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I started out today with great intentions of trying to organize some of the many metal miniatures I have. To begin with I said to myself "Let's start with the non-Games Workshop stuff, as there's less of that."

So after a few hours of pulling stuff out of cupboards, admittedly being regularly distracted by the joy of re-discovery, as well as deciding to dispose of a network MP3 player, upgrading the firmware of the one I'm keeping, and playing Wolfmother's Joker & the Thief at high volume while head-banging, my dining room table now looks like this :

The scary thing is that I still haven't managed to get all of the miniatures out yet. The scarier thing is that I have more Games Workshop ones than this, even after selling a couple of hundred dollars worth of it off over the last couple of weeks.

Though the really good thing about the mp3 player distractions today, is that, after some time of only listening on head phones, I have remembered why I have a pair of Kef 104's with bass reflex. I've missed shake-the-floor music shaking the floor. Excuse me while I go and play Totally Addicted To Bass


Aug. 31st, 2008 08:59 pm
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Random surfing resulted in finding this collection of zombie miniatures.

Go AB!

Sep. 5th, 2006 11:35 pm
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When get my White Dwarf magazine, I don't flick through it too see what's in it, I start reading at the front and read right through, I don't want to spoil it by looking at all the shinies in one go. Also I tend t read it mainly on the train. I thought I'd better say that, to explain why its taken me until today, after having had my White Dwarf since Saturday, to realize that [ profile] argentbear's Witch-Hunters are in this issue!

According to the article, the first time a New Zealand army has been featured in White Dwarf, and it's our [ profile] argentbear! Lovely looking they are too! So everyone go and buy a White Dwarf, or at least flick through one in the shop to see it!

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Just received my White Dwarf, complete with a two free plastic figures from the new edition Warhammer range. You get a free Night Goblin spearman and a Dwarven axeman.

However that is a marketing gimmick that has spectacularly failed. Because these are the worst plastic fantasy figures I've ever seen! The Grenadier plastics from way back in the eighties were better! All previous editions of Games Workshop figures have been better!.

You get a Night Goblin and a Dwarf on a single sprue. The entire figure including shield is a single solid piece. And they have lumpy, un-animated designs, obviously intended to make them simple to cast, rather than for any aesthetic purpose. There are quite noticeable flash and cast lines, but the mould is at least straight.The base is part of the sprue, like the second edition WH40K grots.

So basically, if this is an example of the normal figures in the Battle of Skull Pass set, then unless you want the terrain pieces and "special" models, I would advise you not to bother! I'd advise people to search for previous edition regiment boxes of Dwarves and Night Goblins if you want those troops.
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Another weekend gone, with little in the way of posting, here's a quick round up :

Friday I popped in briefly to Katipo for a mulled wine and some cheasy fries, but quickly felt too tired from the discussions and events of the previous days to hang around, so sloped off to the train and went home. Fixed up my DNS and web-server, and got a media server and my wireless media player working as mentioned earlier. Went to be early for me .

Saturday had a nice morning in the sun, as mentioned on my last post, and then pottered around sorting out the huge stockpile of Games Workshop stuff I have built up, trying to decide what to get rid of. Finally got all the Space Marine stuff off of my kitchen table. Showered and dressed for [ profile] jarratt_gray's Victorian Nights. I was last to arrive for a change.

The game was most enjoyable, involving me heavily as Sebastian searched for a wife with Mme. Camille's help, whilst still trying to figure out how Mr. Gray had come back from the land of the dead. Jarrat is to be commended on a lovely little plot around Annabelle Wintertown, and [ profile] evie_fae and [ profile] argentbear played their roles wonderfully. Despite having deduced much of what was going on OOC, it was great fun letting Sebastian be trapped by the fae, and finaly only rescued by the persistent efforts of Mr. Gray (Idiot).

I hope to get another journal entry up on Sebastian's journal soon, something I haven't done in far too long.

I also had some discussion with Idiot about UBI and other potential liberal goals. Idiot's blog, No Right Turn has a good summary.

Went to a party afterwards.

Sunday I slept in and then went and ;listed a couple of Space Marine items, both of which sold via buy now by the time I got up Monday morning. Now I can eat this week! (kidding).

I did some more sorting and am getting closer to getting organized and listing more items to dispose of, and all of a sudden it was time to leave for the movies. Met up with [ profile] stephanie_pegg, her twin, and a couple of other to watch Mrs. Henderson Presents. It was a funny film with a couple of serious moments, with Judy Dench and Bob Hoskins giving their usual great performances. It was funny enough that it actually had us laughing out loud and I almost felt like clapping at some of the lines. It also had lots of naked women!

The scene where the lead "naked woman" (whose name I unfortunately have forgotten, Kelly Riley perhaps?) gave the fingers to the Luftwaffe's bombers while posing (naked, of course) as a greek goddess was a great tableau and inspiring, especially given my current thinking of certain women as, um, avatars of Goddess. I'm not sure that I describe that right though.

Sorry Steph and co, about running off and leaving you afterwards, and not relaxing with coffee. On second thoughts, I probably should have, but I was worried about running out of time where my car was parked. Afterwards I realized I could have dealt with that and come back! Stupid me.

Got home and shortly after I did I was surprised by [ profile] panda_pitt turning up. I don't expect to see him these days. It was good though, because with [ profile] seraphs_folly busy, I was expecting to feel a little lonely. Instead I heated up some Thai Green Curry soup and made some toast, and ate that with him..

Earlier I had decided that I would use the time to make up one of the many gundam models I have recently bought from TradeMe. For those who are interested it was a standard grade 1/144th Saviour gundam. I decide to experiment on the cheaper Saviour model before trying one of the high grade models. I have decided it probably needs painting though I like the way it goes together especially the ball joints whohc Games Workshop could take a few hints from for their Tau battle suits, dreadnaughts. and other walkers.

Pictures will be available soon!

Whilst doing this I half-watched My Big Greek Wedding whilst [ profile] panda_pitt worked on uni stuff.

Again I went to bed early, and woke up in tons of time to come to work. .
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I just gotta pass this on for anyone on my flist who doesn't watch [ profile] alexi_z's LJ :

Are we thinking or role-playing game ideas that can use these pictures yet?

The rest of [ profile] legnangel's LJ is interesting too, there is a very creepy baby in a picture at the bottom of the page and some of the other people in the picture look remarkably familiar too...

And from [ profile] mangee, a link to Portable Apps. The whole idea is to have applications like Firefox, Thunderbird, GAIM, and Open Office run completely off a USB drive meaning that your applications as well as data are available anywhere you can plug a USB drive into a computer. A wonderful idea. With advances in flash ram making 1GB and higher flash drives available for under NZ$100, this seems like a great solution for people who don't want to carry around (or can't afford) a laptop, but want their apps and data available whenever they borrow someone's computer.

Hell, it even sounds like a good idea to me, that way, if my computer falls over I can continue with a borrowed replacement, and I don't have to even temporarily store potentially naughty chat files or LJ entries (y'all know what I mean!) on my work computer's hard drive.


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