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This morning's random ride-to-work play list had a sort of theme. It started with 3 Doors Down's Running Out Of Days
And all these little things in life they all create this haze
There’s too many things to get done, and I’m running out of days
There was Sir Bob's We Are The World, which I didn't even realize was on my phone. My anthem came up, New Model Army's Before I Get Old
Live real fast, still not die
Never get old
This was followed by Peter Gabriel's Biko which is still emotional after all these years, and just as relevant now.
You can blow out a candle
But you can't blow out a fire
Once the flames begin to catch
The wind will blow it higher
I had to think then. To many people that I know now, Steve Biko is just a part of history, if they've ever heard of him. He was more than that to me when I was a teenager.

That was a long time ago. I've become tired & cynical. All of my edginess, if any is left, is in the areas of play & personal interaction. All the people I know now are "safe". Even the burners aren't what I'd call radical, though I admire their skills. I used to hang out with bikies, gang members, radicals, anarchists, criminals (the lines blur all the time in those groups). I used to bump fists with convicted murderers. Not that I want to do it again, but I used to haul body bags from helicopters. I used to fly round the country as part of an aerobatic team. Now possibly the most edgy thing in my life is having friends who are sex workers.

In many ways this is a good thing. I'm probably not physically capable of leaping from a 25ft roof, rolling, and coming up into a run without pause anymore. I probably can't take down heavier and stronger men with speed, skill & ruthlessness anymore. I'm out of practice, lazy, and unfit. It's good I am in a safe environment because I probably couldn't handle an unsafe one anymore.

But it does leave me feeling that there's something missing and I should be doing something about it. The first step though must be to deal with that lack of fitness. If only to better survive the coming zombie apocalypse.

Funny really, one of the reasons I did what I did around combat training when younger was that I fully expected there to be a nuclear holocaust, primarily affecting the Northern hemisphere, and I did what I could to be "ready" to survive it. Now it's zombies.


Apr. 13th, 2010 07:20 pm
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Had a moment's happy remembrance on the train this morning listening to NiN's Head Like a Hole

Head like a hole, black as your soul
I'd rather die than give you control
Bow down before the one you serve
You're going to get what you deserve

My memory was of my very first vampire LARP, when I had only recently arrived back  in Wellington, a Wellington-By-Night game at Turnbull House , where I played one of the villians of the evening, part of a Sabbat motorcycle gang from Christchurch. I remember dancing with a certain classic Malkavian school-girl (who unfortunately left for other parts shortly afterwards) in the "vampire club" we were planning to blow up. I think the song must be an official Anarch anthem. 

Which reminds me, I was thinking on how band names come from other people's songs, like Sisters Of Mercy named themselves from Leonard Cohen's song, and how the local Welly band Head like a Hole named themselves from that NiN song, I've been wondering whether this line from Tori Amos'  Precious Things  has any bearing on NiN ?
No one dared
No one cared
To tell me where the pretty girls are
Those demigods
With their nine-inch nails and little fascist panties tucked inside the
heart of every nice girl

That song also has the lovely line "So you can make me cum, that doesn't make you Jesus"

I think this anthology of optimistic SF, Shine, looks promising. At the very least, just the concept of the analogy and that cover painting makes me think of story ideas. 

Am wishing I had more time for writing things even if it is just fluff like this.

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After having reformatted my ipod and ripped all my recently acquired CD's I believe I've listened enough to Vostok Lakes' new album, Small Group Psychosis, to make comment there-on.

Retro-synthpop is one way of describing VostoK Lake's style, on the web-site it's described as "melodramatic electroclash". says "Think of the offspring of Tori Amos having hate-sex with Gary Numan", and it's hard not to think of Vince Noir when one sees those terms, but intentionally or not, Daphne Lawless is drawing on a wide range of materiel.

On listening to Kalla Kalla Amrika or the beginning of Girl Without A Past, I had to check the "Now Playing" tag, because I could have sworn I was listening to early Emerson, Lake, & Palmer. In fact Girl Without A Past sounds exactly like what might have happened if the now sadly deceased Eric Woolfson (song-writer and co-founder of The Alan Parson's Project) had written lyrics for ELP.

I think the fact that are so many attempts in the last couple of paragraphs to utilize similes to other artists shows that actually Vostok Lake has it's own unique style, sythn-pop, not because it uses synthesizers because, but because it is a synthesis.

Abomination, which I first heard what seems like years ago, is as catchy as ever, and is a nicely produced wall of sound. Mandatory for playing at full volume whenever you pass a Destiny Church. Likewise, Crawleigh In A Previous Life is an old friend. There's also an interesting cover of Leonard Cohen's Teachers.

Vostok Lake will be here Friday, playing at Happy, corner of Tory & Vivian as part of their promotional tour for Small Group Psychosis, and is The NZ Herald's Editor's Pick of the gigs this week.


Jan. 21st, 2010 09:27 am
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I've known for a long time that the Sisters of Mercy song is not about vampires, but I've always thought that, with a title like Lucretia, words like "reflection", and phrases like "dancing the ghost" , it should be.

So here, courtesy of a train ride and an ipod, are the lyrics to Lucretia (the Vampire Version)
Read more... )
It turns out you don't have to change many words at all to completely change the thrust of the song.
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The oracle offered up an interesting juxtaposition of songs this morning. First there was Garbage's Supervixen which ends with the repeated lines :
Bow down to me...bow down to me...
Which was immediately followed by Leonard Cohen's I'm Your Man, which starts with
If you want a lover
I'll do anything you ask me to
And if you want another kind of love
I'll wear a mask for you

He has a lovely voice. Makes me go all squishy inside.

Of course, this was followed by The Doors doing The End and Bon Jovi's Wanted : Dead or Alive, so I'm hoping the oracle isn't really trying to tell me something.

@jnicholson linked to this BBC article about the intelligence of corvids, and I found this interesting MIT article on interface technology somewhere and on Wired. this morning there was this interesting article about Feds potentially being caught by RFID sniffers at DefCon. It goes on to point out the massive security risk created by using RFID ID's and passports.

Now to waste more company time by going and getting a coffee. They're going to regret stopping supplying reasonable coffee. But then it seems HP's CEO Mark Hurd is actively trying to destroy the company and cause it to lose it's market position. I'm just glad I live in New Zealand where they can't force you to take 30% pay cuts just so that Hurd can get his $23 million bonus. But this publicity means no client will really trust that an HP/EDS team can deliver a project, because they'll know most of their good people will have already left.

I suspect Mark Hurd's days are numbered. Given the number of employees HP/EDS has, and how pissed off they are about him, the chances that one of them is driven enough to put a bullet in his head is quite high. Anyone who did so would definitely be cheered throughout the world as the saviour of the company. Isn't it about time that the workers of the world embrace assasination as a salary negotiating tool? It seems a reasonable response to multi-million dollar bonuses to me.
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I was woken this morning by a cat bashing open my bedroom door. The creature did, however, have enough sense of self preservation not to come anywhere near me after entering the room and meowing at me. It is now sitting smugly by my right shoulder, after having demanded biscuits. No, I am not one who serves my cat masters gladly.

Having been forced out of bed way too early I found a baby weta on the kitchen bench. This was a baby weta, so it wasn't scary. I went to get my camera to capture it, but by the time I came back it was gone. That's a little scary. Ninja baby wetas infest my kitchen! Sounds like a Frank Zappa song title.

I did find tt most endearing that the cat also insisted on cuddles prior to biscuits. The forms must be followed. The cat gives you grins and snuggles and purrs and rubs, and then you give it biscuits. The cat is most put out if you just give it biscuits and can't be bothered accepting payment.

Speaking of payment @trentreznor has added the following to his great post about how to make it as a media star in the current climate :

Here's a truth: nobody knows what to do right now, me included. The music business model is broken right now. That means every single job position in the music industry has to re-educate itself and learn / discover / adapt a new way. Change can be painful and hard and scary. If any of these entities we're discussing are interested in you, ask them about their strategies IN DETAIL. None of them know for sure what to do. Some of them have an idea of how to negotiate these waters. Most of them don't. If you are young and use the internet, you know more about your audience than they do - for sure. This is a revolution and you can be a part of it. The old guard is dying, if you have good ideas - try them.

Heh! Meet the Singularity folks..

Just after reading that I noticed this exchange between @warrenellis and some followers, which starts at the end of a long twitter rant about how there are no good large capacity portable miuisc players on the market now becaue they're all trying to look like the iPod Touch. Remember this is Twitter, so start reading from the bottom :

@warrenellis on spanking as payment

I had a succesful CD ripping session last night, reaccquainting myself with Billy Joel and his early SciFi-ness, such as Miami 2017 (lyrics).

That's one of the songs that makes me wish I could play piano. This was written before SciFi was cool, before Star Wars. The original has a synthesizer at the start, evoking air raid sirens. It seems to have taken on a whole new meaning to a lot of USAians since 9/11, the financial crash, and the drug cartels in Mexico. Just look at a few of the "related videos" on it's YouTube page. I hope Joel survives long enough to play it in 2017!

OK, must now hoover, and do other chores.
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Two songs have gotten stuck in my head due to the riding of trains. Last night I decided that Nick Cave's Loverman is absolutely the best lyrical representation of male lust.

This morning I decided I really like AFP's Delilah. Primarily because of the ancillary vocals that are almost a yodel. And because of the ending line. "Let's see how fast this thing can go", it seems like a perfect musical segue into New Model Army's 125mph, or something similar.

And now I has some True Blood Season 2 crack. Will I be able to wait to watch a nude Anna Paquin with my lady next week? May be I can instead catch up on Dollhouse and Supernatural. I'm way behind on TV watching.
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Had an easy wake up this morning. Two people picked up TradeMe auctions they had won, and I did some tidying and sorting. Indulged myself writing some XSL to display various magazine databases I'm slowly compiling in XML. Such things are incredibly simple as web-apps, all XML, XSL, a touch of CSS. Add a directory of cover images if you want to be fancy.

Sorting through old magazines led me to discover an ancient 1981 issue of Rip It Up. Looking at the magazine was both nostalgic, and to me at least, interesting.

I discovered that in April 1981, Split Enz had just released Waiata, U2 were still pushing their debut album Boy, Phil Collins was selling his first solo album Face Value, Elvis Costello had just released Trust, and The Knobz had released their debut album Sudden Exposure. John Lennon had both the number one single with Woman, and the number one album with Double Fantasy even though, or possibly because, he'd been killed the previous December.

Split Enz were touring New Zealand prior to their first really big world tour, but Madness' tour was bigger news, taking up several pages of the rag.

What was really interesting though, was that the hot new Split Enz album cost $7.99, and you could get a free t-shirt with it if you bought from one retailer. This was before CDs, that was actual pressed vinyl we're talking about. So how did the cost of a hot new album, now sold on technology that is cheaper to produce, rise from just $7.99 in 1981 to a RRP of between $29.00 and $32.99?

Well, inflation, which was at at 15% in 1981, hit the dizzying heights of 18% in 1987. Though it dropped dramatically at the end of 1987, and has been below 4% since about 1991(source),
a little bit of calculation shows that, when adjusted for inflation, the latest hot album costs almost exactly the same now as it did in 1981.

That doesn't take into account technology changes, of course, and one can buy most albums for less than that as a download, or by hunting for a deal. Back then I used to buy sale vinyl for $2. I still have some of those, I got my copy of David Bowie's Space Odditty in a Woolworth's sale bin back in about 1976, and played it on a Columbia "portable" record player, that cost me $15. A couple of days ago OffTheBack was selling a half gig iPod-alike for $17.

Back then, we got to see Stanley Kubrik's A Clockwork Orange (but only if we were over 21!) after it was reclassified and finally allowed to be shown in New Zealand. Now I'm looking forward the new Bruce Willis Surrogates.

Finally, as promised for [profile] jennitalula, here's the Bollywood rip-off of Europe's The Final Countdown
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I'm currently reading Angel's Blood by Nalini Singh, largely coz she was a lot of fun at Conscription.

It's basically a "paranormal romance" about a female vampire hunter who gets involved with an angel while hunting another angel. While Nalini can write, and I'm enjoying it as I would a TV cop show, the book is as cheesy as you might expect such a thing to be, very much in the Laurel K. Hamilton style (except less actual sex).

The book also could have done with some better proof-reading, there's a couple of places where the flow of the book stumbles, and it looks like words are missing. The latter is a little disappointing seeing as Nalini is on the New York Times best-seller list, you'd have thought the publisher could have afforded to take appropriate care.

Nalini really does understand how power is sexy though, and although it's cheesily over the top, if the things she described were real, the actions of those involved are highly appropriate. I could imagine being any of the male characters, who, except for the hero's father, are either angels, vampires, or hunter, and would take the same actions they do were I playing that character. In fact, that's the feel the book gives me, of playing a classic, (cheesy), high level, Masquerade game.

Having stopped reading to walk from train to work, I turned on my iPod and the oracle gave me the Macy Gray/ Fatboy Slim collaboration Demons. The chorus line seemed appropriate to the point in the book where I'd stopped :
All of your demons will wither away
Ecstacy comes and they cannot stay
You'll understand when you come my way
'Cos all of my demons have withered away
The oracle followed this with Depeche Mode's I Feel You
I feel you, your sun it shines
I feel you within my mind
You take me there, you take me where
The kingdom comes
You take me to, and lead me through
Which also seemed relevant, especially if, in both cases, you do what my mind does and assume that the word "come" is being used in it's orgasmic sense. I like how my random music reflects my reading of soft-porn with angels in it. Actually I've always thought that so-called random (or even pseudo-random) processes are the most likely to be affected by woo-woo mind powers... damn now I'm channeling my old CoX character.

This book makes me want to play a nastily sexual vampire again. I think I haven't been doing enough role-playing lately...
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In attempting to follow [ profile] danjite's meme, I first had to find relevant charts for when I was born. Several on-line references didn't have information for when I was born. In fact it turns out that the very first UK singles chart was created just two years before I was born. Luckily Wikipaedia has pretty good coverage, so I discovered that when I was born Elvis Presley's Little Sister had been number one of nine days, and would remain at the top for a further three weeks.

However, the earliest video I could find of Elvis actually performing said song is the above clip from 1970.

Feel free to post similarly or not, your choice.
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(seeing as his LJ is one I can't comment on from work..)

IMO, the best way of getting All Along The Watchtower out of your head, is to listen to Wolfmother's Joker & The Thief.

Alternatively you could shoot yourself in the head while outside the range of a resurrection ship.
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I was watching an international performer in her underwear standing on the bar and playing Radiohead's Creep on the ukulele.

Bar was Bodega, and the performer was AFP, or Amanda Fucking Palmer, late of the Dresden Dolls. At least that's how I'm told I should refer to her by people who frequent her website.

Evening started with a barely passable CTM at Tulsi,though at least they had Kingfisher and the butter naan was nice. The company was good though, [ profile] argentbear, [ profile] evie_fae, [ profile] jarratt_gray, & [ profile] vizi. Then I had to go back to work to pick up my ticket having foolishly left it in my bag there. Got to the venue, and started running into other people such as [ profile] bekitty, [ profile] xenogram, [ profile] leatherdoll, [ profile] rikan_feral, and quarl.

We managed to survive through the many Rod Stewart videos in succession on the TV, primarily because the sound was off. The opening act from Auckland, Battle Circus, started significantly later than advertised. They were tight, extremely competent musicians, and ambitious, but their influences were far too obvious. At one point they reminded me of 1970's Genesis, but by the end of their set, I decided they were much more like Rush, in that they just couldn't let go of a riff. They did have echoes of certain more modern bands like Muse, so I think with a bit more experience they could become pretty good.

Amanda started by walking out onto stage without fanfare or announcement, and stood with a bunch of flowers in the spotlight as people piled in. She then sang, a cappella, The Wind That Shook The Barley (thanks for the title [ profile] vizi, and yes [ profile] evie_fae, Dead Can Dance have done it!), a traditional Irish ballad on which the title of a film about the IRA is based. A decidedly brave way to open a set, I thought, but it certainly got everyone's attention without the usual hype of welcoming people on stage. It also melted me because, as many of you know, I have a soft spot for single women singing Irish music in the dark. When she finished, she threw the flowers out into the audience. [ profile] evie_fae was lucky enough to find one of the flowers, amongst the feet of the crowd, so has a special memento.

As a technical production the show was a complete train-wreck. The stage was too low, so AFP got two audience members to help her raise the keyboard, and proceeded to do the whole show standing up, so that people could "see her tits", as she put it. She apologized, and said that she was used to playing sitting down, so standing up she'd be a bit a sloppy. That was choice, sitting down, invisible, and tight, and or standing up, visible, and sloppy. The keyboard lost power, and "ukulele saved the day." There were various weird and annoying sound system noises, the air con was annoyingly noisy at times. Near the end the keyboard became rather shaky and again audience members tried to help, not particularly successfully, when a guy in green military/hussar-style jacket yelled out "You need a man." This was taken with the right sort of humour, and resulted in the person in question being dragged up on stage, told to kneel by the keyboard and hold it steady. Which he did, pretty well, for the whole song. OTOH, AFP was fair punishing her equipment with her poundy keyboard style.

Still the somewhat amateur nature of the production seemed to create a closer link between performer and audience, she was trying to do things she wasn't used to, to deal with the environment, and I think everyone therefore cut her a lot of slack when she completely muffed some things, and the whole show felt more homely and intimate because of it.

During one lull, a guy asked politely if she would play Sing, and she did. That was possibly the most enjoyable track to me. I'm not sure if she even started the night with a set list, she spoke about how she quite liked not having released very many albums (one!) because it meant she only had a few songs to choose from which made it easier. She sang a song she'd written in twenty minutes about being in New Zealand, and how her period was late. Hopefully one of the many cameras and phones running at the event recorded this, as it may never be played again. We are now charged, by the way, to make this song New Zealand's National Anthem. Amanda will come and live with us all if we manage to do this small thing.

The encore started with Leeds United, and resulted in a pitch stage invasion, which she took her in her stride even when what I expected to happen happened, when the people dancing on stage knocked the power out of the keyboard again. I thought some of the people on stage were a little rude, and showed the problems of being too familiar with one's audience. I doubt I would have coped so well with someone leaning against me and taking a photo while I was on stage singing and playing a keyboard, even assuming I was competent at such things.

After the encore, AFP was going to come out and sign things and give people sweaty hugs, but she surprised me by taking off the corset she'd been wearing, and making her way through the crowd to the bar, which she asked to be helped up onto, and proceeded to play Radiohead's Creep on the ukulele, as I mentioned at the start. Everyone sang along, and I have to say that other than many many years ago with DD Smash in a pub in Auckland, that's the only time I've seen a performer do something like that. It was certainly a very bonding experience,and one guaranteed to make everyone remember the night.

I got back home just after 1.30 AM, so a in dire need of caffeine this morning. Then, as I walked to my train this morning, my MP3 player decided to remind me of the night before by playing Sex Change.
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(and her five daughters? as a certain lady said to me the other night)

For those others who expressed their interest, we'll be eating at Tulsi (Cuba St.) at 6.00pm.
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So, who's going to Amanda Palmer @ Bodega next week?
And does anyone want to meet up prior to that for dinner after work ?
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In following a link from Neil Gaiman's latest blog entry, I passed by a Bloody Sunrise with a rather laid back sounding vampiress, and found myself, via Said the Gramophone, amidst some Jumbling Towers, where there was being presented some Classy Entertainment. Backtracking to the Gramophone I found a song called Evangeline by Handsome Furs.

Overall, it has been quite the musical weekend, what with the [ profile] vizi inspired romp through Warren Zeavon over breakfast. I mean, anyone who can do a song called Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead and write lines like "Send lawyers, guns, & money, the shit has hit the fan" has to contain some fun. Still I always liked Werewolves of London best.
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I started out today with great intentions of trying to organize some of the many metal miniatures I have. To begin with I said to myself "Let's start with the non-Games Workshop stuff, as there's less of that."

So after a few hours of pulling stuff out of cupboards, admittedly being regularly distracted by the joy of re-discovery, as well as deciding to dispose of a network MP3 player, upgrading the firmware of the one I'm keeping, and playing Wolfmother's Joker & the Thief at high volume while head-banging, my dining room table now looks like this :

The scary thing is that I still haven't managed to get all of the miniatures out yet. The scarier thing is that I have more Games Workshop ones than this, even after selling a couple of hundred dollars worth of it off over the last couple of weeks.

Though the really good thing about the mp3 player distractions today, is that, after some time of only listening on head phones, I have remembered why I have a pair of Kef 104's with bass reflex. I've missed shake-the-floor music shaking the floor. Excuse me while I go and play Totally Addicted To Bass
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I was bouncing to work this morning, walking in beat with U2' Elevation, which is a great meaningless walking song providing bounce and rapid steps for high speed travel, when the thought hit me.

If one subscribes to the Australian concept of song-lines, that the world is physically created and maintained by song, what is all this walking and singing with i-Pods and the like, doing to the land?
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A little late, this one, but time is full with things like saying bye-bye to [ profile] fraser_by_proxy, and commiserating with my love over her car damage and other on-going issues, as well as actual work that drags me in and makes me forget time going by.

Tuesday night I went to see Leonard Cohen, supported by Sam Hunt, with [ profile] jenni_talula & her parents. Prior to the show we ate at One Red Dog and were joined by Lee. They have bread that isn't quite as good as Valentino's (in Chch), but is still nicer than many, and Orangeboom on tap. I had a chicken, cranberry & brie pizza.

Getting into the concert was relatively painless, less queuing than Armageddon even, but then everyone had already booked tickets, so processing was fast.

A bit after 7.30pm Sam Hunt came out. I've never been all that impressed with Hunt, one of those more likely to refer to him as "Some Punt", to use the less naughty version. Still, he was entertaining enough, and it takes a certain amount of guts to stand up in front of such a large audience and read your own work to them.

I was surprised that Hunt read Yeats' The Second Coming, perhaps because it's so iconic and well known, and so apocalyptic, it seemed out of place amongst the home-town theme of his other readings. I was just as surprised finding that I could still recite it along with him. He also recited a well known Baxter piece, The Gunner's Lament, again a surprising choice seeing as it's been all over the NZ schools curriculum. But I quite enjoyed his translation of Hungarian poem by someone Hunt called Joe Attila.... I suspect that Mr. Hunt may have dissembled a little in his description, as the poem sounded far more like a classic Hungarian folk song than anything by Attila :)

There was a break in which [ profile] jenni_talula bought an expensive t-shirt that seemed to have just about enough material in it to make a pair of panties. I didn't buy one, even though I quite like the pseudo-Celtic interlocking hearts design.

Then the man himself came tripping onto the Persian-carpeted stage, receiving a standing ovation from a goodly part of the crowd just for being there. I think it may have surprised him, he seemed quite moved by it. There was a little banter during the set, apologizing for the rails in the front row ("as if he was the sort of performer where people would try to throw themselves on the stage"), commenting on media reports of his "short stature" by saying he could barely be seen with the naked eye and that he would star alongside the Colossal Squid as the Colossal Shrimp. He spoke also of this being his first time on stage in fifteen years, and that last time he was just sixty, and "a crazy kid with a dream".

The backing band was awesome, the flamenco player from Barcelona was a virtuoso, and the wind instrument artist (saxophone, clarinet, oboe, you name it, he played it) really got into the songs. I really liked the way, when a player had a solo, the rest of the band, including Cohen, all pointedly directed their attention at the soloist, so that you would too, and how when singing harmonies or counterpoints they looked at each other to ensure they got it right. Cohen twice introduced the members of the band, once in the first set and then again in the second set.

At one point I got quite worried about [ profile] jenni_talula, as she started shaking at the shoulders and breathing raggedly and hard. I was thinking "surely his voice isn't as effective as that guy on Black Books was to Fran...", because you know, if it was I'd have been taking lessons, but no, the lady had merely gotten so excited over listening to her favourites songs that she had briefly forgotten to breath.

Overall it came across as a "light jazz" concert, just with that voice. I listened to older Cohen recordings yesterday, and his voice is much more impressive now. In the past, while it had slightly greater range, it was slightly whiny and didn't have the current deep timbre. Now he sounds more like Richard Burton than Bob Dylan. Also in listening to recordings I discovered that the recorded version of the songs on the I'm Your Man album are all arranged in a light synth-pop style. The full jazz band makes them have much more depth and power. One track, Tower of Song, was done by Cohen in exactly the same way as it was done on the album, with just synth and vocals, and you could definitely hear the difference. I suspect that Cohen did that on purpose.

He read A Thousand Kisses Deep, an old man in a suit and hat, under a plain white spot, looking like Frank Sinatra playing a Humphrey Bogart detective under a street light. The link is almost what he read, but still not quite, it seems he changes it all the time.

The way Cohen moved on stage reminded me, oddly, of [ profile] xenogram dancing.

I had to sneak out in the middle of First We Take Manhattan, the second encore, in order to get to the last train home, but was accosted in the steps by a Radio New Zealand reporter with a microphone asking me about the concert. I didn't come across well, as my mind was elsewhere, so I suspect I didn't star on radio.

I got to the train with a couple of minutes to spare, and then, oh Great Fail, I discovered I hadn't copied my Cohen songs on to my iPod yet! I thought I had, but no. So I listened to Nick Cave instead. But not for long, because an old friend got on the train and we did some catch up. Not enough though. Will have to invite him round.

Twas good to have dinner with the crowd last night, seeing [ profile] fraser_by_proxy off to Qatar. Also got to wish Norman happy birthday, and here's a belated birthday wish to [ profile] repotn_infinity! Am looking forward to wishing [ profile] tyellas a happy birthday this evening. There was speculation on why there seems to be so many biorthdays at this time of the year last night. No conclusions were drawn.
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...might be amused by the wee toy currently available at
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It's Wednesday morning afternoon. Friday evening I shall be seeing [ profile] seraphs_folly again, first time in almost two months. Looking forward to it. With this Vodafone Best Friends thing, I get to talk to her almost every night for as long as we feel like, so I don't feel like we are apart, but physicality and proximity, obviously, add something that electronic comms don't at this stage.

On the train this morning the Oracle of Random Music melted me into my seat, matching my thoughts well. I wonder if any research has been done on how easy it is to control cell phone software using one's bio-electric field and thought? Is it an oracle or merely a reflection of my mood, like a fancy mood ring? *grin*

So the trip started with Live's Dolphin's Cry, which I've quoted enough before now. Followed by U2's Luminous Times ( She is the avalanche, She is the thunder, She is the waves and she pulls me under ) which, along with Bass Trap and Bad are my favourite U2 songs , and then I reminisced along with Tori to a A Sorta Fairy Tale. Then Leonard Cohen's Tonight Will Be Fine ( Sometimes I see her undressing for me, she's the soft naked lady that love meant her to be, and she's moving her body so brave and so free. If I have got to remember, that's a fine memory). Which is quite upbeat for Cohen.

We had another minor ant invasion this morning. It seems that liquid honey is like crack to them, they risk almost certain death to wallow in droplets of it.

And a simple meme from [ profile] bunnyshortages (the other one is too long for me to bother with right now)

Using band names, spell out your first name:
Franz Ferdinand
Rage Against the Machine
Armor For Sleep
Inkubus Sukkubus


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