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Today I got a Dreamwidth account in the "random lottery".

The first test post from my off-line tool appeared here fine. However, it didn't cross post to LJ. So now I'm testing cross-posting to LiveJournal from Dreamwidth's post page to see if that makes any difference.
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So today I got a Dreamwidth account in the "random lottery". This post is primarily a test post to test cross-posting to LiveJournal from Dreamwidth, and also to see how well my off-line tool (Semagic) works with Dreamwidth. Might as well go the whole hog, huh ?

I've already tested the journal import tool, which worked great, and my LiveJournal is now replicated on Dreamwidth.

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And this post may be redundant also, but redundancy ensures survival.

[ profile] tatjna posted a link to Ten Videos to Change How You View the World a couple of days ago, so I've now had a chance to watch some of them, and I have to agree that they are worth watching. They're from TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) which is a yearly conference, the link above is the best ten according to lifehack

The first one pushes the idea that as far as violence is concerned, we've never had it so good, which is something I've felt for ages, but Steven Pinker actually shows it with numbers and examples. But it's the animated data from Hans Rosling and on child mortality and wealth and how the world isn't like it used to be, and his impassioned plea for free access to public data that really got me.

Daniel Gilbert's talk about the impact bias of the hedonic experience simulator in our pre-frontal lobe and finding synthetic happiness is both the most useful and entertaining talk I've seen for a while. And Richard Dawkins passing on the idea that the core that we think of us is not "real", of that which you think of as yourself, being a personal wave form that travels through matter... freaky. It did make me want to yell "Hey Richard, you've just found the soul!", though given the subtlety of some of his references during the talk, I suspect he knew that when he sad it.

That's as far as I've got so far. I should get some sleep. The overwhelming thing I found is that many of the ideas which I came up with by myself as a teenager, and which I was effectively told were stupid by those I spoke to them about then... are now being espoused by clever people in a global forum.

Hmm..... it sorts of makes me think I should believe in myself even more. :)
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In the last ad-break there were two Dove Pro-Age ads that contained naked pictures of real women and the URI for the Campaign For Real Beauty. Interspersed was the MSD's "It's Not Alright" ad from their campaign against relationship violence. Now it's sad that such campaigns are necessary, but is definitely encouraging that they exist.

Unfortunately, the ad is appearing between sessions of Granada's Coronation Street which points out many things we still have to think about changing. For instance, Violet is friends with Sean who is gay. Her boyfriend, Jamie, is also friends with Sean. Jamie is realizing that he likes Sean at least as much as Violet, and Violet has just figured this out. Now, admittedly they aren't in a screaming match yet, but it's intended to cause drama, and it is, as everyone worries over it and Jamie doesn't realize how he's hurting Violet.

But I can't help but think how this might be handled between many of my friends these days. There's no real reason for this to be a problem, especially as they are already friends, as soon as Jamie accepts his attraction to Sean, and unless it turns out that Jamie really doesn't like women at all... it's perfect for a V, and given the two ends of the V are already good friends, it should work OK.

Still it's an example of how over half of the drama on this show is about relationship issues that would likely not occur if we had better attitudes to sexuality and more open attitudes toward relationships in general.

So once we no longer need the Campaign for Real Beauty, and the "It's Not OK" campaign, maybe we can start on the "It's Ok to Love More Than One Person" campaign.

Jesus Christos said it was OK. Now if only the Vatican and Israel would release the original copies of the Gospels, the ones with details of the open sexual relationships between the Apostles and their camp followers, and the real reason Judas Iscariot kissed Jesus rather than just pointing him out to the temple guards, perhaps we could get a jump start on that.
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Or in other words, I'll be eating in town tonight prior to going to the TES munch, anyone want to meet for dinner?


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