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When Will You Get Yours, and When Will You Connect It to the Internet?

Sex with robots

Yes. Of course we will. Some of us do now. We call them vibrators.

One step up is the implanted spinal cord stimulator:  It's been reported since 2004 that a device originally designed for chronic pain control and urinary issues can stimulate orgasm in women — even individuals who thought they'd lost the ability to have them. The appliance is no bigger than a pacemaker, can be wired into a woman's lower back in a physician's office under local anesthetic, is FDA approved (for "bladder problems"), and can be run by remote control. Ask your doctor.

Will you be prepared when she asks you to trigger this device over the Internet in a loving act of telepresent titillation? What happens when this "Orgasmatron" is triggered by intelligent software, in tandem with some fairly straightforward force-feedback actuators, and both are driven by, similarly simple, biometric sensors under some rather rudimentary fuzzy logic?

Answer: the romantic robotic partner.It's not much further along the technology curve to build this package into interactive machinery with humanoid appearance and, well, "feel." Or non-humanoid, if she's feeling adventurous.

Read more that would make the Unabomber mad, and David Gelerntner say "I told you so" at LiveScience
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Well, almost. [ profile] seraphs_folly could have not had the sniffles, and then it would have been nicer for her. Still 'twas a nice two days and three nights. My lady arrived late Friday, and we went straight home. In the morning we met up with [ profile] jarratt_gray & [ profile] evie_fae for brunch, then went home and prepped for [ profile] tyellas' Mad Scientist party, filling it the remaining hour or so with playing with the new toy.

Without going into too much detail, we have come to the conclusion that all wars could be stopped by air-dropping pallet loads of said toy(with appropriate power supplies) into combat zones. Both cheaper and much nicer than cluster bomblet munitions, but providing more "bangs for the buck." I can see it now, the Valkyrie Air Corps in their DPM cut-offs and khaki under-bust-tied fatigue shirts, shoving pallets of HMWs out the back of a pink C130 Hercules with both boxes and parachutes marked with a big red "O" Thanks to those who managed to "liberate" one for us. They know who they are. And seriously, if you haven't got one, you should. As soon as possible. Really.

Then we picked up chinese and headed round to [ profile] tyellas' place where she introduced us to chocolate & peanut butter ice cream, which was a lot nicer than I thought it would be, as I don't usually like peanut butter itself, except in sate. In fact, it was delicimus. The home made vanilla was lovely and tasty too, much better than commercial vanilla. Then people turned up to help prepare the party and I got chained into my "Igor" costume.

There were some pretty impressive costumes, T's aviatrix with aerial wings and mini-jet pack was perhaps the most inventive, though the aetherial energy effects of the wings would need to be added in post. It was a very relaxed party, except perhaps when [ profile] khaybee decided to actually tie the arms of my strait-jacket together and [ profile] seraphs_folly decided to feed me beer. Or when the bucket of dry ice started making dangerous noises. We did discover that dry ice hypnotises roomfuls of people, and that [ profile] tyellas is a dry ice pusher, providing it free to neighbourhood kids, presumably in an attempt to get them addicted young.

Things wound up, and we went home to watch the first two episodes of True Blood. Yummy. Finally, a TV vampire show done right, with just the right amount of sex and squalor, and some stupendous dialogue, along with believably stupid characters, and nasty violence. Not for the faint-hearted or prudish though. I mean, a show that in one episode has a major sub-plot based around vampire blood-induced priapism isn't exactly kiddie materiel, is it? Lovin' it at the moment, the mixture of Southern tropes, heat, bigotry, sex, and the supernatural, reminds me of parts of Warren Ellis' Hellblazer run, tho it is based on the Sookie Stackhouse book series by Charlaine Harris, which, unsurprisingly, I haven't read, as the author normally writes Ellery Queen style mysteries. The series is produced for HBO by Alan Ball, previously famous for Six Feet Under

We finally, after lazy snuggling, fell asleep at around half three in the morning, awaking in time for brunch and a drive to visit [ profile] seraphs_folly's publisher in Waikanae. Back home and a quick run to Piwakawaka to pick up more True Blood crack, which filled in time till dinner [ profile] jenni_talula & Lee, whom we hadn't caught up with in ages. Afterwards I found it amusing that we spent much of the time talking about toilets. Such scintillating and appropriate dinner-time conversation! *grin*

Prior to dinner, I had shown m'lady the bed in Okooko which she had previously seen on the web but not in real life, and which she is in love with, and she showed it to our dinner partners.

Back home, more True Blood and early to sleep due to m'lady's early Tauranga flight in the morning. Shame we couldn't have caught up with more people over the weekend, but it was the first time we'd seen each other in almost two months. so there was need of a certain amount of alone together time.

The lady returns Thursday afternoon, and we will probably be going straight to JJ's for early BBC, followed by TNC, as she is going through Dawaat bhaji withdrawal. Later in the week I'll hopefully confirm the BBC, so if anyone wants to catch up, they can pop in to JJ's between five and seven, whether or not they're not currying.

Friday I'll be seeing her off in the morning again, so she can have a dirty (labour) weekend with [ profile] argentbear, [ profile] holding_pattern, and [ profile] grendel_khan, while I go and play a cute wee dispossesed anime girl called Emba in [ profile] grandexperiment's Lambs of a Nameless God at Fright Night, which is fast becoming Wellington's regular Halloween role-playing con.
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So, some of you guys know I play in a Mage : the Awakening game set in Prague. Some of you play in it. Some of you will also know that one of the ladies on my flist is [ profile] fd_midori, a well known sex educator and fetish photographer. Anyone who follows her will know she's currently shooting and holidaying in Prague.

So, did you know they had a Sex Machine Museum in Prague? Now you do. Go have a look at it (pic heavy, Warning : includes fetish photography, kitteh pr0n, pictures of Prague, and people having fun!)

However the thing that really made me want to post was that [ profile] adrexia was recently talking about whether one would like to be a wife or a hetaira, and I know there are several classics scholars on my flist also.

So, it seems the sex machine museum in Prague has ancient greek sandals that reportedly belonged to a prostitute, which have the words "follow me" engraved in reverse on the sole, so that as she walked through the mud and dust it would print them on the ground , providing both advertising and a locating device! I don't know how true that is, or how authentic the items are, but I'm impressed at the marketting savvy if it is !
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[ profile] fd_midori just posted a picture of her recent dildo purchases which are a must for tentacle lovers everywhere!
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Given recent, um, events, I couldn't help but pass on this little item. See if you can figure out what it's supposed to be used for.
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Thought I'd pass on this piece of (non-work safe) computer equipment
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I just couldn't resist posting this link to El Reg's description of the Highjoy Internet Enabled Rabbit.

Links are probably not worksafe depending on where you work!


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