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From The Smirking Chimp :

On the streets of Miami, Luis Posada Carriles might look like just one of the dozens of nice, elderly Cuban gentlemen who gather outside the Versailles Restaurant for a strong cup of java. But there is nothing nice or gentle about Posada Carriles. For starters, he is responsible for the 1976 downing of a Cuban passenger plane with 73 people on board-the first act of aviation terrorism in the Western hemisphere. In 1997 he orchestrated the bombing of hotels in Havana that resulted in the death of Italian businessman Fabio Di Celmo...

The U.S. Justice Department has called Posada “an unrepentant criminal and admitted mastermind of terrorist plots and attacks. ” When he was being held in a U.S. immigration detention center in 2005 for having sneaked into the country with a false passport, the Department of Homeland Security said that due to his long history of criminal activity and violence, his release from detention would “pose a danger to both the community and the national security of the United States.”

So why, then, does Luis Posada Carriles live freely in Miami, eating lechón asado at the Versailles Restaurant, socializing at the Big Five Club, exhibiting his paintings at the Miami Art Museum? Why isn’t he behind bars?

Read the comments too, where someone points out that the downing of the airliner was, on a per capita basis, far worse for Barbados than 9/11 was for the USA.

Cyber Storm

Feb. 5th, 2008 11:01 am
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Nice little report on Homeland Securty's recent cyberwargames" on El Reg, which talks about game participants using a Kobayashi Maru solutions to win.

The interesting thing is that their people are actually thinking of real vulnerabilities to the system from concerned citizens, not just hack attacks. I especially like the scenario around hundreds of people on the "No Fly" list turning up at once. Talk about activism that uses the system against itself! If I can't fly, no one will fly! It's given me lots of ideas though, like groups of people using masks or make-up while wandering round airports, designed specifically to hit the vulnerabilities of the face-recognition software and generate thousands of false positives. Already the needs of face recognition software have made it harder for real customs officers to do their jobs, as passport photos no longer look anything like the person who holds them due to the requirements to have hair out of the face and no glasses, etc.

But I'd recommend against civil disobedience in Peru, based on the look of their new anit-riot police uniforms. I can see there becoming a "black market" in ex-Peruvian riot police uniforms that the users happen to "lose", especially amongst the attendees of sc-fi and BDSM conventions.

A wise man once said : once is random, twice is a coincidence, three times is enemy action. The third happened last Friday off the coast of Dubai, but now that the fourth undersea cable has been disabled reducing connectivity for Qatar and the UAE (though this one was "taken off line due to power issues") , why aren't people looking for the submarine that's been doing it? Especially as it is now apparent the first event was not caused by an accidental boat anchor.

I reckon it's the Israelis,, though it could be anyone with a 100K to throw around, after all there are a lot of ex-USSR diesel-electrics on the market, not to mention that (for WWII history buffs,) the lost Black Sea U-boat fleet has been found.
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From an older article from Bruce Schneier, a "security expert" some of you may have heard of :
Even worse: after someone reports a "terrorist threat," the whole system is biased towards escalation and CYA instead of a more realistic threat assessment.

Watch how it happens. Someone sees something, so he says something.The person he says it to -- a policeman, a security guard, a flight attendant -- now faces a choice: ignore or escalate. Even though he may believe that it's a false alarm, it's not in his best interests to dismiss the threat. If he's wrong, it'll cost him his career. But if he escalates, he'll be praised for "doing his job" and the cost will be borne by others. So he escalates. And the person he escalates to also escalates, in a series of CYA decisions. And before we're done,innocent people have been arrested, airports have been evacuated, and hundreds of police hours have been wasted.

This story has been repeated endlessly, both in the U.S. and in other countries. Someone -- these are all real -- notices a funny smell, or some white powder, or two people passing an envelope, or a dark-skinned man leaving boxes at the curb, or a cell phone in an airplane seat; the police cordon off the area, make arrests, and/or evacuate airplanes; and in the end the cause of the alarm is revealed as a pot of Thai chili sauce, or flour, or a utility bill, or an English professor recycling, or a cell phone in an airplane seat.

Of course, by then it's too late for the authorities to admit that they made a mistake and overreacted, that a sane voice of reason at some level should have prevailed. What follows is the parade of police and elected officials praising each other for doing a great job, and prosecuting the poor victim -- the person who was different in the first place -- for having the temerity to try to trick them.
Remind anyone of anything?
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But still, this is a response to some replies to my posts and posts from others in support of what was a police action against various peace activists and non-violent protest groups nation-wide which just happened to also include a raid against Tame Iti's group and a slightly mental white guy as well. it was going to be a reply to [ profile] mcmlxxviii's recent post, but I decided it was too big for that and covered things not directly related to that post.

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Don't get me wrong, I know there are some good police out there, and they do deserve support when trying to do a difficult job, the problem is that in my experience the good ones are in a minority, and often aren't the ones who are in charge and making decisions, who seem largely to be incompetent thugs. Which in some ways is a blessing I suppose, it would be more scary if they were competent thugs.
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For all those who want to go on military tactics courses and wear camouflage coveralls that are smaller than XXXL, I recommend this TradeMe trader.

So if I buy a PHANTOM GRENADE LAUNCHER PACKAGE or a BT-4 IRONHORSE MIL-SIM MARKER - BLACK to go with my CAMO LIGHTWEIGHT COVERALLS, do you think I'll get a visit from the "Police Ninja Squad" , as the children in the Urerewas call them when they're disturbing their classes?

After all, I fully intend to practice military tactics and shoot at people with them. I might even use explosives like a MASTER LANDMINE - REUSEABLE or a TIPPMANN SQUADBUSTER GRENADE in order to disrupt parliament or something. In fact, yes, I think throwing a RAP4 HAND GRENADE - REUSEABLE into the debating chamber, or perhaps flying it in attached to a $1 RES! MICRO R/C HELICOPTER - AWESOME FUN while wearing my NXE TACTICAL SCENARIO HARNESS/ VEST- SAVE $90!! would be an appropriate protest against tightened terrorism laws, dontcha think? :)
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Well, there were two things that annoyed me over the weekend, so I'm going to vent on one of them here, maybe the other later, but I'll cut it so you don't have to read unless you feel like it.

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