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This morning's random ride-to-work play list had a sort of theme. It started with 3 Doors Down's Running Out Of Days
And all these little things in life they all create this haze
There’s too many things to get done, and I’m running out of days
There was Sir Bob's We Are The World, which I didn't even realize was on my phone. My anthem came up, New Model Army's Before I Get Old
Live real fast, still not die
Never get old
This was followed by Peter Gabriel's Biko which is still emotional after all these years, and just as relevant now.
You can blow out a candle
But you can't blow out a fire
Once the flames begin to catch
The wind will blow it higher
I had to think then. To many people that I know now, Steve Biko is just a part of history, if they've ever heard of him. He was more than that to me when I was a teenager.

That was a long time ago. I've become tired & cynical. All of my edginess, if any is left, is in the areas of play & personal interaction. All the people I know now are "safe". Even the burners aren't what I'd call radical, though I admire their skills. I used to hang out with bikies, gang members, radicals, anarchists, criminals (the lines blur all the time in those groups). I used to bump fists with convicted murderers. Not that I want to do it again, but I used to haul body bags from helicopters. I used to fly round the country as part of an aerobatic team. Now possibly the most edgy thing in my life is having friends who are sex workers.

In many ways this is a good thing. I'm probably not physically capable of leaping from a 25ft roof, rolling, and coming up into a run without pause anymore. I probably can't take down heavier and stronger men with speed, skill & ruthlessness anymore. I'm out of practice, lazy, and unfit. It's good I am in a safe environment because I probably couldn't handle an unsafe one anymore.

But it does leave me feeling that there's something missing and I should be doing something about it. The first step though must be to deal with that lack of fitness. If only to better survive the coming zombie apocalypse.

Funny really, one of the reasons I did what I did around combat training when younger was that I fully expected there to be a nuclear holocaust, primarily affecting the Northern hemisphere, and I did what I could to be "ready" to survive it. Now it's zombies.
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So named by [ profile] evie_fae with whom I enjoyed a surprise pookah train ride this morning due to her attendance at a conference.

The train trip introduced us to a red car on the motorway, with the words "this car is red" painted nicely on it's side. I think it also had a Westpac logo on the front. We spent the rest of the trip waiting to pass the car with "this car is blue" written on it. At least, until [ profile] evie_fae noticed the faint, slightly reddish brown splatter stains across the ceiling and all down the wall behind our seat. Slipping into Dexter blood-splatter specialist mode, I surmised that the nightly train combat between the werewolves of Wainuiomata and the city vampires had not been properly cleaned up, or that someone had exploded, discarding the more mundane theories of coke bottle explosions or hydraulic fluid leakage.

Arriving at Wellington, [ profile] evie_fae grabbed some Fuel, and the Fuel guys were quite bouncy and seemed disappointed that one could not buy coffee with Snapper cards. We left thru the main station entrance to be confronted by a guy in full dress black & silver charro (i.e.: like a Mariachi band member), with the full metal clasps down his trousers, and the big sombrero in his hands, singing his heart out unaccompanied.

The surrealism didn't end there though, after [ profile] evie_fae peeled off to her conference I saw a large number of extremely vertically challenged people, all quite well dressed, and at least one in what looked like Moslem female clothing, but without a burkah. Was there a midget conference in town too?

Only ten hours till I see my love again! Yayyy!!!
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Appropriate random music again. First off, as I walked onto the station and waited for the train I got Miranda Sexgarden's A Fairytale About Slavery. Why it's particularly appropriate today... well, this is a public post so you'll just have to use your imagination. I'm sure you'll have more fun that way.

This was followed by Headless Chickens' Cruise Control ( i've got my t.v tuned to channel you because there's nothing else that i can do). Which in turn was followed by The Goo Goo Dolls' Iris, that perfect song from City of Angels (Yeah, you bleed just to know your alive). Moving on from that I got Maroon Five's This Love, and then the player amusingly picked out Tori's Hey, Jupiter, ( And this little masochist is lifting up her dress. Guess I thought I could never feel the things I feel) and even more amusingly Leather, (I can scream as loud as your last one, but I can't claim innocence) bringing my thoughts full circle again.

Luckily before I got to work, the mp3 oracle had given me REM's Losing My Religion to bring me back into the real world, as it were.

Don't worry, before long I'll get bored of describing my train ride random play list. Or maybe something worth writing about will happen instead.

In fact it did. Just had my computer do something odd, a squealed out noise quickly cut off and an error message about accessibility options.... Hmmmm..... descends into geekery...
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I have my phone back, which means I can again listen to music on the train.

Putting it on random is my favourite way, as then I can see how the random relates to reality. For instance I started my journey this morning to NIN's Closer, which always makes me grin, and the journey ended with The Only Time, and then I hear today that NIN have released a new single called Discipline. I wonder what that;s going to be about? not available for download quite yet.

I really think that Nickleback's Feelin' Way Too Damn Good captures my own inherent pessimism about relationships so well, while at the same time capturing the greatness of a relationship when it is going good. I also really like the bass humming on this track, that you may not even notice if you hear it on TV or Radio.

However, this morning I had Feelin' Way Too Damn Good followed directly by Chris Rhea's Road To Hell, and then Prince's Purple Rain, and thought the three combined was a perfect description of the perceived progress of Western civilization over the last thirty years or so, as imagined by the doom-sayers on both right and left. First in the seventies and early eighties everything is going pretty damn good, but y'know it can't last. Then there's the warnings of doom and gloom and ecological catastrophe , and then we're in the post-catastrophe world of mutation and purple rain. All right, it doesn't really fit,. that was just my odd thought on the train. I also noticed something about the lyrics of Purple Rain that I hadn't realized before, even though in hindsight it's obvious. But then I often miss the obvious.

Damn, I'm going to have to buy myself a new guitar soon!

If I ever get hitched (again) , I think I'm going to have insist on these

People may know I love admiring the clever use of statistical graphics, so here's an effective visualization of the sub-prime mortgage crisis in the USA.

There's also a good little article that point out that petrol prices are not really that high :

First, we need to take into account inflation. ... something that cost $1.00 in 1950 would cost about $8.78 today. As for gas prices, in 1950 the price of gas was approximately 30 cents per gallon. Adjusted for inflation, a gallon of gas today should cost right at $2.64, assuming taxes are the same.

But taxes have not stayed the same. The tax per gallon of gas in 1950 was roughly 1.5% of the price. Today, federal, state, and local taxes account for approximately 20% of gas's posted price. Taking inflation and the increase in taxes into account (assuming no change in supply or demand) the same gallon of gas that cost 30 cents in 1950 should today cost about $3.13....

The average price of gas in the United States today is approximately $3.25

So why is everyone claiming that it's at an all time high, when in real terms it's only a little higher than one might expect, and actually lower than one might expect when you take into account increased demand and reportedly diminishing supply?
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Went to bed relatively early last night, indulging in remote snuggles. So awoke relatively refreshed this morning, unlike previous nights when late night chat sessions had severely reduced my sleep time. Not that I'm complaining, merely stating the facts.

Morning train was infested with children. I think they forgot to spray the carriages properly last night so they grew up like mushrooms in the morning. Some brusque guy (who probably likes exercising power over those weaker than himself) made a general announcement to the kids that they should be standing up for adults, and was answered by the kids teacher who said something like that she was already arranging that, thank you.

[ profile] evie_fae and I discussed that it didn't really make sense that children should stand up on a train. After all, they are weaker and less steady on their feet than most adults. We agreed that the elderly and pregnant mums should go first, followed by children.

My explanation for why this is not the case is that the rules are driven by finance. Adults pay more to ride the train so they get more privileges. I suspect it's also driven by angry men who don't like children and want to discourage them from being on trains, like a couple of DWMs who were sitting behind us implying that children on their regular train should not be allowed, and obviously those are the sorts of people who make the rules.

Despite my earlier comment about infestations, I quite liked all the children on the train, more glamour to bathe in for the train pooka.

Whilst wandering up Lambton Quay ran into three people I knew, one from the Phoenix community , one from the [ profile] katipocafe community, and finally just as I was about to enter Whitcoulls, [ profile] eloieli.
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Got up late this morning, had to rush through shower and breakfast to make sure I could pick up [ profile] evie_fae. Turns out she had also slept in, so we were both very sleepy and quiet on the train. Closed my eyes once we'd shown our tickets, and the trip was over too soon.

Seems everyone else was sleepy too, most of the train remained seated even when the doors were open and the aisle clear such that although we were sleepy we still got off before most people. Was our sleepiness affecting the train and it required or motion to wake them from slumber? Or were they recognizing our status as royalty and allowing us to exit first?

I drifted along beside Evie, losing her her for a moment as people and doors came between us. She teased me by saying that one day I would lose her like that and she wouldn't come back. I imagined that in such a case she might have been kidnapped spirited away to faerie and I would have to undertake a quest to bring her back. I thought it would be my duty as [ profile] jarratt_gray was away, and I would need to get her back before he returned, or he would never forgive me for losing her like that. I imagined searching through the city all the day, looking for clues or gates to other realms.

Drifting continued until suddenly the whole world got suddenly darker! I asked Evie if she noticed the sudden darkening, because I was scared it was just my mind, but no, it had got darker and it was even darker for her because she was wearing sunglasses!

I realized that it was like I had secretly been drugged. Evie confirmed that this was the case, but I was confused, if I had been secretly drugged, how would she know? Until I thought, it must be her, she must be wearing her marijuana perfume!

Lambton Quay had people in it, but they seemed to not actually be in our way, and it had shops containing lovely blue dresses. Evie liked it but said it probably wasn't available in my size. We were greeted strangely by the paper-sellng man at the corner of Cable Car Lane as we headed to Revive for some brainz. Cool cute coffee guy almost remembered our drinks, and we discovered Nawleans was almost completely gone from the front page instead a sportsman holding his love off the ground with one arm as she clutched a bottle of bubbly.

The music was cruisy and I should have recognized it. Evie, please tell me, don't keep me in suspenders, was it Portishead?

Now I am at work, I need to actually do work but my head is still drifting and I'm hoping that writing this down will exorcise the dream state and wake me for a day of banality, but so far it hasn't worked, I've answered two questions about a project I worked on from two seperate support people and it seems there is some sort of automatic pilot answering the questions for me, though it seems to be getting the answers right, I'm still woozy. Need more brainz....

Oh, and happy birthday [ profile] lossenkemen!


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