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Last night I went and purchased high quality cotton boxers from a local  manufacturer (Yes it's a horrible web-site, it seems the owner agrees). It's been a long search to find anything that matched the ones I bought in India four years ago, but now I have, and they're also local, so I get to feel good about supporting local industry as well.  They're lovely, and I got them for $35 ea which is about $10 ea less than they sell for in Kirks, and comparable in price to mass produced brand name stuff, but far better quality. I also picked up a brace of matching nightshirts. 

On the way back I picked up Thai for my lady, and Bun from the station. When we got back, I discovered Tetrajak was in bed with my lady, so I told Bun, and we all piled in.

Unfortunately I had to break up the cuddles sooner than would have been preferable or the Thai would have got cold and roti is not the best when reheated.

In this case it , it was all quite platonic, as they say, but I am so glad that we are all in the sort of relationship space where I can write paragraphs like the one two above, and it is defintiely does not signal the start of a long string of recrimination and angst and anger.

For some reason I'm drawn back to The Sisters of Mercy (the original Cohen song, not the band named after it) :

And you won't make me jealous if I hear that they've sweetened your night
We weren't lovers like that and besides, it would still be all right

I suppose I just wanted to say life is good.


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Over the years I have debated with various people, such as [ profile] eloieli, the concept of morality, and I have championed moral relativism, mainly because it made no sense to me that it was anything but. People have told me I could not be a relativist, and I knew what they meant but disagreed with them because I knew what I meant as well, I just couldn't explain how I knew that relativism didn't mean you weren't able to have morals.

Well, Lisa from the TNC mailing list has pointed out a New York Times article by Steven Pinker, who nicely puts into words what I couldn't express well.

Cut for those who don't want to read philosophical prattlings )

Despite my flippancy, I would encourage people to read the article, even though it's a bit long.


Sep. 20th, 2007 12:32 pm
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I'm spending the day at home due to certain bodily function problems, so this may be a bit rambly.

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[ profile] debxena recently posted links to the following two items, and I'm passing them on for those who may not read her LJ :

All I Ever Learned, I Learned from Animé
This contains, among other things, some good rules to apply to role-playing games, especially #116. Some of them I think are certainly rules to live by. I know I shall attempt to live by rule 7.

Fourteen Things That It Took Me Over 50 Years To Learn by Dave Barry
#13 is especially important to learn.
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I would have like to show you my personal daemon as provided on the web-site for The Golden Compass, the movie of Phillip Pulman's book. I would have liked to, but after trying several times, and even getting a name for my daemon (the last two were named "Artimidores" and "Voltina") , every time the site failed before providing me with any idea of what it actually was...

I think that perhaps it has deduced that either I am one those who has had their daemon ripped from them, or my daemon is invisible, or so horrendous they could not provide a graphic.

Is it just me? Or am I somehow special?

Still, looking through the stills, while Serefina looks too human for my imagining of the character, she certainly reminds me of a certain witchy friend of mine. A December release, I wonder where I will see it?
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Rather than posting a rant I just wasted time on, I thought I'd link people to Jo Ito's blog where he discusses mindfulness and similar subjects, and repeats this koan :
I arrived at a Tai Chi lesson once and everyone was bustling and sort of in a hurry. My Tai Chi teacher explained that one definition of "the end" or "our goal" is when we die. He mused how much of a hurry we were all in to get to the next thing. He suggested that we spend too much time worrying about being more efficient and quick and that maybe the most "efficient" thing to do was just to die right now. In fact, most of us probably don't want to die just yet and all the stuff in between can be viewed as an inefficient path to our death.
I like that. I am now going to meditate on how to best achieve a maximally inefficient path to my death!

The Makers

Apr. 3rd, 2007 01:49 pm
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While walking to work this morning I had a sort of revelation. It's not a big world-changing thing (though it might be life-changing...) and I'm not claiming it's unique, it's even something I've thought of before, maybe it was more a remembering that I knew it than revelation. Some people will probably think it's simplistic or naive, or possibly even tautological. I don't care, I'm writing this anyway. But first let me assure you all that none of this comes from any problems with [ profile] seraphs_folly! In fact I'm very happy and this is more a self discussion document around how to remain that way!

I was thinking wistfully of loves that I have had and how such things fall apart and the Alan Parson's Project song from the Pyramids album came into my head while thinking about what makes us try to build such relationships when they are always doomed to fail in some way or other, even if finally by the death of one or more of the participants.
If all things must pass, even a miracle won't last.
If all things must fall why build a miracle at all?
This lead to the idea that this is what we, collectively as a species, do. We make things. It's what we use to separate ourselves from other animals, though really we ignore many of the things that these animals do to make things of their own We make love. We make babies. We make tools. We make myths. We make music. We make art. We are makers.

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Of course we also destroy things. But one can think of that as "making", as in making the elements and space of the old structures available for new construction...maybe I have been too much Vishnu, and not enough Shiva.
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[ profile] meesto has already posted a link to a French site with a video of the Philips Lumalive shirt, but here's the Philips press release, for the English speakers

BTW, Wargames Supplies has a copy of Dream Pod 9's hardback GearKrieg for about $26 on their sale table if anyone is interested.

I woke up this morning with Alan Parson's What Goes Up
How can you be so sure?
How can you know that the earth will endure?
How can you be so sure
That the wonders you've made n your life will be seen
by the millions who come to visit the site of your dream?
Made me think, as I'm sure it's supposed to, of the hubris involved in creating a pyramid, in trying to make one's mark on the world last forever.

Puts my worries about all my stuff in perspective. Was getting a better handle of the size of the problem last night. Have resolved to try divestiture. But it's hard to let things go,,,.
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You're all just so this decade !
(bought to my attention by Steve H. from TNC
(And yeah, I chose the current music to match. Cuz I can.)
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I may update ths post several times, so don;t worry if it changes

Monday I went with [ profile] seraphs_folly to the Dalai Lama's teachings. It was hot and uncomfortable and boring. Partially because I couldn't understand anythimg as the promised broadcast English translation couldn't be found. (later [ profile] seraphs_folly found the translation though).

While I stood around waiting to leave I did help an old Tibetan woman down the stairs after she'd grabbed my water bottle (slung in special holder over my shoulder) for support.

So I didn't bother going to the temple today. As I said to a Kashmiri trader who had asked where Sal was, "I'd prefer to read a book".

So I did. [ profile] seraphs_folly has a copy of "The Art of Happiness", a book written by a US psychologist based on interviews with the Dalai Lama. Ths actually helps the book as the author backs up the Lama's assertions with relevant experimental data and rational argument.

The one glaring discrepancy so far is that the book betrays one of it's own core concepts. Firstly, it states that humans are by nature compassionate, and that the idea of all behaviour being driven by selfishness is not true.

Ok, perhaps this could be accepted given the studies quoted, though there are just as many studies (which are mot quoted) that show the opposite.

But the author automatically assumes that self interest is the only thing that is going to get readers of the book to follow it's teachings, as every example is used to show that "You will be better off if you follow these teachings".

But don't get the wrong idea, I am impressed by some of the arguments and results, especially some of the distinctions, such as the distinction between happiness and pleasure, and desire and greed, etc. Certainly something to think about.

Overall though, as the Dalai Lama himself says "Nothing I'm saying is new".

I do like the fact that he answered several of the author's questions with "I don't know" or, "I can't answer that, it's too complex", when the question was clearly stupid or too broad, the author seemingly looking for a glib respone.

I also like the way the comcepts are purposeful "de-religionized". Whi;e some Bhuddist philopy is discussed, mainly as examples of why a Bhuddist finds it easer to accept ome of the concepts, most of the book is non-denominational, and pure philosphy .

I am impressed by what the Lama says, and his attitude.

I'm not yet convinced though
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Travelling into work yesterday we passed a building, possibly a substation, surrounded by a chain link fence, topped with outward facing barbed-wire. On the concrete post at the corner sat a pure white cat with a small bell on a black collar. Next to it was a black shirt ripped, spread open, and impaled on the barbed wire. The cat seemed to look straight at me. It seemed to be implying it was responsible for the shirt, "Thus perish all who invade my domain". I wish I'd had my camera.

Gudang now comes in packets of 20.

Wolfs Rain arrives as the moon grows bigger.
Was it supposed to have been called Wolf's Reign ?

Wonderful Valentine's day present from one "Miss Chief". I wonder who that might be? A red heart-stoppered bottle of 23-year-old single malt scotch, and another smaller vial of Emmanuel absinthe. Whomever it might be, they know my taste! :) Now to find an appropriate connoisseur to share it with.... :)

The moon rises late these days, but it always good to bathe in it's glow as it approaches it's fullness. Silver light on bare skin, werewolf thoughts, temptation to howl.

Thinking of the planet this morning, feeling it's presence even though I was isolated from it by metal wheels and tracks, it was still there. I usually think of the planet as an insignificant blue-green one circling a small white dwarf on the edge of a spiral arm or a small galaxy. Small, insignificant, cosmically speaking.

Today I was struck by it's size in comparison to myself , a graphic of a small stick figure standing next to a planet-sized sphere sprung to mind, and that it looks after us. It provides us with food and oxygen, and shields us from most of the harmful radiation and holds heat for us so we don't freeze at night and carries us through space. Motherly.

And then the verse from Dead Jim in When the Music's Over came to mind and kept repeating in my head :
What have they done to the earth?
What have they done to our fair sister?

Ravaged and plundered and ripped her and bit her
Stuck her with knives in the side of the dawn
Tied her with fences and dragged her down

Maybe this thought is occasioned by the theme of the Werewolf RPG.

Other things move along quietly in the background, taking my time and thought. Things that may signal significant change, things that may result in a new phase of my life. Scary, exciting, and possibly very fulfilling. Maybe I shall finally discover whether I am truly what certain people tell me I am.

I suspect if I was a Star Wars jedi I would easily turn to the dark side. If only because they get to wear black.

Looking forward to flying south on Friday, promises to keep and promises to accept.
Wolf thoughts surface in relation to that event too.
Find Cheza, go to Paradise.....
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Seeing as Conan's blog doesn't have comments:

So Buddhism says that desire is bad, and that wanting nothing is a good thing. From my cynical viewpoint that's a very useful philosophy for a part of the world that has a huge population and finds it difficult to feed them, great for keeping the hungry peasants in line. It's funny how most religious philosophies encourage people to become less material and put up with their poor lot in life. It's almost like religion was specifically designed as a tool to control the peasantry.

Personally, I feel that if I desired nothing, there would be no point in living. Buddhism (as described by Conan anyway) goes too far, just as any reactionary tenet does. As always the best place to be (IMO), is in balance. Enjoy the desire, but don't let it control your life, and accept that you will never get everything you desire.

Desiring something you know you'll never get may be suffering, but it's such sweet suffering sometimes.

One might also add that if everyone followed this path of eliminating desire then the human race would die out, and none of the great things have been achieved by people would have occurred either. Admittedly, none of the nasty things would have occurred either.

Fine if you like the void, but why do all these promised states of bliss sound so damn boring? Heaven is boring, nirvana is boring, and so are many other bands.

Where are the major religions offering an eternal life full of music, fun, drinking, and debauchery? Where everyone has a Mach 3 supersonic fighter and you can fly it around canyons with no thought of the danger, just for the rush of speed and control and competition, because you know you will live forever?

Maybe after a while even eternal life might get boring, but the imaginative could fill in many lifetimes of fun. What would it be like to be able to feel the solar wind and sail on it? What does magma feel like when you can swim in it? what does a nuclear explosion look like from the inside, especially if you could "see" in wider spectrums. Do the gas clouds of Jupiter sing in the radio spectrum? Set the controls for the heart of the sun. So many experiences this tiny weak fleshy body could not survive, so many things it has not yet felt, so many subtle shades to those experiences you could try out, if you had the time.

Why do most people seem to look forward to boredom?

I don't expect there to be anything after this life, my n-grams will fail as the flesh degrades and I am already obsolete and unnecessary baggage as far as the species s concerned, so want to get as much fun in before I die, but I think that's why I like pagan religions better, at least some of them celebrate partying!
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Well, I was gonna post this as a comment on [ profile] amarynth's recent post. But it got too big.

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Inspired by not having anything significant to do, I give you another deeply meaningful post. And if you believe that I've got a website I can sell you.

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