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OK, I didn't expect this to be on the agenda quite yet, but what's your opinion on the hitting and molesting of bots in VR?

Watch this. You can skip to 0.47s for a start, the hitting is at about 2.05s, and the molesting is at 3.00s

I have nothing against consensual violence between partners, in fact I enjoy it. I go into many violent games and have no problems blowing away male or female or other opponents, or beating the crap out of them, and seeing the blood spatter in slow motion.

But this... this disturbs me.

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Scorpio Horoscope for week of May 21, 2009
It's your choice, Scorpio. You could be a creative dynamo who changes the course of local history -- or you could be a plain old boring sex maniac. What'll it be? We here at the Free Will Astrology Libido Management Center encourage you to at least partially sublimate your unruly mojo into beautiful works of art, innovative business solutions, and brilliant strokes of collaboration. You don't have to stop boinking altogether; just make it the second most important thing you rather than your raison d'etre.
Heretics! How dare they suggest making something more important than sex!

Not to mention, didn't someone prove once that the concept of "sublimation" doesn't work? That in fact, the more sex you have, the more creative/effective/whatever you are?
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Actually I'm pretty sure that the research showing that male orgasm relieves sinus pressure is more than ten years old, and I've seen this suggestion before, but this is a recent article with a doctor from Iran recommending it as treatment :
Sina Zarrintan, a neurologist from the Tabriz Medical University in Iran... suggests masturbating or having sex whenever the symptoms are bad enough to warrant another ejaculation. "It can be done [from] time-to-time to alleviate the congestion and the patient can adjust the number of intercourses or masturbations depending on the severity of the symptoms," he says.
However, a colleague Mohammad Amin Abolghassemi Fakhree says :
"There are some limitations in using ejaculation or masturbation as treatment of nasal congestion, such as not being applicable out of home and not having any sex partner", he writes in a response to the proposal.
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When Will You Get Yours, and When Will You Connect It to the Internet?

Sex with robots

Yes. Of course we will. Some of us do now. We call them vibrators.

One step up is the implanted spinal cord stimulator:  It's been reported since 2004 that a device originally designed for chronic pain control and urinary issues can stimulate orgasm in women — even individuals who thought they'd lost the ability to have them. The appliance is no bigger than a pacemaker, can be wired into a woman's lower back in a physician's office under local anesthetic, is FDA approved (for "bladder problems"), and can be run by remote control. Ask your doctor.

Will you be prepared when she asks you to trigger this device over the Internet in a loving act of telepresent titillation? What happens when this "Orgasmatron" is triggered by intelligent software, in tandem with some fairly straightforward force-feedback actuators, and both are driven by, similarly simple, biometric sensors under some rather rudimentary fuzzy logic?

Answer: the romantic robotic partner.It's not much further along the technology curve to build this package into interactive machinery with humanoid appearance and, well, "feel." Or non-humanoid, if she's feeling adventurous.

Read more that would make the Unabomber mad, and David Gelerntner say "I told you so" at LiveScience
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A new study has found that trained sexologists could infer a woman's history of vaginal orgasm by observing the way she walks. Further analysis revealed that the sum of stride length and vertebral rotation was greater for the vaginally orgasmic women.
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From Wired. It's all true (though of course I would say that, wouldn't I?). And read the comments too, some are quite funny, as well being "awwww!"-making
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While the Huffington Post is not exactly the AMA Journal, and a self-selecting survey run on-line isn't the most statistically rigourous, this article discusses two interesting results of such a survey run by Cookie magazine and AOL Body targeting solely women who were married with children.

The first such result was that one in three of the mothers who responded are either having or have just had an affair, and that 77% of them wanted more sex.

I'd be willing to bet that similar results would occur in a survey targeting fathers with children. What I'd really be interested in is finding out the correlation between the fathers who want more sex, and the mothers who want more sex. Would they be the same couples? Are they wanting more from sex, or just more quantity? Is the desire for more because they don't get the opportunity, or because their desires don't match their partners? Or maybe they both want more, but don't want to bother the other?
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David Levy, best know for making chess-playing programs is getting press coverage for writing a book that basically covers nothing that Chobits hasn't already covered.

Ediit : This discussion on /. is fun. Not that they cover any new ground either, but it's fun.
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Did you know what the group Scissor Sisters was named after?

I didn't, but TV show Never Mind the Buzzcocks has enlightened me, complete with demonstrations by stunt teddy bears.

(Yes, I'm having a posting binge. I'm an addict, all right? and I've been cold turkey for four frikkin' days!)

Love Life

Sep. 29th, 2007 10:52 am
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Passing this on from [ profile] elfs. You don't have to understand German to enjoy this Swiss safe-sex site : I like the options, you get your choice of colour and music to go with it.

I like the artistic conflation of lips and condoms, and last year's poster campaign from the Federal Office of Public Health is truly impressive. Much better in my opinion that the earlier somewhat sex negative French "bug" campaign.

In comparison to the Swiss site our own Ministry of Health site is a little disappointing, and though the hip-hop focused sub-site did win an award for it's No Rubba, No Hubba-hubba commercial, neither site supports any language other than English. Also, our own AIDS Foundation is too heavily focused on gay sex in my opinion. To me, it gives the impression that AIDS is not a problem for non-gays. also has this gem about chlamydia :
Woman often have no symptoms, but when they do, they can include:
  • A discharge from the vagina
  • Pains in the lower stomach
  • Pain when urinating
  • Irritation of the urethra
  • Pain in the testicles
Are they perhaps being wonderfully sensitive to pre-op transexuals?
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Just received this information in email direct from Top Shelf, and I know a number of people will be interested :
Tanya Spreckley of the Canadian TV show "SexTV" has just aired the one-and-only filmed TV segment on LOST GIRLS. Flying over to Northampton, England, Tanya and her crew filmed and edited an amazing interview with Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie. And they've just posted a streaming-video version of it at their website.
I'm afraid I haven't watched it yet, so can't say how good it is. I'm at work and I suspect "Sex TV" is not a thing to be watched at work... :)
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Have a look at the Angel Kitty USB Keyboard Bra. Yes , that said what you though it did.

Work safe, but oh, so wrong! It is very cute though....

Somewhat less than safe for work is the gPod, an iPod attachment that has a "joystick" that vibrates to the music. They say you attach it to your mobile phone and "feel" your boyfriend's voice...

Then there's Ten Ways To Have Fun With Boobs, all about various boob-shaped equipment, which is sadder than the keyboard, but quite amusing.

And bibles should come with public health warnings. ]:)>
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You may have noticed the article on Close-up about the new Soviet Pioneer Regiments, now known as Nashi "Ours" in Russian.

But the TV show didn't go into the fact that the reason they are so popular is because they are sex camps for teenagers :

Remember the mammoths, say the clean-cut organisers at the youth camp's mass wedding. "They became extinct because they did not have enough sex. That must not happen to Russia".

Obediently, couples move to a special section of dormitory tents arranged in a heart-shape and called the Love Oasis, where they can start procreating for the motherland.

This is a very scary proposition, it's possible that on the back of these Hitler Putin Youths Soviet Russia may rise again in a nastier way. Obviously after meeting Bush, Putin knows the west is led by imbeciles, which has probably made him think he can win against them, and he may be right.
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This is, of course, on a website designed for men, and some of the article is just silly, if not actually offensive.

But, it does contain some interesting stuff, which presumably is not just made up, such as the experience of lesbian journalist Norma Vincent when she pretended to be a man for a while for her book A Self-Made Man :
As “Ned” went to clubs to hang out with “his” male friends, Norah Vincent would occasionally talk to women while still in the guise of being a man – not necessarily to hit on them, but as a means of gauging reactions to certain conversational topics when the conversation is initiated by a man. After a few months of this, Vincent evidently began to despise women; no matter what she wanted to talk about, and no matter whather intentions were, nearly all of the women she talked to either blew her off, or were insanely rude and/or condescending to her. Without even stopping to hear what “Ned” had to say, the women in the nightclubs “Ned” visited immediately assumed he was a lecherous jerk looking only for sex, and treated him like shit as a result.

To summarize: regular women were such assholes to a lesbian when she was disguised as a man that she began to sympathize with men and actually hate women.

And no, I'm not posting this because I've just broken up with my girlfriend, though it might be that the first section of the article would explain why I'd prefer to have a girlfriend... :)
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You just have to read this NYT article : More Sex Is Safer Sex: The Unconventional Wisdom of Economics.

Here's some excerpts :
It's true: AIDS is nature's awful retribution for our tolerance of immoderate and socially irresponsible sexual behaviour. The epidemic is the price of our permissive attitudes toward monogamy, chastity, and other forms of extreme sexual conservatism.
Yes, that's what it said, it's monogamy and chastity that drives the AIDs epidemic!
When the cautious Martin withdraws from the mating game, he makes it easier for the reckless Maxwell to prey on the hapless Joan. If those subway ads are more effective against Martin than against Maxwell, they are a threat to Joan's safety.
If you are a monomaniac whose goal is to minimize the prevalence of AIDS, then you should encourage Martin to have more sex. But if you are a sensible person whose goal is to maximize the difference between the benefits of sex and the costs of AIDS - then you should encourage Martin to have even more sex.
Our goal, then, should be to drive the price of condoms below zero, by rewarding people who use them. In other words, we should pay a bounty for used condoms.
Of course, while I enjoy the argument being presented, since when have economists ever been right about anything?
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...have at least 200 orgasms a year
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[ profile] allyn pointed us at this article on anarchist librarians and the Ministry of Reshelving and I thought that certain people on my flist might appreciate it being passed on.

Which reminds me, have the librarian-minded persons I know read Sean McMullen's Souls in the Great Machine yet, which stars duelling female librarians in a renaissance-style post-apocalypse Australia some of whom who eat mice on toast for breakfast? I wonder if Sean will be over this year for Conspiracy II?

I have the (possibly mistaken) idea that there are also those on my Flist who would find the discussion [ profile] fd_midori started recently on her LJ about improving the taste of male ejaculate interesting.

Turns out that I have some time to fill in between work end and 8pm this evening, anyone want to hang out in a city bar or similar for a couple of hours?
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I shouldn't watch Close-Up. Another whole pile of alarmist crap about internet chat-rooms.

At one time they spoke about how 'these people' were open about it, admitting their ages, and that a 58 year old man in an 11-year olds chat room is 'just wrong'.

Fucking ageist sexist crap!

I have three issues with that.

Firstly, there's no such thing as "an 11-year olds chat room". There are chat rooms which may be largely frequented by 11 year olds, but there are no chat-rooms that may only be legally entered by 1l year olds, and many, if not most, chat rooms can't be identified as of a specific age unless you spend time in them.

Secondly, the elderly used to be respected and treated as a source of wisdom, and passed their knowledge and experience on to children. So we now have the modern equivalent, and it's automatically assumed that it's a bad thing. Why is that? Just because a minuscule minority of older people may sexually predate on the young why cut off all the potential help and advice from the vast majority of them?

Finally, why mention a man specifically? Statistically, child abuse is carried out more often by women than it is is by men. Practically, given the distorted sexual ratios on the net, such a person is more likely to be a man, but a man is not more likely to be a child abuser or a sexual predator.
Edit Last phrase is probably false, and I should point out that child abuse statisics are hardly relevant to internet stalking, so the above is not a good argument. I still think it is sexist to assume that a predator in a chat room is going to be male, however.

Just to lighten the tone, a colleague passed this on at work, it seems the Japanese Cultural Centre(Podium 1, The Majestic Centre, 100 Willis Street) is having free showings of Studio Ghibli movies this week.

Any one want to go and watch Nausicaä - Valley of the Winds tomorrow or Thursday night?


Sep. 29th, 2006 04:25 pm
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I was reading [ profile] holding_pattern's recent post on birth control pills, and felt like ranting on it. but I didn't want to intrude on the ladies seriously discussing pills and the like, with what is a slightly flippant rant.

Though don't get me wrong, I actually believe the gist of the following, it's just more fun to be a bit over the top about it. Anyway..

Other than that for those with heavy periods and pains, where the pill sometimes can help to relieve symptoms, I believe use of the various before-the-fact birth control pills, should be proscribed.

The pill is an evil symbol of male oppression, corrupting the most necessary and sacred functions of the female body, and in the process potentially causing untold damage to those bound into it's vicious cabaret, and to what end?

Merely so that men can avoid worrying about birth control!

And at the same time the simple, mechanical, ability to abort foetuses is controlled, and this hormonal imbalance system that no-one properly understands is encouraged instead.

I fear that just like with thalidomide, sometime in the next century or so endocrinologists will discover that the use of hormones for birth control has significantly damaged our genotype.

What the system is saying to women is "if you want to have sex, and not get pregnant, you have to accept a non-natural hormone balance for the rest of your life".

Of course, it's advertised as allowing women the ability to have sex, giving them "the power" to decide if they get pregnant or not, but women don't need a pill for that! It's interesting that so many women seem to have fallen for that marketing, when in any environment where a woman has the right to refuse sexual advances of a male, they already have that!

The obvious answer for the modern woman is to have her menfolk sterilized.

These days it's a simple, easily reversible, operation with no obvious side-effects, except perhaps an increase in libido.

Seriously, I think male vasectomies should be being encouraged and hormone pills discouraged, unless the reason for use of the pill is for treating menstrual problems.

Forcing a woman to take pills forever just because she want's sex with a man and doesn't want to get pregnant is a silly idea when the mechanical solution on the male is so much simpler and interferes far less with the mind and life of the person to whom it is done.

If men want vaginally penetrative sex they should be willing to have a little reversible op, after all they spend so much other time and effort trying to get back where they came from, what's an hour under a knife an anaesthetic ?

And if they won't do that little thing for a woman they want to bed, let them eat pussy!

Hmm.. not sure that came across quite as well as the Marie Antoinette original did... I need a better speech writer.

Anyway, let's start a movement! Slogans anyone?
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Lazing on a Sunday morning scanning LJ posts, when I came across an interesting comment in [ profile] polyamory in which [ profile] xiphias discussed "jewish law". I can't say how accurate it is, but I thought it amusing enough to pass on:
According to Jewish law, the frequency of sex a woman that a woman can demand is based on her husband's occupation (and, if a man is considering a career change that would put him in a category of lowering the minimum frequency of sex, his wife may veto the career change). At the bottom end, a long-distance fisherman's wife can only demand sex once every six months, because the fisherman may be out at sea for that long. At the top end, the wife of a brain-worker who's home every night may demand sex up to once a day. And quality of sex counts.

That's per wife. One orgasm per wife per day. Kings count at the top range. This is how we know that King Solomon was a miracle-worker -- at 700 wives and 300 concubines, that's 1000 orgasms per day. That's 86 seconds per wife, if he does nothing else, and we know that he ALSO ran a kingdom.So, the only possible conclusion is that he had the ability to satisfy a woman in thirty seconds flat or less.
In response to a question [ profile] xiphias added :
It's in the Talmud, Kettubot 62a.

Scholars in general are obligated to once a week, preferably on the Sabbath. However, note that these are minimums, and that, if a woman wants to have sex more often, the man has to at least make the attempt to oblige.
Obviously, I scanned [ profile] xiphias' LJ and they do seem to be involved in Jewish stuff, so it may well be correct.
While scanning I found a link to a Questionable Content strip, which I obviously found amusing enough to pass on as well!


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