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It's four in the morning, (just after) the end of December, I'm writing you now just to see if you'll recognize the Cohen reference.

Actually by the time I post this it will probably be much later in the day. But I started it around five AM, after having got up at four due to lack of ability to sleep and fear of imminent zombie apocalypse. I spent some time fixing up spam attacks and other suspicious activity on the Mage Wiki which may help make the other sites on my server more stable, seeing as it seems to be the spurious activity on the Mage Wiki that is causing the server crashes.

It's odd activity, looks like a large number of different IPs posting short encrypted (or binary) strings. May be it's a form of bot communication? I'd be interested if anyone has heard of MediaWiki being used for anything like bot comms or similar.

Anyway, here's an (image-heavy) update under the cut )

BTW, near the end of this post there are minor spoilers for Avatar and Sherlock Holmes, so skip if you haven't seen them and wan't to maintain your purity.

Oh, also, I got a hair-cut. Supposedly I look ten years younger.
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It was my birthday yesterday, and it was a wonderful day. The day started by getting up relatively early and eating the strawberries that [profile] seraphs_folly had prepared for my breakfast me the previous evening. She'd removed the greenery from almost an entire punnet of strawberries, so I was unable to finish them all for breakfast!

I headed off to work and kept nicely busy, so the day passed quickly with a minimum of stress, and several happy birthday wishes via txt or twitter, and then it was down to Kazu yakitori where [profile] seraphs_folly had already started on the lychee chu-hai, and she began to ply me with beer (Asahi).

I was also surprised by a pile of presents on the table, topped off by a beautiful cat-shaped birthday card (I'll post a pic later). Even though she had already given me a birthday present (a watch), and there was another birthday present on the way in the mail (something naughty), and even though busy with her latest house project, my love had gone out of her way to pick up some presents for me to unwrap.

The wrapping paper was also memorable, possibly the richest wrapping paper I've ever received, thick heavy paper, embossed with gold glitter, etc. It was so beautiful I didn't want to damage it, so I very carefully plied it off to reveal...

Well, I was expecting a couple of little things, just to give me something to unwrap, more "stocking fillers" than real presents, as I'd already received, or had ordered, some lovely presents. What I got was presents that were in many ways more impressive than those I already knew about.

My love told me that she'd gone into Comics Compulsion and asked the guy there to show her "the prettiest things he had". She'd sorted thru these and made her choices trying to ensure they weren't things I already had. And so I ended up with the hard-back version of Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell's The Dream Hunters(1) and Absolute Death. I am very spoilt, and I'd say that these were the best presents ever, except I seem to be saying that every time about the things my lady gives me. It's wonderful having someone who knows you well enough to buy surprise presents that one really likes.

We ate and drank our fill, edamame, karraage, miso. In the process I discovered that the Kazu peppered steak is divine. We moved on to Cafe Eis for dessert. I had an ice cream that tasted like biscuits and coffee. From there we weaved a somewhat drunken way to Reading Central, and determined we had to wait a bit to get Gold Lounge seats for 2012 We filled in the time by trying out the iFeel (or some similar name) massage chairs in the lobby. It was a little disconcerting being held by the ankles, pummeled in the back of head, and anally-probed, by an intelligent chair.

The Reading Central Gold Lounge is not a particularly good deal these days, without the free drinks and popcorn, and with the seats being a bit worn and clunky after several years of use, but the seats are still nicer to relax into and we had some of the best ones. Based on the trailers, I now want to see several movies, from Sherlock Holmes (if only for the laughs) to Avatar (Even though it worryingly reminds me of the second Star Wars trilogy, combined with Matrix 2 and Starship Troopers the TV show).

As to 2012, well, as expected it was a big, dumb, special effects movie that was a lot of fun. It had many common Hollywood tropes, from reconciling a divorced couple with kids(it happens all the time in movies, I'm not sure it ever happens in real life) to killing all the people who have sex. But there were very few times that the pace got slow or there was unnecessary padding, the only places where I felt that was where some characters lingered a little long over their good-byes and kisses when there were important reason for them to hurry. I enjoyed several things, like the fact that the lead drove his Russian mafia bosses limo, which was one of those armoured, over-powered things, with bulletproof tires, designed for taking gunfire and for combat evasion, through the initial escape, giving at least some justification as to why the car survived that sequence. And then the Russian pilot found possibly the only aircraft that could have gotten them out of Las Vegas like that, an Antonov AN-124 Ruslan (NATO reporting designation 'Condor'). I also loved Woody Harrelson's character, and you could tell he was enjoying it too! The Yellowstone eruption sequence looked great, regardless of it;s technical accuracy.

There were so many enjoyable little touches, many of which made me LOL, I can't list them all and of course, the spectacle. Overall I think it's well worth watching in a big theatre while tipsy, probably not worth getting on DVD though unless you have a 60" screen and a really good sound system.

Waiting for the Gold Lounge showing meant we didn't get home until almost midnight. When I got home I found I'd received a lovely email from a close friend which really topped off the evening, and then when i remembered to turn on my phone this morning (having turned it off during the movie) I found more birthday txt messages.

And just a few moments ago, my love informed me that she had also purchased tickets to Neil Gaiman's talk next year for she & I.

A really great day that made me feel very loved and special.

Just finishing this at work while waiting to head of to BBC, followed by TNC.

All I need now is a day of relaxing at home to remove the shrink-wrap and really appreciate my presents!!

1. Not to be confused with Neil Gaiman & and Yoshitako Amano's
The Sandman : The Dream Hunters.


Dec. 25th, 2008 10:43 am
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Just got a link to this on Digg, the trailer for Tim Burton's next animated movie 9. Looks like fun. Some people are saying it's like a cross between Fallout & Little Big Planet, I find it reminds me of [ profile] grandexperiment and his games.

I think most director's would kill for such a release date!

Oh, and it turns out this movie is based on an already released short animation by Shane Acker. On a second viewing, I see a "Chris Mills" listed in the credits. Is that some one I know, I wonder?
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I've decided, after seeing it a second time, that I really like Le Pacte des loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf). It's up there with 13th Warrior in the "historical pseudo-supernatural but darkly gritty" stakes. It is a little long, somewhat brutal, is almost too many movies crushed into one, and if you don't know French you need to watch the subtitles. But even I with my limited high school French could tell that the subtitles were not saying exactly what the characters were saying, and that does not really detract from a movie that does so many of the tropes of modern action movies, but sets them in 14thC France. The villain is perfect. Over the top in such a way that if I described him bluntly here you might say he was tacky and unoriginal, a caricature, but as portrayed and revealed in the film, just lovely. Some events are predictable, almost clichéd, but are perfect in the context of the story. As a modern movie it needs serious editing, but as an experience to wallow in it;s just right. And the wolves... well, I can't say much without spoilers, but there is a lovely karmic balance between the titular Brotherhood being the villains, and real wolves.

Here's another Vampire Clan test. But I quite enjoyed this one :

My result for Which Vampire the Masquerade Clan Are You? )


Aug. 10th, 2008 08:39 pm
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The episode of Dr. Who entitled Blink just won the Hugo award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form, beating out the only other real contender (IMO), Razor. Of the five nominations, three were BBC productions, the winner, Human Nature / The Family of Blood from Dr. Who, and the episode entitled Captain Jack Harkness (the dance, the kiss) from Torchwood. The only other nominee was the episode World Enough and Time from Star Trek The New Voyages.

Season 1 of Heroes was nominated as a series for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form, as were the adaptations of The Golden Compass, Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, and Walt Disney's Enchanted, but the winner was the adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Stardust.

Note all three original novels were by British writers. Thus, of ten nominees, six were British or based on British novels, as well as both winners. Also, the only original long forms were a TV series and a fairy-tale Disney film. One wonders whether one should mourn the death of the original SF movie?
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Bit of a bleh weekend, largely because of head cold thingy and trying to do stuff with a headache, and this weekend not having my love with me. Still, a lot of good things got fitted in.

Friday night[ profile] evie_fae's winter solstice party and pot luck dinner. The bean & tofu curry I made to the recipe [ profile] ferrouswheel showed me seemed to go down well. We definitely did not run out of food! Singstarring occurred and most of the boys played [ profile] argentbear's new Tannhauser game. I still thin of Roy Batty when ever I hear that word. I left relatively early, primarily because of the aforementioned headache, but when I got home I couldn't sleep.

Once I finally got to sleep, I didn't wake up until almost midday! Ele and Ben were arriving at 2pm so I had two hours to get ready, and that included going into town to do shopping and finding Ben a present. I got home in time to unpack the shopping, wrap the present and get half-way through the washing up before Ele & Ben arrived. By this time I had a pounding headache again, but I was trying to put on a good show for Ben, for his birthday, and I was preparing lunch, and making drinks, and finishing the dishes and stuff and by the time we had to rush out so that we could pick up Ben's GF, as well as [ profile] panda_pitt, and get to the theatre on time, I still hadn't managed to have an aspirin.

So who noticed that Eddie Izzard did the voice of Reepicheep in Prince Caspian? I did, coz we had to sit
through the entire credits so that Ele could look for family members and friends!

The film itself was made by the dwarf Trumpkin and Edmund. Their dry humour kept it from being an annoyingly cloying film. I especially liked the way Edmund delivered the comment "I know, you had it all sorted", after he saved Peter from the White Queen. Iit was an enjoyable movie. There were a couple of jarring moments, primarily where obvious military things were done wrong, and in location continuity, especially between the bridge and the primary battleground. I liked the griffon commando insertion teams. And that the Telmarine artillery had anti-aircraft systems.

After the movie we went off to KFC in Avalon for dinner at Ben's request. There I was impressed by the teamwork of the crew behind the counter, they were helping each other without asking and communicating well. The only mistake they made was to not actually charge me at the end, but given how helpful and friendly they were, which is not all that common a thing in a fast food place, I pointed it out them and did actually pay for the meal.

Ben is n-n-n-nineteen, was angling for kisses from his GF, and copying whatever [ profile] wasup_bro did with Tash. We got home and had cake. Once they left I started singing "It's Saturday night and I ain't got nobody..." to myself, after the family outing and with [ profile] seraphs_folly having Sex in the City. A little bit of angst, missing the old days a bit.

Slept in Sunday too, and rushed out to buy more things I don't need, then sat down and did almost nothing all afternoon, except I did manage to list a few spare things on TradeMe. Then [ profile] danjite & [ profile] khaybee asked to come over to borrow some DVD's, which livened things up and made me feel much better anyway. :)

Doing some hack work now, but at least it's real work instead of stupid estimates, and it's making use of my re41 1337 5k1llz.

Sally... that girl... :)
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Woo, this weather and time kills desire to achieve. Regardless, I actually got my car in the garage yesterday evening. And it's looking good for [ profile] ferrouswheel to be able to do a similar thing soon. Lots of crap to move still and we may have to a do a run to the dump, to the dump, to the dump, dump, dump.

The hardest things to move will be the hundred odd concrete roof tiles. Does anyone want concrete roof tiles? I tried listing them on TradeMe once, but no real takers. I may try again. I'm OK keeping some in case of damage, but I think I have too many. Of course, just after I get rid of them, a tree will fall on the roof.

Re-watched Crank last night, because someone somewhere mentioned it had cool cinematography, and yeah I have to agree, the ways of dealing with people talking by phone (as it happens a lot) are really quite inventive. Noticed while watching that one of the energy drinks the hero gulps down is called Rockst*r, with a logo similar to that of GTA publishers, Rockst*r Games. Turns out it is a real drink, but the film is very GTA anyway, actually felt like playing the game after watching the film. See? Video games are good for the world! When I watch the film, it don't make me want to rush out and beat up on people and drive fast while drugged, it makes me want to play a game where I can beat up on people and drive fast while drugged!

I've decided I'm gonna have to learn how PHP works. The KapCon web site is running now on Drupal 6.0, though it still needs work, and I need to integrate an event management package with Drupal before too long. There is work on porting one from Drupal 5 to 6, but it may not be done by the time I need it. Therefore I may actually have to finish it myself. Need to make a real theme for it some day too.

I've refused to actually learn PHP for years, because it's such a horrible looking language and people in the past tend to write such complete and utter crap code with it. But some of the projects like MediaWiki and Drupala 6 seem to have at least tried to follow standard software development guidelines, and as in both cases I've been able to hack the code on occasion without actually knowing anything about PHP, it does seem to be reasonably nicely structured. Soo, as I don't actually have any work to do today, I'm make use of my free access to and read some PHP books.

Am missing [ profile] seraphs_folly a lot. Beginning to feel something needs to be done about that.
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Looks like those lovely Irish Catholic hard-asses from Boondock Saints will be back in a recently announce d sequel picked up by Sony


The lads and I are really gonna have to go to a party cosplaying them sometime!
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OK, for the ladies and gentlemen I know who like sexy pretty boys, how does a young, naked Ewan MacGregor wearing nail polish, in bed, cuddling an equally young and naked Jonathan Rhys Myers while Christian Bale (playing an almost Gaiman-like character) masturbates over their picture sound?

Well, I suggest that such ladies and gents head toward Velvet Goldmine Add in Eddie Izzard as a beautifully portrayed smarmy manager in a story that tells of the Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust Maxwell Demon, a retelling of the life of a David Bowie from another universe , with sex and drugs and rock & roll, with a sort of Moulin Rouge crossed with Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Spinal Tap and The Mighty Boosh feel... all the visual and musical references are so nostalgic!

I can see why it didn't get famous, the story is confused, with multiple time and POV shifts, but it has sexy hot boys in make-up! :)
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Don't think I'll get much done today.

Sitting down with a nice coffee made for me by [ profile] ferrouswheel, but earlier had a horrible queasy feeling and a big pain below my ribs. Ithink it was just gas but am overall feeling a little seedy after a week of late nights. The last week went damn fast!

Part of that was because I spent most of Wednesday to Thursday hacking around with Drupal, getting a new KapCon website in place and testing things out for [ profile] seraphs_folly's commercial site which will have to go live soon. I agree with [ profile] taniwha_nz , it's a great product. Unfortunately, as is normal, I went to the website of the project and downloaded the latest stable release, and then after installing and setting it up ( a very simple process), discovered that it was a drastic change from the previous release, and the vast majority of the mods and themes available for the previous version are not yet available for this version. Damn. Which means as the out of the box blogging and image upload capabilities are basically crap, I'm probably going to have to integrate Wordpress and Drupal. Not that this is at all difficult, but I suspect getting skins for both products to look the same may be an issue! Time disappears on you when you're playing around with such things,. Neither site is ready for release yet, so no linkies, but it hopefully won't be long.

Friday I met [ profile] danjite and [ profile] khaybee for the first time at Fidel's, along with the usual crowd, but had to rush off pretty quick to catch up with and farewell [ profile] drowninghail at Strawberry Faire. There was much conversation and merriment, and we got to geek over [ profile] adrexia's new EEeeeee! PC and chat about steam-punk games made from NERF guns, among other things.

Saturday I veged out doing minor chores around the house, while [ profile] ferrouswheel prepared for Starstruck 2 which unfortunately got cancelled because of the tropical rainstorm. I wasn't going to go to that until much later anyway because I'd been invited to have dinner with [ profile] lamprey and his twin for their birthday. We started off at Good Luck and then headed up to Cafe Instanbul, wher I have to recommend both the breads and the chicken Ottomani. A lot of conversation and silliness occurred, with a floor show in the shape of a hen party, until the belly-dancer came out, after which we all squeezed into the wee white car and went back to [ profile] amphigori's place, where I got to try some of [ profile] lamprey's Newcastle brew (dark, medium heavy, relatively sweet, most drinkable!) and we tried to watch the "extended edition" of Dune.

It has to be one of the worst films ever made. It's no surprise that David Lynch got them to pull his name off it. Who was the complete idiot that thought fifteen minutes of voice over with poorly-realized line art was a good way to start the film? And once the film started, there was so much that could have been edited out to make the film better. Internal monologues when the person in question is doing nothing but stand there looking stupid!. Paul was far too old. Shadout Mapes told us who she was and that she was the housekeeper twice using the same words and Karloffian pronounciation each time. The Guild Navigator's lighter arriving on the imperial planet used exactly the same special effect clip as Leto's ship arriving on Arrakis. Leto's council of war reminded me of Stephen Fry's character in Black Adder The Fourth, all involved believed in the need for MORE SHOUTING!! That being said I love the baroque design, the usage of the original book's dialogue in many places., and the extreme sexual imagery whenever the guild navigator was involved. I actually saw this movie when it came out, and it didn't seem so bad back then.

Now I am watching the bucketing rain and blobbing. I think I shall watch the more recent TV series of Dune to hopefully wipe away the memory of the other!
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Seems both Britt Eckland and Christopher Lee are going to appear in Wickerman 2, which is entitled Cowboys For Christ.
While it's described as "not a conventional sequel", the movie's plot revolves around a gospel singer and her cowboy friend who "set off from Texas to enlighten Scottish heathens about the ways of Christ". Rather ominously, they're both virgins and after a warm welcome on the estate of "genial laird" Lee and his wife Lady Delia Morrison, to be played by Joan Collins, they discover their intentions are "less than honourable".
The article also has director Robin Hardy admitting that it wasn't Britt Eckland' s arse in the famous naked dancing scene, but that of a hastily recruited Glaswegian stripper.
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So, that's the longest leg of the flight done.

For me it was a movie marathon. First I watched good old Clive Owen in Shoot 'Em Up, which it was. All the classic tropes, done with style and panache. Absolutely no redeeming features but I enjoyed it. If you like HKAT-style gun-play and lines, and the standard plot re-cycled (with carrots) then you'll enjoy it. If you care about motivation, sexism. and stupid amounts of random violence, then you won't.

Then I realized they had The Bourne Ultimatum. But as I've said to some people, I didn't want to watch that one without watching the first two.

Luckily they had the first two, so I watched, in sequence and back to back, The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum. I like the way they made the ending of the The Bourne Supremacy fit into the end game of The Bourne Ultimatum. I liked the fact that the CIA had some good guys (or in this case, gals). I like the ending theme music. Almost Cowboy Bebop in style. I like Matt Damon, but he still looks too young for the role.

BTW, the Manchester Airport Business Class lounge is complete crap. The only worse one I've been in is Delhi, and at least they had better service. All the food was prepackaged, and it was tiny and chock full.

Well, gotta run, be back in NZ in just over ten hours, cross fingers.
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I'm really enjoying the way Flock handles (and creates) embedded content and media streams and rss. I've left it running all weekend and it seems to be a bit more stable than Firefox, though that maybe due to the lack of plugin's rather than the core engine which is, of course, basically the same. All I'm missing is image zoom. Everything else is better. Memory usage might be a wee bit better.

Do you like Hello Kitty? Well Joi Ito has joined the board of Sanrio Digital based in Hong Kong, which among other things does the on-line stuff for Hello Kitty, and he tells us you can get your own free email address from Sanriotown

And following on from that Jumper looks like fun! If you liked Kurt Wagner's attack on the Whitehouse in X-Men II, here's an entire film of teleport- based combat!

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Or at least that's what Tinks told the boys to do. Fairies seem to get jealous of Wendy's all the time, especially when the love of a boy who refuses to grow up is involved.grins a wicked Panly grin. And mermaids are dark creatures...

You see [ profile] ferrouswheel bought the good version of Peter Pan cheap and we're watching it now!

Someone is clever, I've just received the only spam email that really made me want to open it. A plain email from a German address with a real name, one picture attachment, and the title "I show you how far the rabbit hole goes". Clever. It was actually a standard old drug ad, but for a minute there... Somehow, Google Ads placed an ad for preventing canine copraphagia next to it.

Having finished A Civil Campaign, and not having any more Vorkosigan to read, I've picked up a book I won in the Conspiracy II raffle, which is another Laurel Hamilton book, but this is one about a fairy princess who has a harem of guards whom she pretty much has to have sex with. Fae politics y'know! Only just started, and so far there's too much exposition, but I'll see how it goes. This one at least seems to have a much better attitude toward the sex, even if some of it is only duty.

I want always to be a boy and have fun!

You say so, but I think it is your biggest pretend.


Sep. 22nd, 2007 11:09 am
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It was nice to catch up with [ profile] stephanie_pegg, [ profile] repton_infinity, and the Norman.

I'm not actually going to say much about Stardust itself, except that I saw it and greatly enjoyed it, it's the humour and fun that makes it so good to watch, perhaps even more so than the book / comic series, as it seems more concentrated in the movie. The nasty bits, such as Septimus' death, are played down, but are still there.

There were three trailers played in front of the movie, The Seeker - The Dark Is Rising, The Golden Compass, and The Water Horse. That's all trailer slots filled with what are basically fantasy movies, and they didn't show a trailer for Beowulf.

Speaking of Beowulf, what is it about this story? I watched Beowulf & Grendel with [ profile] panda_pitt a while ago, which only came out in 2005. It was a gritty quite realistic telling of the tale, it had a similar feel to The 13th Warrior. But there's also supposedly Beowulf, Prince of the Geats coming out this year, though I suspect it will be delayed with Gaiman's one hitting the theatres soon.

Another wonderful walk along the waterfront at night, reminiscing happily, and back home for an early night

There was something else I wanted to say, but I can't remember what it was now.
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I saw Eagle vs Shark last night with someone new. Random thoughts on't occur :
  • Another in what Sam Neil once called "the theatre of unease".
  • Funny, sad, and all too true.
  • Large amounts of it seemed to have been filmed around Titahi Bay, with the opening scene set in the Manner's Mall KFC.
  • It may be a bit too close to home for some people, and not just because of where it was filmed.
  • The heroine, Lily, finally defeats the villain, Jarrod.
  • Shame she needed alcohol to show her power.
  • Let's Dance by Phoenix Foundation
And, in a final bit of congruence, the seat I was allocated was K9. It would have been just too much if my date was named K8. Luckily, she wasn't.
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Well, it looks like the British action hero invasion of America (begun single-handedly by Jason Statham with Transporter) is continuing with Clive Owen starring in another of those running-gun-battles-for-no-good reason, this time appropriately called Shoot 'Em Up. Go have a look at the trailer.

Thee is at least one good line in the trailer, when the villain says : "Do we really suck, or is this guy really good?". Not quite as good as Bruce Willis' line from the new Die Hard : "I ran out of bullets", but not everyone can get lines as good as Brucie does. BTW, did people know Silent Bob has a major role in that film?

Of course you may recognize Owen from his role in Sin City, so maybe he's just keeping his hand in for Sin City II. And they're already talking about Sin City III

Yeah OK, so it's a change from my normal type of post. So bite me. Maybe it's coz I haven't played [ profile] dead_lex for a while, and he wants out .
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A misplaced candle is believed to have started a fire that caused about $100,000 damage to a bondage and discipline parlour in inner Melbourne..... An MFB spokesman said 18 firefighters "were tied up for some time but disciplined and controlled firefighting contained the blaze to one room on the second floor".
Someone had fun with that report!
Weren't certain people on my flist recently in Melbourne? Didn't have anything to do with you guys by any chance did it? :)

And for those of you who like short films, the BBC has a great little site called Film Network.

hat-tip to colleague C and [ profile] ehintz
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I took [ profile] ferrouswheel along to the Destination:Earth premier at Indigo City last night, as I had to drop him into the airport afterwards. This confused a few people who either didn't realize, or had forgotten, that I had an older son than [ profile] panda_pitt. So he got to experience both the waiting for confirmation that the cut had been delivered on time, and the first screening of that cut.

I have to say it was damn impressive, the graphics made the production seem that much more professional, and the scenes with the actors seemed that much more polished technically (lighting sound, general colour balance, etc) than in previous years. I suspect it was partially because we had professional lighting gear, as well as the time to do a good amount of ADR, this year.

If the actually subject matter doesn't put people off, I think we have a much better chance this year!

Then, because [ profile] stephanie_pegg was there (complete with shorter hair) we got to see the Flying Monkey's entry Jump, a serious war movie tackling complex moral issues, filmed entirely in Lego! It was an impressive movie, and worked remarkably well at capturing the audience emotionally, even though the characters were Lego.

It turned into an evening of filmic activity, as when I got home I watched most of the last half of the Stiller vehicle Night at the Museum, and all of Beowulf and Grendel with [ profile] panda_pitt. The former was as fluffy and cheesy as could be expected, though had a few good character moments, which was unsurprising given the quality of the supporting cast.

The latter started very disjointedly, but finally got into it's stride and turned out to be a pretty damn good interpretation of the tale, creating a story that explained the legend without resort to fantasy, and with just a hint of magic that could have all been the fancy of the characters, similar in feel to 13th Warrior. Unlike 13th Warrior though, the broad English, Irish, and Scottish accents of the characters were a bit distracting.

I will warn people that there is a disturbing scene where Grendel rapes the love interest, and she, though looking a bit scared, seemed to look back on it fondly and care for him. It is explainable in the culture and her stated experiences, and for a "monster" he was gentle, but still it might be worrying for some.

Anyway, I should be doing some work. All I've done so far is fill in my time-sheet for last week, and certify that I have read our "Code of Ethics". :)
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On previous 48hr Film competition weekends I would have been racing around still supporting filming at this time of the second day.

This time we were working on the first location shoot (Jimmie's Café, in the foyer of the St James) by 10.00am and had the core script in the can by 7pm Saturday evening. That's basically nine hours of filming. They're doing a couple of short shots for a montage at present, but with Will the graphics guy doing interspersed graphics while we filmed, they were editing when I left last night at around 8.30pm. The graphics look great, BTW!

Amazingly easy this time, partially because of good and close locations : Jimmie's Café, Carter Observatory and the surrounds, and [ profile] jenni_talula's parents-in-law flat in Ghuznee St. Also it was a lovely day. Lovely enough that we had to worry about sunburn!

This is the third time our team, Jenni's Angels, has competed, but other than the core or Jenni & Lee, Norm & Hix, it was almost a new team, with a number of people I didn't know well or who hadn't done it before. I was (again) props master, and this time actually got the title of "gaffer" as well, though props was relatively easy this year with most of the props being used in only one picnic scene.

I got to fry up steak on a gas burner on top of a hill. I managed to not get directly involved in tying up [ profile] giffydoll and wrapping her in cling-film, deferring to a younger and cuter guy. :)

As you can imagine from the last paragraph, there was a lot of rather humorous things going on given the subject matter of the film, which I won't directly give spoilers on yet, but I will mention some things overheard while [ profile] jenni_talula was forking a bound [ profile] giffydoll in the bedroom scene.
"spread the legs wider"
"fondle the rope more"
"poke her in the soft bit"
At one point I was being used as furniture by [ profile] fraser_by_proxy whilst my head was between [ profile] jenni_talula's legs, but you won't see that on camera!

Note that there is no "BDSM porn movie" genre in the competition, and we were actually filming a science fiction travel documentary, so really it was much more innocent than it sounds. :)

[ profile] fraser_by_proxy and [ profile] giffydoll put up with quite a lot of discomfort and potential embarrassment for the sake of art, so they deserve big props!

Looking forward to seeing the final cut!


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