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Cetain people out there might remember the following concept album track listing, and go on a bit of a nostalgia trip, like I just did when I opened  a notebook found while sorting a pile of ancient junk.

  1. All Trolls Are Blue
  2. Unchivalrous War Machines
  3. Planet Dance
  4. How Many Emmeline's To A Grand-Pa?
  5. Hayworth Riding The Astrolabe
  6. One Red Dog Gives You Crayons
  7. Like A Telesocpe
  8. Holly "Sweeps" Over
  9. His Bat-Like Wings Covered In Snow
  10. Three Giant's Pass
  11. The Mountain Swallows The Ship
  12. Slidin', Ridin' Grand-Pa
  13. Under The Mountain
  14. See Them Crying Thru The Stone
  15. Drake Over Ice
  16. Lambeth Circles The Tower
  17. Nocker Knockin'
  18. Behind Enemy Lines  or  We're Not Fighing The Dwarves, the Dwarves Are Fighting Us!
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The concept of The Curse of the Yellow Sign ( by John Wick) looks like it would make a good little LARP. In fact with John' suggestions for staging and the like, it's almost a LARP as written.

Almost makes me want to run it at Fright Night.

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Further to my earlier post, I've just received the following letter from Wizards of the Coast (via DriveThruRpg ) :

The letter in full )

Of course, that wasn't the contract WoTC entered into, so they're still breaking contract, even with this attempted mitigation, but it's amusing to see them flail around like this. One wonders if all this will ruin their reputation as a publisher?
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via [ profile] fraser_by_proxy, I am a :
Chaotic Neutral Human Wizard/Sorcerer (4th/3rd Level) )
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So, who missed White Wolf's 2009 April Fool's day publication : ExXxalted: Scroll of Swallowed Darkness ? Here's the blurb :
On the bed, on the floor, by a demon ‘til your sore,
in the tub, in the hall, up against the temple wall…

Mastery of the arts of the bedchamber and playroom comes not easily to all. Does the sound of cries echoing in your ears inspire you to greatness or great size?
If you missed it, it's still available on DriveThruRPG, though you have to pay $1.97 for the uncensored version!
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So, in searching through cupboards for miniatures, not only did I discover miniatures, but I discovered a role-playing game that came with miniatures, The deluxe edition of The Game Lords' Guild Space, a sci-fi RPG based on their Metascape rules system

It's pretty mind-blowing trip back to the bad old days. Then I made the mistake of looking it up on the web, to see if anyone still remembered it. I discovered that not only was there now a second edition free on the web, but I was not clever enough to play this game, as the site says :

MetaScape II is a very advanced role playing game targeting a mature, experienced audience. To successfully grasp this system and wield its power, you need to be mature and intelligent. Seriously, if you're not at least in upper high school or college with above average intelligence and maturity level, this system is NOT for you. Go download or buy one of the many RPGs designed for more mainstream players. If you are new to role playing, leave now.
This system was designed by master RPGers with a target audience of themselves. It is not made for, nor targets the mass market. The rules are advanced, extremely thorough, and often complex. We placed it out here on the net for a select few other masters to play and enjoy, not for typical gamers. It would take a typical gamer weeks to fumble through the rules and attempt to play.
OK, the warning has been made. We realize that some will take this warning as a challenge or choose to ignore us. At least we can now present the rules with a clear conscious. If you are not one of the exceptional gamers of the world, well we warned you.

However, I am clever enough to know know the difference between conscience and being conscious. and it seems our so-called "master RPGers" are not! It's all so bad, that just like Senzar, one is tempted to believe that it's deliberate parody. Alternatively, it could be extremely cynical marketing, to suck in those who think they're smart. Because in the box I also found a Player Rank Application :
Read more... )
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Just got seven pretty nice shirts from Farmers for $76. One of the shirts has an original price of $70 alone! Most have original prices of $30-$40. I grabbed shirts that totalled $100 off their sale racks, and then got a further 25% discount for buying on my Farmers card. As a bonus, I got friendly and fun service from three cute girls, one of whom was trying to convince me to buy more in a non-serious flirty way, and two of them were trying to convince the other to suck the helium out of a balloon.

Of course, Farmers the corporation would like you to buy on the card because they can then charge you interest, and they don't expect people to pay it back in hurry, but I shall be paying it all back almost immediately, so it's like "free money!" So, if you have a Farmer's card, and can afford to pay it off, go grab a bargain! For that matter even if you do have to pay interest on it, it's still a bargain!

I got back from the shopping expedition to eat lunch and read this review of the book Second Person : Role-Playing and Story in Games and Playable Media, which looks like a must have for any serious roleplayer, containing as it does articles by many of the luminaries of gaming from the elders like Greg Cotikyan and Chris Crawford thru to Jonathan Tweet and Ken Hite.

It includes "three tabletop RPG's" though one is Costikyan's Bestial Acts which is the "plane passenger cannibals" game I have often threatened to run for people. The other's are John Tyne's Puppetland and James Wallis' Baron Munchausen, so it's not exactly revolutionary now, though for dyed-in-the-wool D&D or WoW players it might be!

Also, read the comments to the review, especially the first set, lots of laughs for people familiar with old school 2nd person adventure games, such as :

SLASHDOT doesn't understand JOKE.

A HUMORLESS MODERATOR attacks! A HUMORLESS MODERATOR does 1 (Offtopic) damage.

You are in a room. You are alone. You are so very alone.



Aug. 5th, 2008 04:44 pm
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Is, for those reading this who are not local, a role-playing convention held yearly at Turnbull House, a community event location, which is just over the road from the back entrance to the New Zealand Parliament buildings.

I haven't always made it along, often because the 48hr Film Competition has been on the same weekend, but this year they were some distance apart, so I got to go. It's good to go to a con like this where almost everyone is known to each other, so there's a lot of trust. I registered and got my name down for a game in the first round, caught up briefly with people like [ profile] eyes_of_winter and [ profile] exiledinpn, and then popped out to grab a coffee.

Three Sixteen : Carnage Amongst The Stars )

Aeon Angelus Necronomicon: Evolution )

Murder Most Mysterious )
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I'm afraid, [ profile] amphigori, I may have taken a few liberties with naming and the like here. but I hope you enjoy it!

Berenays Teeth )
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As several of my friends and a number of newspaper and other media reports have pointed out,Thompson and Clark ( who claim to be "New Zealand's leading security, corporate intelligence and protection agency with "an impeccable record", are in fact complete buffoons who know less about security and intelligence than a moderately interested amateur like myself, and whose idea of "intelligence" is to repeat almost verbatim the press releases of those they are reporting on, with a few unsubstantiated editorial comments added. In fact, it sounds like they operate exactly like the KGB used to in the seventies. Based on their methods, one has to wonder who trained the people at Thompson & Clark?

People who work for them have also been publicly documented conspiring to commit a crime. It may be a bit much to ask the Police to actually do their job for a change and charge the relevant members of that company with those crimes (see below) , but can't we at least have Thompson & Clark removed from the list of companies that the New Zealand government is allowed to employ?

There is a point that I haven't seen raised so far in the reporting of the robbery of the dairy in Auckland in which an Indian shopkeeper died. The police, who prevented the ambulance officers from reaching the dying man, claim, via police spokespeople that they were following Standard Operating Procedure or SOP. New Zealand Police Standard Operating Procedure does not, it seems, contain any requirement to actually confirm the presence and location of an armed perpetrator before sitting down and waiting for armed response units. This, despite the fact that members of the public were still wandering into the shop.

It was correct of the police to condemn the man caught on camera stealing from the shop after the shooting and while the shopkeeper was lying bleeding on the floor, but if it was obviously safe for a cowardly thief to walk into the store, why didn't the police even try to verify whether there was an armed perpetrator in the area?

Does this mean that if there is a report of an armed perpetrator in a city, but the police don't know where they are, all except armed police city-wide will hide in their cars and offices until a member of the public can find the perp for them? Because that's what it sounds like. Surely the very first thing any standard operating procedure should contain is a need to verify the actual presence and if so, the location of, any armed perpetrators?

The fact that the police were faffing around obviously believing, or at least acting as if they believed, that the perpetrator was still in the store, means the actual location of the perpetrator was not being looked for, and there was a criminal with a gun running / driving thru Auckland without the police looking for him.

I obviously don't know the full facts, so it's quite possible that the police on the scene were doing what they believed they should have been, but with the information that has currently been presented, it seems that New Zealand Police SOP needs some significant reform to bring it into line with standard police tactical response world-wide, around verifying the presence and location of armed perpetrators before applying armed response procedures. If, however, it turns out the SOP already contains this obvious requirement, then someone in the police is at fault, whether it is the responding police, their controllers, or the people who trained them in the SOP.
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It seems my music phone got the Peter Gabriel bug off of [ profile] xhile. Must have randomly listened to an album's worth of Gabriel this morning!

Pookah train guard arrived in the section I normally sit this morning and said "And how's the Royal Suite today? Tea and coffee been served?" Seems like a great idea to me. I know in the UK the stories about the terribleness of railway coffee and food are legend, and I can even confirm the legends to a limited extent, but at that time in the morning, I just need to main-line some caffeine and sugar to jump-start my brain, I don't care about the quality of the coffee wrapped around the drugs. Pookah guard is fun, he wished us all a happy day as we got off the train as well. Good on him, he certainly made me smile and spreading a little amusement like that can't be a bad thing.

Across the aisle from me sat a cute Indian/Asian woman grinning to herself every now and then as she read a shoujo manga. Culture mix. Of course I'm in a good mood today anyway, [ profile] seraphs_folly arrives tonight, and on top of that I got a reasonably sized bonus for my work in the UK at the end of last year, which relieves any potential financial worries quite nicely. I may take the opportunity to pick up the two things on my main wish list, a good pair of Bluetooth headphones and a good acoustic guitar. Budget the luxuries first I always say! I mean, I've been without a kitchen tap for so long now I'm used to it! But yeah, I'll probably look at getting something done in that regard as well.

Last night [ profile] amphigori told me to tell [ profile] seraphs_folly that I'm good at Ars play.

Read more... )

I suppose I should do some work, seeing as they were nice enough to give me a bonus. :)
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(Comin' atcha from the George R.R. Martin school of titling!)

Thanks to [ profile] amphigori & [ profile] lamprey I got to spend the first part of this long weekend in a castle by the sea, pretending to be a mediaeval mage. I drove up Friday night, after fish and chips, and was surprised at how little traffic there was for the beginning of a holiday weekend. I made good time, and people seemed to be driving sensibly, though I did to see two lots of emergency vehicles heading south with flashing lights. I also discovered that there are no open petrol stations on the main road between Silverstream and Paraparumu, as I forgot to fill up at Silverstream and drove with the gauge on empty all the way to Paraparaumu, searching for a petrol station all the way, driving economically, half expecting the car to start spluttering at any second. Luckily when my gauge is on empty it seems I can drive from here to Paraparumu!

long and image heavy )
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In case anyone's still interested in this, I'd point out that you shouldn't pay the exorbitant prices that some people are trying to charge for this book in New Zealand at present. The book is available from for NZD $53.25 including shipping and currency conversion! So much for the $90 RRP in NZ huh?
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Stay unitl till your love is...

Damn, I'm enjoying these old eighties hits off the Billboard Top 100 my colleague G dropped on me a while back! Since the last real post I have attended a TNC, watched Jumper, and said farewell to [ profile] fraser_by_proxy.

The TNC was quiet, but I enjoyed it anyway, especially catching up with J and boggling him that JetPilot was my son. :) Haven't had a Kingfisher Strong and a really hot chicken tikka masala in too long.

Friday hooked up with a crowd of about eighteen organized by tog42 to watch Jumper. We basically took out the entire front row of the mid section. Saw a Star Trek trailer! Jumper was exactly what I expected, a fun bit of fluff with one or two good ideas and not a lot of caring about whether it all made sense. I think it started too slow, and for once I think they didn't have enough combat scenes. There were some annoying bits, why is it that people who get kewl powerz are so dumb in movies? And the motivation and background for Samuel L. Jackson's character was weak. There were so many better potentials there.

Afterwards everyone went to The Welsh Dragon for [ profile] fraser_by_proxy's farewell. Twas a fun night, caught up with numerous people, including [ profile] panda_pitt, whom I hadn't seen since he moved out. It always seems odd buying beer in a public toilet though. Rode the train home with [ profile] wyldcard.

Saturday I got up early and went on a cleaning spree, followed by shopping in the afternoon. First time I've cleaned the lounge windows in I can't remember when. But it was so damn hot (34 degrees they say) I ended up showering twice. Still, I did get my Easter shopping done in advance, and the heat gave me an excuse to treat myself to a Megachoc shake at Wendy's. While buying the shake I admired a bishonen with straw blond hair, who was wearing only jandals, black shorts, a black blaze tattoo, and a single large, shiny silver nipple ring. Hmmm, idly dreams of being bishy like that oneself...

I have to apologize to [ profile] rivet for not making her party (though it sounds like it went off well), and say "happy birthday" by LJ. Though hopefully [ profile] ferrouswheel hugged you enough for both of us!

The reason I was unable to attend [ profile] rivet's party was that a session of [ profile] jarratt_gray's Mage game had been arranged. My character, Drake, successfully managed to create himself a new body (after having spent the last few session wandering around the underworld as a spirit) with the help of a lizard. It was a great session, with a flashback scene, in which Drake, his long-time friend Hunt ([ profile] exiledinpn) and a four-year (and seven months!)-old Nyx([ profile] evie_fae) dealt with a fly demon, which was memorable for the discussions on how Hunt was going to raise Nyx. Later, the troupe played a giant fly which it inserted it's proboscis (played by [ profile] evie_fae) into my chest tried to suck my essence, and then played spiders, a butterfly, and a praying mantis, the spiders trying to convince me I needed to learn to weave a web. They decided it was easier to play spiders than flys, coz with spider's you don't have to say "bzzzzz" all the time. Yep, we play some weird (but wonderful) stuff! Thanks, [ profile] jarratt_gray! :)

I've been turned on to OffTheBack, an interesting local site where they sell one product a day at a cheap rate until either the day ends or the stocks run out. They also do a weekly book in the same way. Most of the time it's ignorable stuff, but every now and then there's a gem, and I love the simplicity and cleanliness of the concept as a web business.


Jan. 29th, 2008 11:13 am
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Back from a busy and fun trip to Christchurch in which I spent far too much on nice food, and random purchases. Am now fat(ter). How does one get rid of fat from underneath one's rib cage? I'm considering a scalpel and a hoover as a simple solution.

Oh, and I also saw [ profile] seraphs_folly for the first time in many months *grin*. Thats was good.

Yesterday was eventful. I worked from home. But when I went to get some shopping in the afternoon, I decided to top up the car as well. As I walked to the till (because the EFTPOS at the pump wasn't functional), an older light green car, perhaps a Ford Fairmont, accelerated out of the forecourt, tyres squealing, with the nozzle still in the car, trailing the hose. It was stupid of them, as it was all on CCTV, and the attendant quickly passed on the number plate to the police, but it looked just like some U.S. film.

On the way back I saw the street camera truck up Pinehaven Road.

Last night I played Half Life. It's a lot of fun. Especially taking down those sinuous gunships, and shooting down Combine troops as they jump from the back of a drop ship.

Our company has been on this push to be "green" and to be "ethical". This morning I got an email "celebrating" a new contract our company has won with a tobacco company. I wonder if they can understand the problem with that?

And having only just started, Black Industries, a subsidiary of the Black Library and producers of the newly released Dark Heresy, the Warhammer 40K RPG, and the revamped Talisman boardgame, are shutting down. So if you want copies of Dark Heresy or the new Talisman, you'd better get in quick! Sheesh, Dark Heresy wasn't even released yet when saw it in England at DragonMeet

Waiting to have a digital TV installed now, and carpet for [ profile] wasup_bro's new room. I should probably have something to eat soon.
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London is still standing. Sorry.

Skipped off work early after being afraid a meeting with the customers would delay getting to the train and rode through the night to St.Pancras at high speed. St Pancras is an "International" railway station as the Eurostar leaves from it. I don't quite understand why a train heading to Europe leaves from a northward facing station, but it does. St Pancras has the slogan "Meet me at St. Pancras", except the designers have made arty signs that make the slogan come out as "Meet meat St. Pancras". At the end of the huge arched hall is a huge bronze of a bald guy holding and kissing a woman in a tight skirt that looks somewhat 1940's in style. At least it made me think of soldiers saying goodbye in 1940. I don't know if that was intentional.

Read more... )

Hmm.... it seems it's after 1.0am. I wanted to write more, but should probably go to bed instead.
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But first, happy birthday [ profile] wasup_bro! I hope you have a good one!

Tomorrow I'm off to London to
  1. Party with [ profile] drowninghail and [ profile] vizi, possibly also Stocky and Dr Albert.
  2. Attend DragonMeet with the same group of reprobates.
  3. Have dinner with the ex-Greenstone crew
  4. Leave Surbiton on a Sunday morning
I'm told the latter is something that one just has to do at least once in your life.

So there you go. Lex. In London. With money. And no restraints. With Kyle the Death God, and possibly Dr. Albert. I can see this all ending very messily. No-one will really mind if London accidentally turns into a smoking crater will they?

I'm sure the Greenstone crew can fix it though. It's only one city after all. And [ profile] ext_59057 was pretty good with Time.
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It tuns out that according to the Facebook Match "Things That Attract Me" quiz, I am "Twins" with [ profile] bekitty and "Two of a Kind" with both [ profile] jenni_talula & [ profile] neongraal. Then again with only a small number of things to rank, it's probably not that surprising to get a few such matches even if everyone sorted randomly.

Listened to this interview from Naomi Wolf (best known perhaps for The Beauty Myth) about her new book The End of America. There's nothing new in it, but it's a good review of history, and a discussion of the blueprint for dictatorship. (Thanks [ profile] meesto)

Watched a lot of season 2 Dexter. Really enjoying it, it's great for us closet socio-paths to see a like-minded character as a TV show lead (Bones is the other fun one). Y'know, although it might be rather scary for them, I think people who want to know what goes on in my head would learn a lot from Dexter's struggle to fit in.some spoilery stuff if you haven't seen the first three episodes of season two )

Also really enjoying Heroes now. The second season has finally hit it's stride, with people being pushed to their limits in all directions.

Bought tickets to London today. Bought tickets to DragonMeet last night via PayPal and arranged to pick them up via email with [ profile] angusabranson. So next weekend's schedule is now fixed. I arrive at London St Pancras (domestic) at ten to seven Friday evening on an East Midlands service. Tell me where to go when I get there please, guys! Pub, club, restaurant, street vendor, whatever, but give me a street address!

Last Friday, as we were going to work, I'm pretty sure this stone owl ) on the roof of the school across the road from us, winked at me.

As [ profile] cha0sslave seemed to like "Alice" the T3 Guitar Hero model, I'm sure he'll like this X-Box advertising campaign from Poland, especially this (NSFW) "action shot" :)

I'm still listening to NMA's High a lot, and while I know what they're really about, the lyrics of Nothing Dies Easy are giving me theme ideas for Changeling games!
And nothing dies easy, it holds on until the end
It takes all of your power to push the blade in
The last glow in the ashes, a last spark in the eye
Breaking the glamour, breaking the spell
Breaking another bad part of myself
Breaking the glamour, breaking the spell, nothing dies easy
And, for the Mage players, if Drake wasn't dead, I think Wired would have to be his theme song. Then again, for those that remember that far back, it could almost be something that Spyder would have done. I think I'm missing role-playing, let's hope the DragonMeet fix will tide me over till I get home.

Damn I'm missing not having a guitar with me. Tempted to buy a crappy one, and throw it away when I leave. But I find that hard. My guitar at home is a crappy one, but even so it's mine, and to me a guitar is like a sword is to a samurai. Heh, cheesy animé idea right there ! Re-do Bleach but with musiicians and guitars. Sure Moorcock did something similar with the real-life band Hawkwind in Queens of Deleria, and Truman's Grimjack played battle rock in the Demon Wars, but they didn't do the guitar samurai thing! :)

Finally, while the song is actually talking about why there are suicide bombers and soldiers, the following lyrics seemed rather appropriate given what [ profile] seraphs_folly is working on (he says cryptically :) ).
There is something in us all that wants to surrender
To be guided through it all like star-eyed children
I am part of something I am one of the Chosen
Can you tell I'm alone with nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon except listen to music, watch TV and surf the web, and ramble on?

Enforced idleness is good for one thing though, I feel my batteries of "wanting to do things" charging. It's like forty days and nights in the desert, and like the album I'm listening to and the messiah in the dessert I am high above a desert. Admittedly, I am in the comfort of a penthouse apartment and the desert is a city full of people I don't know, and the chains that keep me here are of my own making, and there's not really a thing preventing me from getting royally pissed and going to a strip club, not a wife, not money, not fear, not morals, just a sense of asceticism and no real desire, a sense of being happy with what I have and the afterglow of a late night/early afternoon phone conversation with my lover.

I should stop this is already far too long.

Big One

Nov. 6th, 2006 02:48 pm
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I realized just recently the likely reason why I haven't been posting as much. It's a combination of having a little more work at work, and communicating with [ profile] seraphs_folly on Gchat. See, I write everything I do into chat windows, and then I feel like I've written it down already and I forget I haven't posted it here.

So here's an amalgam of new text and bits from chat windows over the weekend.

Friday night...  )

Fireworks...  )
This is a new bit, as I haven't chatted with [ profile] seraphs_folly since Sunday morning.

Erik's Heroquest game...  )

Gardening )

Dreamwatch : Poly Battle )

Over the next two days I have two munches on, TES on Monday, and Riverbound on Wednesday. So food for a change. I'll have to skip TNC this week, as I'll need Thursday night to prepare for Morgue's spooky Return to Craggy Crammond Isand game in Friday night, then I'll have Jarratt's Mage on the Saturday.


Sep. 5th, 2006 10:55 am
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First off, [ profile] mr_orgue's new [ profile] gametime_nz LJ made me think of last years [ profile] game_ic, and I read through some of the story posts, got nostalgic, and was again impressed at the writing that people did. Well done, people!

Then I spent time sorting out ancient email folders at work, like back in 2003 even! And got nostalgic over the people who used to work here and the things we did.

This morning I woke up with Underworld's Underneath the Radar in my head.

Now my reading has triggered Ozzy Osbourne & Lita Ford :
If I close my eyes forever, would it all remain unchanged?
If i close my eyes forever, would it all remain the same?
Will you ever take me? - No I just can't take the pain
Would you ever trust me? - No I'll never feel the same

I really should get my mind on some work instead. But no, instead I post, and nostalge. And invent new words.

Does nostalgia derive similarly to from Nosferatu? Nos, noctis. Is one only supposed to be nostalgic at night? Turns out, no, nostalgia is Greek, nostos "homecoming", algia "pain". Isn't that annoying? That there's words derived from both Latin and Greek! :)

Oh well, at least I learned something, and possibly, so did you!

I'll be off to TES tonight, so might see a couple of you there!


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