile] seraphs_folly expressed surprise that I hadn't already arranged to. I had intended just to go to work as normal and head into the party after work. Had I done so, I might have gotten to the party on time! As it was I slept in at [ profile] seraphs_folly's place.

When she awoke I was presented with a marvelous gift, two beautiful limited edition resin Studio McVey miniatures that had had been masterfully painted by Rachel (of Iron Halo. The first is "ar Fiach" a modern/steampunk fantasy avian elf creature with a musket perched on a brick chimney, sculpted by Yannik Hennebo, and the second is a lovely rendition of "Pan" sculpted by Jaques-Alexandre Gillois.



Yes, those are tiny naked green fairies in the Pan picture, and while ar Fiach is wearing a fancy jacket (probably stolen from a washing line somewhere) she sure ain't wearing a shirt!

I think you'll all agree Rachel has definitely done these sculpts justice. She went town on adding fairy forest detail to the "Pan" base, and added an entire roof to "ar Fiach", as you''ll see if you go and look at the originals on the Studio McVey site (I can't provide a direct link because they have a silly Flash-based site). I spent some time examining the detail on these miniatures in sunlight. I would have loved to show them off to people at the party, but I was afraid of potential damage. Not that anyone would do so intentionally, of course, but they are resin and very fragile. Anyway, you really need sunlight, or really good artificial light, and a very close look to see the detail, so photos are probably more useful to get the full effect.

Following that lovely start to the day, we toddled down to Caffiend's in Petone for a late brunch, where I made my first mistake of the day, leaving my Samsung Galaxy SII sitting on the table when we left. Of course I didn't realize this until somewhat later.

After returning from Petone, my lady retired for further rest and I proceeded to play Borderlands on my Envy17, as I had recently purchase the PC version complete with all downloadable content for the minimal fee of $7.49 during Steam's Halloween sale.

It was then that I made my second mistake, of not keeping a proper eye on the passing time, and suddenly realized I should have been at the Fork & Brewer five minutes ago. It was also at this stage that I realized I no longer had my cell phone, as it is my primary timing mechanism. Then had to wait while my lady got up, as I was also supposed to have woken her with time to get up, so in the end I didn't get to the bar until almost ten to six. Sorry to keep people waiting!

Despite the late start, Part One was good, with people from mutilple "families" turning up. Certain people were being naughty in the corner of the booth, not that I minded, but as a result certain ladies might be interested in the picture that [ profile] wyldcard pxted to me... Moving on, I received a number of presents, including a dice bag complete with dice flogger, a book on bootleg whisky during WWII, and some white curacao from my D&D dungeon-mistress.

The Fork & Brewer's beer selection was good and I discovered a couple of new brews that I will drink again, though I stuck mainly with the good old Emerson's Bookbinder.

I would have stayed longer in the bar, but some people wanted actual food ( I don't know why, it just soaks up the alcohol quicker!), so we cruised off to a Korean place Sophie knew which was too small/full, and ended up instead at a nearby Vietnamese place.

Got back home not too late and fell asleep.

Saturday morning I got up early, as I'd gone to sleep pretty early for me, and then played Borderlands again until [ profile] seraphs_folly woke up, when I got showered & dressed and headed down to Caffiends and luckily recovered my Galaxy, did some shopping on the way back, and then waited until it was time to go to Yum Cha at Dragons with the family.

My mother and sisters came down from Levin, the first time I'd seen them in quite some time, Ele & Ben came over also, but the big surprise was [ profile] ferrouswheel turning up with [ profile] tatnja, all the way from Hong Kong! Thanks for that Joel, it was a nice surprise, and I'm sure others appreciated seeing you too! :)

[ profile] seraphs_folly tells me Ben tried all of the strange foods, and [ profile] thomasdequinc seemed to get on well with Ben also. The food was good (I <3 coconut buns), but I had to sneak into Joe's Garage afterwards for some real coffee.

Then it was back to Harbourview for more Borderlands before needing to prepare for Part Two. Yes I know I should have been playing SkyRim, but that would have involved taking my PS3 round too, and anyway [ profile] seraphs_folly's TV isn't big enough. *grin*. I have actually shown great restraint in not playing SkyRim over the last few days. I think it's wearing thin though, maybe I'll give in tonight.

I put out all the snacks with assistance from others at the the flat, and the first selection of drinks, and then got a bit flustered as the first people were arriving as I had discovered the secondary hard-drive on my lap top, where the play list I had set up was stored, seemed to have failed. Anyone happen to have a spare 1TB laptop drive anywhere? Hopefully I haven't lost too much in that crash, as the first sign of the drive going was the back-up failing, and I thought it was the the back-up drive and it's drivers that was the problem initially, so I don't have a recent back-up of the drive.

Luckily all the actual music was on the main drive, and [ profile] wyldcard expressed his love for 80's music, volunteering to be the de-facto DJ for the night, so we managed to work around the hardware issue.

More people arrived, and I got other presents including new music from [ profile] panda_pitt booze of various varieties, including a nice looking Laphroiag, and books. [ profile] tyellas insisted on feeding me a chocolate-coated strawberry, not that I needed much convincing.

I'm not sure what time I ended up getting into the spa, but it was after the first round of savouries, and there were a lot of other people already there when I got in. Obviously, one does not talk about the spa, but I feel it's OK to talk about a few fun things around the periphery, such as how [ profile] evie_fae and [ profile] jarratt_gray's choice of Bruichladdich Rocks as a gift went down really well. Coming after the strong peatiness of the 16 yr-old Lagavulin (trust [ profile] adrexia to go straight for the good stuff when sent out for another bottle!), it's easy to see why this spa event was particularly memorable.

The one draw-back of the spa is that there were people that I'd intended to talk to, that I never really got the chance to, and even some gifts that were left for me that I didn't get to thank people for in person. I know [ profile] pombagira left me some witchy bath salts, so thanks for those, Polly! Apologies to anyone else I didn't manage to spend time with, and thanks for coming!I don't even know if any fire-spinning occurred out front, as had been rumoured to occur.

Once the spa party finished up (not sure when that happened, someone may be able to let me know) I found myself involved in a long session of interpretive dance with [ profile] adrexia to the soundtrack of Bob Dylan's "Blood On the Tracks" (primarily). I'm sure we must have been amusing to those socializing in the kitchen, but it was a lot of fun, even if I am not the most co-ordinated of dancers, and the one or two lifts I attempted were abortive, despite [ profile] adrexia's co-operation. I hope we didn't scare the hare too much. The dancing was eventually ended, I believe, by car pool people needing to leave, and I do not know if I said good-bye to all the people remaining, I was, after all, somewhat drunk.

After everyone left, I found myself lying in bed with [ profile] seraphs_folly listening to songs on my Galaxy SII (Tori's Bells for Her seemed appropriately beautiful to my mood) whilst exchanging tweets and Facebook entries with other party-goers who had also not yet gone to sleep.

On waking in the morning I found my legs very weak and wobbly. I blame the combination of several hours soaking in hot water, followed by the interpretative dance. Overall though, I felt pretty good. My commiserations to those who did not, and/or who had to get up & go to work.

My lady & I got up relatively early, to head into town to pick up her latest cat from the airport, which had been kindly brought up from Christchurch by [ profile] argentbear, whom it was good to catch up with during the car ride, and then did some party clean-up.

After I got back to Wolf Castle I found a large pile of parcels had arrived while I'd been away, including a large order of RAFM miniatures that had been spending several months making it's way toward me across the sea, so before crashing I unpacked and processed some of that stuff. My lounge really looks like I've only just moved in now. So many figures, so little time.

To sum up though, I have fun memories from a great weekend into which many people put effort to make it lovely and memorable. Thanks to all, though especially thanks to [ profile] seraphs_folly for hosting us and transporting me when I was drunk, and arranging beautiful gifts, and being accepting of me sharing significant & meaningful times with others. Thanks to those others, and to all, for your hugs, kisses, gifts of song and joy, your presence, your assistance when needed, your energy, and your love.

I am now fifty, but I've had a spring in my step on the way to work this week, and am not at all feeling old, because of you all. <3

I'll leave you with a song from the party play-list that is one of my favourites, from Simple Minds, the title of which I think sums up my attitude at present : Alive & Kicking

You turn me on, you lift me up
And like the sweetest cup I'd share with you
You lift me up, don't you ever stop, I'm here with you

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Things I've seen on the web over the last two weeks that are far more important than either Kate & William's marriage or Osama Bin Laden's death. (Since when did the births, deaths, and marriages section become the headlines anyway?) Oh, alrght, I included the last two for fun, they're not really all that important. Though the Zombie proof house might end up being more important...

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Last night I went and purchased high quality cotton boxers from a local  manufacturer (Yes it's a horrible web-site, it seems the owner agrees). It's been a long search to find anything that matched the ones I bought in India four years ago, but now I have, and they're also local, so I get to feel good about supporting local industry as well.  They're lovely, and I got them for $35 ea which is about $10 ea less than they sell for in Kirks, and comparable in price to mass produced brand name stuff, but far better quality. I also picked up a brace of matching nightshirts. 

On the way back I picked up Thai for my lady, and Bun from the station. When we got back, I discovered Tetrajak was in bed with my lady, so I told Bun, and we all piled in.

Unfortunately I had to break up the cuddles sooner than would have been preferable or the Thai would have got cold and roti is not the best when reheated.

In this case it , it was all quite platonic, as they say, but I am so glad that we are all in the sort of relationship space where I can write paragraphs like the one two above, and it is defintiely does not signal the start of a long string of recrimination and angst and anger.

For some reason I'm drawn back to The Sisters of Mercy (the original Cohen song, not the band named after it) :

And you won't make me jealous if I hear that they've sweetened your night
We weren't lovers like that and besides, it would still be all right

I suppose I just wanted to say life is good.


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This weekend didn't start well. Friday was a day at home sick, in which, after stumbling out of bed early in the morning, realizing I wasn't up to going into town, and ending off the obligatory emails to managers, I fell back into bed and didn't wake up again until almost 2pm. After getting up, I discovered that the week's mail had been delivered. You know how NZ Post was talking about reducing deliveries form daily to once every two days or so? It's crap, NZ post only delivers to our place, which is Not a rural delivery area once or twice a week already! I got mail that had been sent two days earlier, and mail that had been sent almost two weeks earlier, in one delivery. 

However, by the time I'd opened the mail and recorded it and and responded, etc. It was almost the end of the day. I vegetated and caught up with my YooNo feed until [ profile] seraphs_folly turned up with my favourite Thai for dinner. It was the hi-light of the day, though It was also nice that a number of people commiserated on my whine about being sick.  I did however, get most of the washing done throughout the course of the day, seeing as that's something that doesn't take much effort when you have a machine for it.

Saturday I slept in without any getting up until 11.30pm. There was shopping needed, so I got washed and went and did it, but by the time I got back I felt wasted, and really didn't feel up to the drive over the hill to Gynn & Holly's ceremony. Apologies guys, I'm sorry to have missed your special day, especially considering what people have been saying about it since, but potentially ruining it with vomit would not have been a good look.

Several hours later, I was felling a bit better so  I went and picked up [ profile] seraphs_folly to go to a farewell party at the Southern Cross for her artist who was returning to France. Even that was probably was a little beyond me, especially as there was some sort of French music festival on, and The Cross  was packed and very loud. It took all of my energy just to avoid running and hiding from the crowd or reacting in flight-or-fight mode, so I wasn't good company. I couldn't face real food, so just ate some garlic bread and some wedges. I did perk up a bit though when I realized that somehow I'd managed to do my normal thing of being surrounded by cute girls (six of them this time). 

After a while there we walked down the road to [ profile] sokky & Lee's 70th party at the Fringe, waving at [ profile] allyn thru the window at Wildilocks on the way. The karaoke party was less hectic and I could manage it a lot better. Saw [ profile] giffy_doll 's  rendition of "Big Spender", among others., and
[ profile] sproke_ina_can 's boots Liked catching up with people, but was still glad when we left. We were in bed not long after, watching  a couple of episodes of Fringe to wind-down. Sleep was bitsy and the dreams were vivid and strange.

I was a Doctor Who co-operating with a whole pile of other Doctors to foil the big bad who ws trying to destroy the universe. I had become convinced that one of the Doctors was actually the big bad, and at the last minute has realized that we all needed to get out of the Tardis as the renegade Doctor was using it as a trap to catch and kill us all.

I raced out the door of the Tardis yelling to the other that hey needed to get out, but as I exited the renegade Doctor acted hitting me with a gob of white acidic substance from some sort of gun that knocked me to the ground and burned like fuck. As the white goop began to dissolve my body I realized that once the Tardis door closed the other doctors would be trapped, so I tried to block the door of the Tardis with my leg, but the other Doctors were not leaving, I tried to get their attention but all I could do was scream in a muffled way as my body dissolved...

That woke me up. I think I may have actually made a few real-world muffled screams. Later in the evening I woke up worried about being trapped under a landslide to find two cats lying on me, Rosie on my groin and Lilly on my chest. The large fluffy white tail in my face was probably what woke me. There were other odd snatches of dream between bursts of wakefulness, and by the time I got kicked out of bed to shower for brunch I still could have slept for several more hours. 

I safely got to Courtenay Place and  got a park, despite driving in a bit of a daze. Brunch was a tearful affair due to saying goodbye to the French couple, but there was a lot of Leonard Cohen played. along with some Roxy Music and the Cat People theme from Bowie. Afterwards we got to visit [ profile] danjite  & [ profile] khaybee in their new house, which was lovely. It was good to see their art & curios out, and to taste the yummy bread [ profile] khaybee was making for their Thanksgiving dinner.

[ profile] seraphs_folly  headed home and I headed out to Newtown for Alice's Enlightenment-era D&D and game. My character spent most of the  session hallucinating from a hallucinogenic poison in a chest trap and deaf from a failed usage of  gunpowder weapons, both events which happened last session. It was however quite fun being completely useless and not understanding what people were saying. Alice has a wicked way of describing what my hallucinating character was experiencing. But despite a comedy of errors, we all managed to survive, win,  and more-or-less do the right thing.

I dropped in on [ profile] seraphs_folly  on the way home, finding her in the middle of her Firefly re-watch with S, left them to it and picked up some buns from the pantsu for tommorrow's lunch, came home and wrote this up, because for some reason I felt like writing before bed. 

I titled this as a a "fail weekend", as I didn't achieve many things I'd planned to, and often I wasn't good company, and that's what  it felt like to me when I sat down and started writing, but in reading back over it, while being really sorry I missed the Rickersby's ceremony, and while some of it was sad, and some of it was nauseous or sleepy, there are quite a number of lovely little bits in there. Even the sad bits were lovely.

I think I like my life. Even when I'm ill and not I'm thinking I'm doing well, it's pretty special.

Thanks everyone for being who they are.
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I'm not at Speed Of Sound tonight, for a variety of reasons. Mainly, I think, because I'm in a bit of hermit mode.

Work is difficult. Not in a bad way. For the first time in a long time I'm actually being challenged by what I'm doing. A week or so ago I was actually trying to solve simultaneous equations in anger, working on a Java-script image manipulation package that the customer wanted rubber-band zoom added to.

This week I've been trying to chase down bugs in part of a RichFaces web application that has a more complicated UI than any native code GUI application I've worked on in the past. It doesn't help that the toolkit's only have very rudimentary documentation, and while they state how to use individual UI widgets, they don't state what happens when you put together a whole pile of them together in a highly ajax-ified page with multiple display areas updating separately. Every time I find and fix one bug, the fix causes other stuff to stop working, and what doesn't help is that I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that there are significant bugs in the tool-kits as well.

Still at least I'm not bored at work.

Thing is when I've actually been using my mind, I end up feeling like doing nothing but blobbing when I get home. I've fallen asleep on the train on the way home most nights this week. 

The time of year doesn't help either. Cold, always getting dark while traveling home, dark when I get up. My body is telling me it's hibernation time.

Finally I think I'm becoming more boring and stay-at-home. I actually enjoued Coronation Street this evening, and wouldn't have wanted to miss the episode where a killer's wife confronts her husband about killing her lover several months ago.  I think I'm finally turning into an old man. 

OTOH, last night I did have dinner with two sexy ladies, jumped into a hot tub with those two and another lady, and then watched the 20:20 program on burlesque with a commentary from the three ladies because they knew most of the women on the show due to having studied with them.  

So maybe there may be some hope left for me.   :)


Apr. 13th, 2010 07:20 pm
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Had a moment's happy remembrance on the train this morning listening to NiN's Head Like a Hole

Head like a hole, black as your soul
I'd rather die than give you control
Bow down before the one you serve
You're going to get what you deserve

My memory was of my very first vampire LARP, when I had only recently arrived back  in Wellington, a Wellington-By-Night game at Turnbull House , where I played one of the villians of the evening, part of a Sabbat motorcycle gang from Christchurch. I remember dancing with a certain classic Malkavian school-girl (who unfortunately left for other parts shortly afterwards) in the "vampire club" we were planning to blow up. I think the song must be an official Anarch anthem. 

Which reminds me, I was thinking on how band names come from other people's songs, like Sisters Of Mercy named themselves from Leonard Cohen's song, and how the local Welly band Head like a Hole named themselves from that NiN song, I've been wondering whether this line from Tori Amos'  Precious Things  has any bearing on NiN ?
No one dared
No one cared
To tell me where the pretty girls are
Those demigods
With their nine-inch nails and little fascist panties tucked inside the
heart of every nice girl

That song also has the lovely line "So you can make me cum, that doesn't make you Jesus"

I think this anthology of optimistic SF, Shine, looks promising. At the very least, just the concept of the analogy and that cover painting makes me think of story ideas. 

Am wishing I had more time for writing things even if it is just fluff like this.

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Haven't felt like writing. Too tired, too busy, feeling blah.

OTOH, with the busy, there's been a lot going on.

Friday we started playing [ profile] eloelei 's new Scion game, in which we all play rock stars who just happen to be the children of gods. So far, we've had a good gig,  started the band's legend as one that trashes the joint, and certain characters are starting to tweet their experiences. I'd link to the Twitter account(s), but I don't know it, maybe [ profile] jarrat_gray will oblige ?

For the first time in years, I've actually been getting rid of crap out of the rumpus room. [ profile] seraphs_folly helped me take a car load of stuff to the Sally Army, and there's a pile of boxes containing unwanted magazines and books that will be going to the Charity Book Sale guy sometime this week probably. There's a pile of cardboard in the garage to be disposed off next rubbish day. The floor is almost ready to be cleaned, and table tennis will soon become an option again.

I got rid of an ancient, Japanese-made,  judogi (that was old when I got it and wore it as a child) to a mother &  son last week.  It went for a $1 on Trade-me, and the mother, who had never won an auction for a $1 before, brought me a couple of chocolates to go with it. She didn't need to, I was already happy letting go on for $1, it's served several boys in the past, and it needs do so again.

Now all I have to do is stop getting more stuff. But the good deals... I can't pass them by!  Picked up a batch of GW stuff for $20 on Saturday that, if bought at today's prices, would have cost in the region of $300. Will probably recover my expenditure with little effort, and as it came from the grown son of a lawyer who owns what is probably a million dollar property, I didn't feel the low price mattered to them either.   Karma?

Saturday evening, [ profile] seraphs_folly and I went to see Angel, a clown-theatre event at Bats. It was entertaining. I think the bit I liked most was the newly cast-down angel enjoying playing in our rubbish.

But I have decided I really hate cats. At least, I really hate cats that spray on things. After having to deal with large amounts of cat spray in said rumpus room (for some reason anything that is a plastic bag needs to be covered in spray ), my computer died from being sprayed on. It only lasted as long as it has because the CD-ROM drive cable shielded most of the mother board from the spray. I don't know if the memory is recoverable, though the CPU probably is. I think all of the data is OK though, and I'm runing fo the 1TB back-up drive and using my work computer for now. Played Spellforce 2 on it last night, worked well.

A link or two now. Firstly, an old one but an interesting concept for the "science" behind a paranormal based role-playing game (and incidentally, provides a "scientific" basis for almost any form of real world paranormal belief), the Shadow Biosphere .  From the opening paragraph :
Astrobiologists from Arizona State University, Florida, UC Boulder, NASA, Harvard and Australia have recently theorized about a “shadow biosphere” – a biosphere within a biosphere where alternative biochemistry may be thriving in a way that we haven’t yet thought to examine. Such “weird life” may have had, for hundreds of millions of years, their own ecologies right here in our own backyard.  Indeed, like Dark Energy and neutrinos, “weird life” may be all around us even now, only in a non-obvious way. Some astrobiologists are now suggesting that “weird life” is just as likely to be found here on Earth as it is in the Martian regolith, the seas of Europa , or certainly the complex bio-hadronistry on the surface of a neutron star.

In other news, Agatha Christie's fortune of jewellery and coins worth up to £100,000 is found in an old leather case sold at auction for £100

Comics have been intruding into my life again. [ profile] asgard pointed me at an article which reveals that a NZ  woman owns a copy of Detetcive Comics #27 (the first appearance of Batman) and a number of other rare and expensive comics. I can imagine our future arguments now : "You only married me for my comics!" "No, you only married me for my comics!" . This morning, the guy wearing a tie sitting next to me on the train was reading a hard-bound library copy of Shanna the She Devil.  Train cheesecake! Maybe I need to start reading shojo manga on the train again too! 

The oracle hit me with Portishead's Undenied. this morning, so I'm passing it on 

Your softly spoken words
Release my whole desire

And so bare is my heart,             I can't hide
And so where does my heart             belong

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It's four in the morning, (just after) the end of December, I'm writing you now just to see if you'll recognize the Cohen reference.

Actually by the time I post this it will probably be much later in the day. But I started it around five AM, after having got up at four due to lack of ability to sleep and fear of imminent zombie apocalypse. I spent some time fixing up spam attacks and other suspicious activity on the Mage Wiki which may help make the other sites on my server more stable, seeing as it seems to be the spurious activity on the Mage Wiki that is causing the server crashes.

It's odd activity, looks like a large number of different IPs posting short encrypted (or binary) strings. May be it's a form of bot communication? I'd be interested if anyone has heard of MediaWiki being used for anything like bot comms or similar.

Anyway, here's an (image-heavy) update under the cut )

BTW, near the end of this post there are minor spoilers for Avatar and Sherlock Holmes, so skip if you haven't seen them and wan't to maintain your purity.

Oh, also, I got a hair-cut. Supposedly I look ten years younger.
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It was my birthday yesterday, and it was a wonderful day. The day started by getting up relatively early and eating the strawberries that [profile] seraphs_folly had prepared for my breakfast me the previous evening. She'd removed the greenery from almost an entire punnet of strawberries, so I was unable to finish them all for breakfast!

I headed off to work and kept nicely busy, so the day passed quickly with a minimum of stress, and several happy birthday wishes via txt or twitter, and then it was down to Kazu yakitori where [profile] seraphs_folly had already started on the lychee chu-hai, and she began to ply me with beer (Asahi).

I was also surprised by a pile of presents on the table, topped off by a beautiful cat-shaped birthday card (I'll post a pic later). Even though she had already given me a birthday present (a watch), and there was another birthday present on the way in the mail (something naughty), and even though busy with her latest house project, my love had gone out of her way to pick up some presents for me to unwrap.

The wrapping paper was also memorable, possibly the richest wrapping paper I've ever received, thick heavy paper, embossed with gold glitter, etc. It was so beautiful I didn't want to damage it, so I very carefully plied it off to reveal...

Well, I was expecting a couple of little things, just to give me something to unwrap, more "stocking fillers" than real presents, as I'd already received, or had ordered, some lovely presents. What I got was presents that were in many ways more impressive than those I already knew about.

My love told me that she'd gone into Comics Compulsion and asked the guy there to show her "the prettiest things he had". She'd sorted thru these and made her choices trying to ensure they weren't things I already had. And so I ended up with the hard-back version of Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell's The Dream Hunters(1) and Absolute Death. I am very spoilt, and I'd say that these were the best presents ever, except I seem to be saying that every time about the things my lady gives me. It's wonderful having someone who knows you well enough to buy surprise presents that one really likes.

We ate and drank our fill, edamame, karraage, miso. In the process I discovered that the Kazu peppered steak is divine. We moved on to Cafe Eis for dessert. I had an ice cream that tasted like biscuits and coffee. From there we weaved a somewhat drunken way to Reading Central, and determined we had to wait a bit to get Gold Lounge seats for 2012 We filled in the time by trying out the iFeel (or some similar name) massage chairs in the lobby. It was a little disconcerting being held by the ankles, pummeled in the back of head, and anally-probed, by an intelligent chair.

The Reading Central Gold Lounge is not a particularly good deal these days, without the free drinks and popcorn, and with the seats being a bit worn and clunky after several years of use, but the seats are still nicer to relax into and we had some of the best ones. Based on the trailers, I now want to see several movies, from Sherlock Holmes (if only for the laughs) to Avatar (Even though it worryingly reminds me of the second Star Wars trilogy, combined with Matrix 2 and Starship Troopers the TV show).

As to 2012, well, as expected it was a big, dumb, special effects movie that was a lot of fun. It had many common Hollywood tropes, from reconciling a divorced couple with kids(it happens all the time in movies, I'm not sure it ever happens in real life) to killing all the people who have sex. But there were very few times that the pace got slow or there was unnecessary padding, the only places where I felt that was where some characters lingered a little long over their good-byes and kisses when there were important reason for them to hurry. I enjoyed several things, like the fact that the lead drove his Russian mafia bosses limo, which was one of those armoured, over-powered things, with bulletproof tires, designed for taking gunfire and for combat evasion, through the initial escape, giving at least some justification as to why the car survived that sequence. And then the Russian pilot found possibly the only aircraft that could have gotten them out of Las Vegas like that, an Antonov AN-124 Ruslan (NATO reporting designation 'Condor'). I also loved Woody Harrelson's character, and you could tell he was enjoying it too! The Yellowstone eruption sequence looked great, regardless of it;s technical accuracy.

There were so many enjoyable little touches, many of which made me LOL, I can't list them all and of course, the spectacle. Overall I think it's well worth watching in a big theatre while tipsy, probably not worth getting on DVD though unless you have a 60" screen and a really good sound system.

Waiting for the Gold Lounge showing meant we didn't get home until almost midnight. When I got home I found I'd received a lovely email from a close friend which really topped off the evening, and then when i remembered to turn on my phone this morning (having turned it off during the movie) I found more birthday txt messages.

And just a few moments ago, my love informed me that she had also purchased tickets to Neil Gaiman's talk next year for she & I.

A really great day that made me feel very loved and special.

Just finishing this at work while waiting to head of to BBC, followed by TNC.

All I need now is a day of relaxing at home to remove the shrink-wrap and really appreciate my presents!!

1. Not to be confused with Neil Gaiman & and Yoshitako Amano's
The Sandman : The Dream Hunters.
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Tui Ad  "Two girls kissing is technically the same as two boys kissing -  yeah, right! "

Not up to the usual standard , I don't see what the "yeah, right" is all about this time?  It is the same, at least in the sense that both are two people of the same sex kissing. What's the problem? Are the Tui ad writers homophobes??

Also saw a "Royal Wolf" container. I want one to live in. Or to store certain things in.

We left a class of school kids standing on the platform this morning, because their teachers had bought "economy" tickets, and they had to wait until after nine to use them.  

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A brief round up of tabs I'm closing and stuff

So Serenity Adventures won Best Role-playing Supplement at Origins.

Kumi pointed me at Vex who do some interesting men's clothing

I've been doing chores all mornning, but that means the kitchen is clean and tidy and most fo the things are done.

Friday I worked at home due to the huge train fail. I spent the day writing image manipulation software in Javascript. Or should I say, finding examples of how to do varous differnt things on the web and trying to generalize them  and join them together into a single package that does everything my customers require, and works on multiple images on a single page  (which no single package out there already seems to do.) I now know more about differences in Javascript engines than I ever wanted to know. 

Now to get washed & dressed & down to the bakery for some nice bread and baked things. 

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On Twitter things go by too fast, and unless you tweeted them yourself are often hard to find again. So I'm gonna store a couple of links I picked up today, and if anyone who didn;t find them on Twitter, finds them here, then so much the better.

Firstly, via @warrenellis (y'know, the Transmetropolitan guy) , is the lovely steam-punk jewelery and design work of Molly Freidrich. Scroll through her gallery, there's some lovely stuff in there. @warrenellis is also responsible for pointing me at this BDSM Dress-Up Jesus paper-doll.

On the other hand I found this sequence of Sascha Baron Cohen's "Queen's Guard" all by myself.

Then via @neilhimself is an article from China Mieville about things he would like to read that other people have to write:. Speaking of @neilhimself, his last blog post contains a beautiful piece of prose.

I am currently doing my yearly (or thereabouts) sort out of all the paper bills I have. I've kept some for far too long. Also doing washing of bed linen, and airing-out of mattress in advance of the arrival of my love next week.

Just got back form doing some shopping and bought some bakery goods to spoil myself. Steak & mushroom pie, chocolate donut. Nom. Now for a coffee, and back into the sorting.

Addenda : More stylish erotica in magazine format : F/lthyGorgeousTh/ngs - Modern Love
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I've been really slack in updating over the last few weeks. This is largely due to the amount of things that have been going on. If you follow [profile] seraphs_folly you may have picked up on some of what has been going on.

Basically, of the last month or so, much of it has been away from home, and much of the "away" was with [profile] seraphs_folly. But I want to try and capture some of it while I can still remember it, so here goes, an attempt to capture over a months worth of life in a single post. Note that it is huge, and has pictures!

Read more... )

Phew that'll do me for now, I still haven't covered our adventures looking for houses while [profile] seraphs_folly house-sat for [personal profile] tyellas, or Conscription last weekend!
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While waiting for my morning coffee to cool, I started cleaning the laundry.

I often work that way, need to fill in some time so start something, and then find that the time has become more than filled. Had to force myself to sit down to drink the coffee before it got cold.

Anyway, I was cleaning and I realized that the Frigidaire dryer we have has been amazingly long-lasting. It's older than my eldest son [personal profile] ferrouswheel. I know that because Little Nan bought it for Ele and I while Ele was pregnant, saying that we would need it for the nappies.

This, as reminiscing often does, led me to think about Little Nan, and her partner, Big Nan, both of whom have now been deceased for many years. Big Nan was the one who was my actual grandmother. She was a huge woman, who did all the manly things, like drink., smoke, chop wood, etc. It was Big Nan who first taught me rudimentary woodworking skills when I was staying with them over the school holidays. These days, I'd call her butch, but I didn't know that term back then. It was merely the name of a dog in a cartoon. She was Big Nan because she always towered over me as a child.

Little Nan, however was "my size" as a child. She had grown chubby and roun, in her old age, but she must have been one of those tiny , elfin, size ten, women when she was younger. She, like the classic boggan, made the tea, cleaned house, and brought us breakfast in bed. When I had been a good boy and gone to bed nicely, or when I had woken from a nightmare* and they had taken me to bed with them to comfort me, I was allowed to eat breakfast in bed with them.

Little Nan and Big Nan slept together in what I remember as a wonderfully fluffy and warm bed, that caught the morning sun. My memories of that bed are of the safest and warmest place in the world, bright and white in the morning. At the time, the fact that the two nans slept together in that lovely bed seemed like a perfectly natural thing for a pair of nans to do. That there were two of them, and that Little Nan wasn't really my grandmother, I sort of understood, but they were the Two Nans, and they did what the Two Nans did.

Interestingly no-one else, at least in the memory of this child, made any comment at all about the potential oddity of this relationship. Now I look back on it and tend to assume that they were a lesbian couple, but one has to remember, this was England, and last century. The concept of pairs of women "companions" though potentially providing a cover story for some lesbian couples, was a strong one, and just the fact that they lived and slept together, and that one of them was tiny and feminine and the other large and butch, would not be considered enough evidence to pronounce them as lesbian to the world.

Now I wish I knew whether they were or not. Actually, it doesn't really matter if they were lesbian. They loved each other and me. They gave me some of the best memories of my childhood.

*I remember one such nightmare was triggered by the cop show Hawaii Five 0 in which a criminal was using special effects to make it look like the godess of the volcano, Pele was responsible for his murders. I dreamed of angry volcano goddesses.
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I woke up too early and lay in the still slightly unfamiliar spare room watching the morning light filtering through the Venetian blinds. Above me is a light fitting that looks like an alien space craft with three weapon modules attached at the best of times, it does so even more in the grey morning light.

Hearing birds and wind noise in the trees behind the house I start thinking about the back of the house. I realize that I, and presumably no-one else I know, has been up the back of the house in years. There is an entire hillside with a shed and various other constructions, footpaths, trees, etc, stretching several hundred metres to the ridge of the hill which has not been visited and viewed by anyone in several years.

This gets me to thinking. There could be an entire cannabis plantation, or a family group of gypsies, or a rent in the fabric of the universe, nestled amongst the trees on my hillside. I think the next fine day I am home I shall have to explore and check that there are no nefarious goings-on going on on my hill behind my house.

It strikes me though, that carrying out such an investigation alone is, if we take the example of video fiction as a guide, a very poor decision. It's almost guaranteed that I, as a lone discoverer of anything untoward, will be killed, probably just before I am about to pass on my discovery through which ever means of communication comes to hand, be it just as I am about to press the send button on a txt, or just about to call out to [ profile] wasup_bro in the house below. Then of course my body will be dragged back into the lair of whatever creatures are responsible for my demise, and my death will not be discovered until someone wonders why I haven't been on-line in a while, or my company tries to discover why I am not at work.

If the nefarious creatures behind the house are clever, they will replace me with something that seems like me, but probably on closer examination, will be distinguishable, perhaps by it's lack of interest in sex, or overly calm demeanour.

Therefore, perhaps I should delay this exploration until such time as a proper expedition can be organized? Maybe complete with porters & bearers? But who has interest in exploring a couple of thousand square meters of pine forest on a steep hill? More importantly, is there anything that one can do with such a space? I suppose I can think of it as my personal carbon credit producer, but it seems that I could be doing more with it.

In other news, I just received an large collection of Victory Games' long out of print James Bond role-playing game, at between $4 and $5 per boxed set.

Having got this lot, it now makes me think that perhaps I should run a game. I remember the game system being simple and clean, with some lovely mechanics for chases and fame, and the game introduced the concept of "Hero Points" which were gained for good role-playing, and allowed you to adjust your chances of success in such a way that something that might be considered completely impossible in real life, might actually be achievable for your character, which is appropriate for a game based on a genre where the hero can fall out of a plane without a parachute and end up landing safely!

Also, by dose is running! I think I have ad a cold for a couple of days, but it hasn't got bad enough to do anything about. The dose is annoying tho
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Yesterday I spent much of the day cleaning up the spare bedroom and cleaning and drying the furniture from the master bedroom, before moving my furniture into the spare bedroom.

The most fiddly bit of the cleaning was cleaning the venetian blinds in the spare rooom. They're quite trendy blinds, as you'll see below, but they take a lot of cleaning, and certainly needed it. I aslo cleaned windows, both the intereior and exterior, of all the rooms down the back of the house.

I'd just finished most of the heavy lifting when Ele & Ben turned up. This was good, as I needed a rest and some social time. I surprised Ben by pulling out Singstar and a lot of fun was had by everyone playing Singstar (Ele, being the only female present, was better than all the boys, with only [ profile] wasup_bro coming close. I suspect [ profile] panda_pitt may have given her more of a challenge.

Then I went out and grabbed Hell for tea. I had planned to do this anyway, given that I had a token for a free snack pizza and had to get some shopping done too. It was raining before I left, but while I was driving it became absolutely torrential. I got a little wet ordering the ppizza, and then drove to the supermarket. While wandering around the supermarket I got yelled at by an employee. He'd gotten my attention because one of the the milk containers in my trolley was leaking and I was leaving a little dribbly trail of milk all down the aisles.

Back to Hell to get the pizza and home. Unfortunately it was my day for dribbly produucts, and the Unearthly dessert pizza I'd picked up with the free token had basically slid of it's base. Was still edible though.

Ele & Ben left around 7pm and I got back into moving my stuff to the spare bedroom. The surprising thing is that the bedroom suite and other things go really well in that room. Here's a couple of piccies  )

Obvioulsy the crappy old pink carpet looks out of place, but with the additoin of some of the blue/gray carpet like in the downstairs bedroom, it would look quite good. We've found the final resting place of that bedroom suite.

I did all this moving to clear out the master bedroom so that I can get serious about re-decoratiiong it. So decorating decisions will need to be made at some time. But I'm not even worrying about those decisions yet, I'll need to get the all paper stipped, the walls plastered and sanded and undercoated, and the trim sanded and undercoated before thinking about what colour goes on top or which bed to buy.

I have to admit I am tempted by this bed. Or this one. But they are a bit out of my price range and suit English manor house better than my 1970's suburban house, regardless of how I actualy decorate it. I'm thinking of wooden flooring for the hallway, and am tempted to do the same for the bedroom, if only to make any cat deposits easier to clean and to reduce the dust.

I finally got to bed around half twelve last night, after having a shower. Last night was the first time I have slept in a room other than the master bedroom since moving into this house. In other words, until tonight, while at home I have slept in the same place for twelve years. I slept well. I even found it easy to sleep in the morning , though whether that was more because of the exertion of the day before and the cold weather, I'm not sure. But the room is smaller and thus seems a bit cosier. I quite like the blue and black, though I suspect it's probably a litttle cold as a colour, and maybe sleeping in the classic colours of bruising might be the wrong thing to do long term. Then again, maybe it would be good camoflauge? :)

Not sure I can be bothered doing any more today. Had good plans, but it's already after midday and I haven't really woken up yet. Weather makes me feel like curling up in bed with a book. There are those I'd prefer to curl up in bed with, but unfortunately none of them are here. Maybe a coffee will get me moving again...
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Yesterday I went on a cleaning binge. I hoovered and dusted most of the upper storey, removing several months worth of dead flies and other insects form the windowsills and environs of the lounge. I tidied away mountains of stuff that had sat out for ages, such as the props boxes which had sat spread out on on the landing since KapCon. There is much more floor space visible in the house now. I mopped the kitchen much more thoroughly than I had intended to, after knocking over ma bucket. I use leather cleaner restorer on the leather lounge suite. I cleaned the bath sink and toilet. I did and tidied away washing.

Last night was a long awaited Jarratt's Mage game, where I ate too much havarti and enjoyed everyone's company. I like the fact that [ profile] exiledinpn is now considered a role-model for young children!

I still need to do a little more hoovering and washing, as well as filling the bin with garden rubbish, cleaning out some gutters and the like.

Today I went on a shopping binge. First I went to Mitre 10 Mega in Upper Hutt. I wandered around trying to remember all the little things I had planned to pick up. I now have a sieve, which we noticed the lack of last night. Picked up a new cover for the ironing board, something I'd been meaning to do for a long time, the current one''s ratty nature was one of the reasons I put off ironing things. I picked up polyfilla and sand paper to begin on the hallway, and a litre or so of moss & algae killer, as the decks and front door area are getting a little over-green and damp

Then it was to Farmers. I bought a new pillow, as I'd decided the old one was getting a little flat and Farmers had them on 30% off which, when you're buying a top-of-the-line duck down pillow, represents a significant saving. Lets see if I sleep better tonight than I did last night. Though last night did result in some interesting dreams which I may document separately.

While in Farmers I also picked myself up a new belt, as the old one had just about given way. I was pleased with my purchase, as when I approached the belt stand I looked at all the fancy belts on the front of the stand, which were selling for around $30 each, and were mainly made of plastic and cardboard. I wanted a leather one, and while I found one nice leather one it was in the $40 range, and wasn't quite what I wanted. The I realized there was a back to the belt display. There sat a whole pile of pure leather belts at just $14.95! I suspect they were ancient stock, but I just wanted a plain leather belt. It took me a few moments to find one in my size and in the style I preferred. None of this silly fake snakeskin look for me, nice thick and plain, good for a flogging as well as holding up trousers! :) I'm tempted to go back and get another one, that's a damn good price for a leather belt these days.

Unfortunately, I also looked at their clearance racks. So now I have a pair of plain white business shirts, and a couple of floppy wide-brimmed sun hats, all at $5 each.

having made it out of farmers without spending more money (I am always tempted to buy new towels and sheets when I'm in there) I went to Wendy's for a shake & dog, and discovered that my stomach has definitely grown smaller. I discovered I was unable to eat the entire dog as well as suck down the whole shake. I often treat myself to a Wendy's thing when I have the cash. Next time though, it;s gonna have to be something with that moccachino ice-cream they have.

Having failed to eat the dog, I decided to risk browsing The Warehouse, and ended up buying the Blu-ray edition of the two disc Dark Knight, as The Warehouse was selling them for $29.00, which IMO is pretty good for a relatively recent blu-ray release. Finally I dropped into Pak&Save and did the normal $100-odd monthly shop there. Now I'm siting down to a drink and a relax preparing mentally for the next lot of work. The problem with being (effectively) single, working, and having a house, is that weekends can be completely filled with household chores, especially when you spend a few of them away, like the last weekend.

Not that I'm complaining, last weekend was one of the loveliest I have spent with [ profile] seraphs_folly. I arrived late and got introduced to her new car, a sexy CRV with heated seats (just the thing if you want to drive around Christchurch pantiless I reckon !) . Saturday, we began with Drexel's yummy spicy chicken quesidilla, some shopping for Obis and finished with Japanese delicacies manufactured by a Minx, in a Masonic lodge. Sunday, we drove to Hamner, having parmesan dumplings at the Nor'wester Cafe in both directions, and soaking in the hot pools in between. The Flying Quill flew several times as my lady sped down the Lewis Pass approaches, as we sang to the Simon&Garfunkel on the CD player. The evening was also very memorable, but I shan't go into any detail here. :)

Monday, which I'd taken off to make it a long weekend, we did the Drexels quesadilla again, and then we drove over to visit She Chocolaterie, and we had an interesting conversation about the set-up there, which went a long way to explaining it's ambience. Turns out it's a bit of a commune, and the staff don't mind their hours, because they live and work together there and in a couple of nearby houses. We'd taken Dougal with us, with the intention of either heading toward the Gardens, or the beach afterwards, or both. But the She experience had been quite long and slow, so we decided to head straight to the Gardens, on the off chance that boating was still available on a Monday, as [ profile] seraphs_folly had never actually been on the Avon in one of the canoes. I was a little worried at going in the canoe with Dougs, but he was relatively well behaved, just insisting on barking his excitement at the trip loudly at times. Both the hound and the lady found the experience immensely enjoyable, so I didn't mind doing all the paddling. The Canadian canoe we had did catch the wind, so sometimes it was a bit of a dance keeping it balanced on the wind, to avoid being driven ashore. Afterwards we took Dougs for a run and swim and ball chase.

Next week is a bit full on, with a munch, Amanda Palmer, a TweetUp, and [ profile] ferrouswheel's birthday, and somewhere in all that I'd like to fit in Watchmen as well. Ah well, back to work! Before I spend to much time looking as these nude porcelain dolls


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