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Also via [ profile] elfs( am I some sort of follower or what? :) )

How will you be suspended from LJ? by Anonymous LJ User
Years on LJ
Hours left until your suspension43
Your crimeLegolas/Gimli fic where Legolas is only 103.
Who reported youtaniwha_nz
Your fateOn usenet, kicking it old school.
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(I got it via [ profile] elfs, but passing it on in case you don't read him.)

[ profile] bradfitz (creator of LJ and memecached) leaves Six Apart as Six Apart begins to self-destruct under Barak Berkowitz's inept leadership.

So there ya go, it ain't just me who can see Six Apart's management don't understand how to succeed on the inter-net. Berkowitz is a fish out of water here.

A related story in ValleyWag, discusses the fan-fiction thing, talking about how it is a concerted drive by Six Apart to get rid of such people due to trying to please corporate advertisers, and attempting to become "respectable" before a public listing. So, as usual, it's not really about protecting children, it's about business, but as ValleyWag rightly observes:
The freaks will have to go. But, if they do, what's left?
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LJ is in an abusive relationship with it's customers, and is using that abusive relationship to destroy it's own life. At the very time when it should be trying to court customers to try and stop them moving to newer and hotter providers, it continues to act like a spoilt brat

It seems the nature of all relationships is that those in power in a relationship will make change that destroys that relationship and hurt themselves far more than the person the change is supposed to affect.

NeoPets have done it, LJ is still doing it, and I'm sure there are parallel's elsewhere.

I'm considering (again) that I shouldn''t be part of such an abusive relationship, but it's hard. LJ has been a large part of my life for the past three or four years. I've made friends on it and we've used it as a social hub.

I think the best way of dealing with the situation would be to get rid of the management responsible for the current debacle, though when LJ incomes continue to tank, maybe someone will do that for us.

I have decided that it would be nice to be extremely rich. I think I would then spend my time listening to consumer complaints, buying the companies responsible, firing the management that caused the complaints, with prejudice and a lot of publicity, and generally instilling the sense of service back into service providers.

On analysis of my behaviour, I get most worked up whenever freedom is threatened.

I'm thinking therefore, that I should either isolate myself completely from all sources of oppression, and live a calm stress fee life, in which nothing would ever happen (cue Talking Heads' Heaven) or become an employee of Amnesty International or a similar organization and use my anger in those ways. It would probably be a shorter life.

I would like to institute a "Zero Tolerance" policy for civil liberties infringers. With a death penalty. You will allow other people to go about their business, or you will be shot. Yes, I am aware of the irony.

And because I mentioned it at [ profile] bekitty and [ profile] kittyfarmer's party last night, here's You Can Get Arrested For That I like this sort of protest, even if they have managed to make a commercial opportunity out of it, in fact in some ways that is a double whammy, because they are showing in a relatively non-harmful way that crime does pay, when the law is stupid.

It''s a shame those in power can't understand that's all that happens when they ban things, it doesn't make that thing go away, it doesn't reduce any negative effects of that thing, it just creates another way for crime to pay.

Now to do some shopping.


Sep. 5th, 2006 10:55 am
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First off, [ profile] mr_orgue's new [ profile] gametime_nz LJ made me think of last years [ profile] game_ic, and I read through some of the story posts, got nostalgic, and was again impressed at the writing that people did. Well done, people!

Then I spent time sorting out ancient email folders at work, like back in 2003 even! And got nostalgic over the people who used to work here and the things we did.

This morning I woke up with Underworld's Underneath the Radar in my head.

Now my reading has triggered Ozzy Osbourne & Lita Ford :
If I close my eyes forever, would it all remain unchanged?
If i close my eyes forever, would it all remain the same?
Will you ever take me? - No I just can't take the pain
Would you ever trust me? - No I'll never feel the same

I really should get my mind on some work instead. But no, instead I post, and nostalge. And invent new words.

Does nostalgia derive similarly to from Nosferatu? Nos, noctis. Is one only supposed to be nostalgic at night? Turns out, no, nostalgia is Greek, nostos "homecoming", algia "pain". Isn't that annoying? That there's words derived from both Latin and Greek! :)

Oh well, at least I learned something, and possibly, so did you!

I'll be off to TES tonight, so might see a couple of you there!


Jul. 31st, 2005 04:01 pm
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I've recently downloaded a little program called ljArchive which downloads all of your LJ posts, and if you want, all the comments associated with them.

Read more... )

Prior to making this post I had made 518 posts, and received 2112 comments.


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