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I took [ profile] ferrouswheel along to the Destination:Earth premier at Indigo City last night, as I had to drop him into the airport afterwards. This confused a few people who either didn't realize, or had forgotten, that I had an older son than [ profile] panda_pitt. So he got to experience both the waiting for confirmation that the cut had been delivered on time, and the first screening of that cut.

I have to say it was damn impressive, the graphics made the production seem that much more professional, and the scenes with the actors seemed that much more polished technically (lighting sound, general colour balance, etc) than in previous years. I suspect it was partially because we had professional lighting gear, as well as the time to do a good amount of ADR, this year.

If the actually subject matter doesn't put people off, I think we have a much better chance this year!

Then, because [ profile] stephanie_pegg was there (complete with shorter hair) we got to see the Flying Monkey's entry Jump, a serious war movie tackling complex moral issues, filmed entirely in Lego! It was an impressive movie, and worked remarkably well at capturing the audience emotionally, even though the characters were Lego.

It turned into an evening of filmic activity, as when I got home I watched most of the last half of the Stiller vehicle Night at the Museum, and all of Beowulf and Grendel with [ profile] panda_pitt. The former was as fluffy and cheesy as could be expected, though had a few good character moments, which was unsurprising given the quality of the supporting cast.

The latter started very disjointedly, but finally got into it's stride and turned out to be a pretty damn good interpretation of the tale, creating a story that explained the legend without resort to fantasy, and with just a hint of magic that could have all been the fancy of the characters, similar in feel to 13th Warrior. Unlike 13th Warrior though, the broad English, Irish, and Scottish accents of the characters were a bit distracting.

I will warn people that there is a disturbing scene where Grendel rapes the love interest, and she, though looking a bit scared, seemed to look back on it fondly and care for him. It is explainable in the culture and her stated experiences, and for a "monster" he was gentle, but still it might be worrying for some.

Anyway, I should be doing some work. All I've done so far is fill in my time-sheet for last week, and certify that I have read our "Code of Ethics". :)
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I got to see[ profile] panda_pitt's crew do Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, or What You Will last night. I feel quite blessed to have been able to go as it was very much one of the better Shakespeare performances I have seen, as it was (and is) booked out, with significant waiting lists each night. Deservedly so.

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We should all now use one of [ profile] panda_pitt's lines when heading toward a hostelry or drinking establishment :

To the Elephant!
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I've been away from home for nearly a week, since last Monday evening.

Christchurch )

Flying to India )

India )

Now I'm planning to rest up until 2.15am when I go with the car to the airport to meet Sally from her new flight which arrives at 3.00 am! Arrrgh!
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I'm about three quarters through Bloody Bones, an Anita Blake novel by Laurel K. Hamilton.

I got five of these books for a dollar each at Armageddon, and as a dollar read this one is certainly worth it.

It was quite a jolt moving from flowery prose of Daylight to this more down-to-earth sort of book. What immediately annoyed me though was the huge amount of direct exposition, mainly unnecessarily detailed description of clothes and make-up. Maybe women (the point-of-view character is female) immediately notice another woman's make-up, I don't know. I know I don't notice unless it's heavily overdone, but after the fifth time, I got tired of the descriptions of whether or not the person was wearing base, and whether it was properly blended at the neck and such like.

Where Elizabeth Knox told you stories of the character's past, Hamilton gives you bland description of the character's outer facade.

Also, at first it seemed like the whole plot had been outlined in the first few pages. Thankfully I was wrong, the obvious plot was merely the premise, and things started to get interesting very fast. Now I'm beginning to think the exposition at the beginning was done on purpose to make it seem slow and stolid as a contrast, because the descriptions flow faster and cleaner as the action gets hot.

Hamilton describes a very complex set of interactions between the monsters of various sorts and the humans. The idea of having vampires legally recognized as citizens, if somewhat persecuted, is fun. Having to take into account a vampire's Miranda rights if you don't have a court order for execution and such like makes life interesting for the protagonists, though this civilized veneer is quickly stripped away.

Hamilton also kills people. Often they aren't the ones you expect to die. And in at least one case, the least likeable NPC's, a classic strongly religious father with an iron hand for his family, survives because of his faith. Because crosses work.

I thought to start with that Blake, the POV character was building up vamps in the text because that's what is needed for the story to have tension. But then when the first attack happens, it's so much worse than what she warned people about, that it is a shock even with the build-up. The protagonists actually do rather well, several of them performing better than expected, but they still die.

Some of you will be interested to learn that the master vampire, Jean-Claude, who has taken a liking to Blake, has a pet werewolf called Jason. Pet in all senses of the word! Interesting to see monster yaoi in a relatively mainstream novel! :)

But so far despite several slightly erotic scenes, the book has failed to draw me in as Daylight did. The nearest Hamilton got was in the description of an unseelie fae using glamour to make people like each other in a regular meet&fuck session in a bar. Really it's all just hints so far, though she does reasonably well with those, so I'll be interested to see how it goes if she actually has a sex scene.

Still, they're an enjoyable read in an action movie / Charmed / CSI kind of way, so I'll probably read the other four, though I doubt I'll miss 'em and want more as I did with Daylight
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Well, I'd really like to do the paranoia meme like [ profile] xenogram and [ profile] evie_fae. But I don't think I can get away with it!

First let me pass on (from [ profile] taniwha_nz) this link to Downhill Battle, a site dedicated to activism against DRM technology and the RIAA and their stooges. Contains a lot about what youcan do to fight the music inductsry and get money back to the artists you like..

Oh, and AudioScrobbler's fancy new site is up, see the shit I hit my ears with. Of course, this site only records the tracks I play that have proper tags, and many of mine don't, and the newer mpeg4 files don't seem to have the same tags either, so don't work with the Audioscrobbler plug-in. So you're getting a skewed view of what I'm playing!

Continuing the media theme, watched High Society last night with the Princess and her court. Failed to provide her with Podz though!

I found the movie surprisingly good given it's age, and the fact that it's a musical with Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby in it. It was funny, the comic timing was great, and the performances of Frank, Bing and Celeste Holm were relaxed and comfortable. Grace Kelly was actually quite bad at the beginning, though she got better later. She was totally upstaged by her "younger sister", Lydia Reed, though.

Having now seen the "original" performances of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and What A Swell Party This Is, (written specifically for this musical adaptation of Philadelphia Story by Cole Porter) I have to say that they are far better than all the later imitations! The movie is worth it just for those two performances.

And the self referential nature of Louis Armstrong's role was interesting too.

This "grrle movie" thing is fast becoming more of a film appreciation society, with the Princess suggesting Singing in the Rain or Hitchcock's Rear Window for next week. Also there were three guys (four, if you include Lee, the soldier in the spare room) and four girls. The females did not really outnumber the males!

I noticed that [ profile] holding_pattern had her accesorization affected by Pieces of April last week, she was sporting a bit of thong tied around her wrist like April. As well as a self-knitted jersey.

The Princess got a little jealous of our talking about [ profile] giffydoll though, we must remember to praise the Princess more! :)

Bought three DVD's of the Monkey TV show yesterday for $6 each at Whitcoulls in their 75% off bin. Also three Boogie-Pop Phantom DVD's for similar prices. Six DVD's for just over $40. Cool!

Watched the first episode of Boogie-Pop Phantom on the train on the way home. I quite like the stylistic nature of it. It has a French noir feel to it, and has the best usage of sound I've seen so far in an animé. The sound was really a part of the overall affect and story, sound and vision, not just moving picture.

When I got it out to start watching I got giggled at by a young Asian couple sitting a few seats away.

Am ordering a wi-fi access point today.
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So after spending an hour and a half drinking the company's booze in the board room with our new graduate trainees, I moseyed on down to Katipo.

I arrived just in time to say hello and goodbye to [ profile] stephanie_pegg, sorry luv, didn't expect anyone to arrive at five just to say hello, but thanks for coming!

Then I joined the regulars for food, beer and chat. [ profile] bekitty & [ profile] jaadfan were in and I had a good chat with them, playing with [ profile] bekitty's strange metal things that looked like they should be inserted into people. [ profile] caleb_books dropped down for a beer from his workplace round the corner, [ profile] cha0sslave dropped in for a bit too, good to catch up with them.

The music started with Pixie giving us a solo set, which he bravely started with solo vocals not actually playing the guitar until several stanza's in. The general consensus at the toilet queue (a longer queue for men than women for some odd reason) was that he was channelling Jeff Buckley. He sounded beautiful on several of the songs, and on one almost brought me to tears, [ profile] rivet being very comforting.

Very controlled guitar and voice, tight little patterns well performed Worth listening too again.

In the break I spoke with a Peter (whom I am told is a good musician) and we were discussing how Katipo had become the new Treehouse. Now I haven't been wanting to say this, coz I was never a regular Treeehouser, and I felt it needed to be someone with more of experience of the Treehouse that should say that first, but now I've had it confirmed by others, I'll agree with them, Katipo is the new Treehouse.

Then Rico Suave got up and did their thing. Quite an eclectic set with Jude(?), nominally the bass player, also playing glockenspiel and piano on different songs. I was impressed with the interesting martial rhythms that Karl the drummer laid down, and the lead guy also put some interest beats into his work, and he played the indie guitar hero so well, having the moves and loose hanging stance down pat.

The M&M's spread round the audience were an interesting touch, though we did wonder about the colour segregation of them!

Well worth the $5 cover

After they finished their set they had to race on over to the Big Kumera for their next gig, opening for Odessa. So we all followed them over. Their set at the Kumera was far louder and stronger, as befitted the venue, and as usual I loved the hot female bass player again. What is it about female bass players that makes them all so hot ? Don't answer that.

I asked if they had any scotch, and the bar guy had to go out back and open a new bottle of 15yr old Glenfiddich.

Then we had the first public showing of the new Odessa video, for the track "Bring the money back".

And then Odessa themselves, along with all three Matts :). They are so slick. I'm not a huge fan of the musical style, but they are surely fantastic musicians and the lead singer is full of energy. And they are danceable if you slip yourself into a sort of 70's pimp style of dancing. If you don't know Odessa, I'd say they were like a cross between Madness and Jamiroquai but possibly a bit edgier than either of those.

Spent the first part of the set down in the mosh area being jostled and jostling the rest of the crowd. It has been a long time since I've done that! [ profile] allyn tore his shirt off and dove right in!

People were pogoing in the mosh, and I did some of that too, but the music and crowd were a bit tame for free pogo or random slam-dancing. And the crowd were too normal as well, the nearest thing to a punk was a guy in a suit jacket with a spiky mohican. Not that I can talk, in my Dockers and red LoTR t-shirt.

Certainly made me reminisce about the old days, ripped denim, Docs, chains, studs, spikes, and safety pins inserted on the jump. No sawdust and no blood on the floor last night though. Wrong place, for that I guess.

Odessa finished up sometime after 1:00am, we went up to Midnight for some cheesecake and a moccachino with the two remaining members of the original Katipo group.

Then went to what I thought was going to be a 3.00am train. Bzzt! Wrong! Its a fuckin' 4:00am train. so with an hour & half to kill, I go up to work and posted the first version of this report there. Also drunk some water, and ate a chocolate bar, and then back to the station.

A warning, it is a bad idea to play Ben Harper's Please Bleed, or [ profile] laputain's Our Mutual Friend for that matter, to oneself at ten past four on an almost empty train when you're alone and going home to a cold bed. Still managed to cheer myself up a bit with Ashes to Ashes Faith No More.

Then had to scrape the ice off of my windshield with a plastic card.
(Don't worry about the car driving, for those that care, it had been almost four hours since my last whisky at the Kumera, and I was far too sober)

Home to be met at the door by my loyal Shady who helped me warm up the damn cold bed. That's it.

Been invited to three or four different parties tonight, trying to decide what to do, flying visit to all of them perhaps? But if so which one to finish on?

From Hell

Aug. 2nd, 2005 02:32 pm
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Watched From Hell last night on TV.

Was slightly weirded out by watching Bilbo (Ian Holm) play Jack the Ripper, but got used to it in the end. Interesting use of colour throughout the film, from Heather Graham's too red hair, to the way everything else seemed brown except when it was red or black or luminescent green.

Got a much better feel for some of things in Victorian Nights now too. Especially the way Mr Davidson should act. Not quite as crazy as the Ripper perhaps, but with the same zeal for the preservation of the Great Architect's plan.

But in this movie Jonny Depp just seemed too boyish for the role of Inspector Abilene, although he carried it off with his usual style and looked sexy as.
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