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Eddie Davidson, who was serving a 21 month jail term for spamming people, escaped from a federal prison with the help of his wife, changed clothes at his home, and then shot her and two of their three children before shooting himself in an apparent murder-suicide on Thursday in Arapahoe County. Two children are apparently still alive, but Davidson, his wife, and his three year-old daughter are not.
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Or at least that's what Tinks told the boys to do. Fairies seem to get jealous of Wendy's all the time, especially when the love of a boy who refuses to grow up is involved.grins a wicked Panly grin. And mermaids are dark creatures...

You see [ profile] ferrouswheel bought the good version of Peter Pan cheap and we're watching it now!

Someone is clever, I've just received the only spam email that really made me want to open it. A plain email from a German address with a real name, one picture attachment, and the title "I show you how far the rabbit hole goes". Clever. It was actually a standard old drug ad, but for a minute there... Somehow, Google Ads placed an ad for preventing canine copraphagia next to it.

Having finished A Civil Campaign, and not having any more Vorkosigan to read, I've picked up a book I won in the Conspiracy II raffle, which is another Laurel Hamilton book, but this is one about a fairy princess who has a harem of guards whom she pretty much has to have sex with. Fae politics y'know! Only just started, and so far there's too much exposition, but I'll see how it goes. This one at least seems to have a much better attitude toward the sex, even if some of it is only duty.

I want always to be a boy and have fun!

You say so, but I think it is your biggest pretend.

Spam Story

Oct. 6th, 2006 09:15 am
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Darina: "And you see what?"
"It is cold - so cold - My sister's thin brought it in - a body in a suit. Not"- my father hesitated- "of any deal".
I could see no local tie-up with any trouble. And now, though I hear, more than my spate of words. Behind his interest - and it was a box of a room and the laser beam touched upon an unlighted torch in-reckoned in years, space time less easily. A man who makes many a building, frustration within me. I had passed part of a night here, dark. Time was on their side, for with the coming of dawn, were I too happily a quarry who might be ready to loose a laser beam from the dark.

Fingers fell into holes there. I explored by touch and knew that I had, that we had, bought passage on it and would keep it cordoned. The unease which had plagued me.

It was dark and cool in the family rooms - corridor and discovered it made a sharp turn to the right, one which step or two farther into the room. I saw a ship's tunic with the Vondar, thought good, exchanged trade gossip with him. There had been mid-passage and had to come out of hyper for repairs. Their lucktapes in themselves might have proven a rich treasure house for buildings, offering none too wide a footing, but keeping me well above
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The first thing that interested me was the subject line :
Re Tara Abourd
The changeling players will know why that caught my eye!

Then I noticed the text of the random spam had lots of Indian content

his eyes aflame. 'That pedigree I will give thee now - in my own interest as they wandered about India, the land of pilgrims; but none are of thy faith.' 'Maharaj,' whined Kim, using the Hindu form of yes,and some vegetable curry.' A growl came out of the back of the the officers. They are very fine horses, these new ones: I have seen south.This last was R17's work, which Mahbub had picked up beyond the horse-dealers in the Punjab, a wealthy and enterprising trader, whose himself,' the lama half sobbed; and under his breath began the Sikhs had acquitted themselves well. The Amritzar girl smiled; for she business to confederate, had been informed by a kindly Northern Power wandering lama with a low-caste boy-servant might attract a moment's Belgium, and an important, semi-independent Mohammedan ruler to the which His foot had trod - to the Birthplace, even to Kapila; then to Amazed at the lama's immense- simplicity (he had handed him a small said the boy, standing before him. 'Hast thou been robbed?' 'It is my conifer belmont accept carboy butyric commerce
Such a meaningful email! I must analyze it now and try to determine what it means for my life as an action hero... )
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Here's another wonderful one!

I am a lovely and lonely Lady who is looking for the man who will make me happy and whom I want to feel like in paradise with!

If you want to be my beautiful Hero who will save me from this loneliness find me and wake me up with a warm kiss.

talk to you soon!

Just look at that, a Latin greeting, a Celtic-like name, an appeal for a hero to come and awaken the sleeping beauty!

I left the URL in this time, because it's so perfect! Sounds like space opera romance to me!

Do you think these spams are aimed specifically at D&D players or fantasy readers?
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From "Dominick" :
i'm guilt-ridden for the months that has passed since we have jabbed, just thought about you so i wanted to acquaint with you, it is the store that made me stronger after my disease,
We "jabbed"? What does that mean? Intravenous drug-use, a bit of the ol' in-out, used the Jabber IM, or something else?

Wha...? You had a disease? You bastard! What a way to tell me! And now, after so many months! If you had told me sooner, I might have nipped it in the bud and been spared tertiary syphilis!
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Sometime I love spam

I got this one from "Galinka":
I'm a very young and energetic lady... )

And from Tia (one hopes it's not the Tia we know) :
Are you still exploring the solution of getting trim?
I definitely am, that is why i am so gay.
I watched TV last night. At least for the first part of the night, after a pizza and chips.

It seems we've got a sex addict in NZ who is putting together a self-help DVD. Hmm, I thought. I wonder if I qualify? So I went to Sex Addicts Anonymous to find out about sex addiction.

Sex Addiction can involve a wide variety of practices.... )

Finally, support the Dixie Chicks!

I don't like country music much, but they did a good cover of Stevie Nicks' Landslide, with the help of Sheryl Crow, and they're not giving in to the red-necks who are trying to kill them for daring to criticise their dick-head president. Yes, really trying to kill them! As in shotguns fired at their limo when leaving the airport, snipers at concert events!

Talk about combat rock! or in this case combat C&W...
Elwood:What kind of music do you usually have here?
Claire:Oh, we got both kinds. We got country and western.


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