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Mar. 6th, 2008 03:18 pm
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For those on my flist who enjoy a good whiskey, Off the Back are doing a pretty good deal on Malt Whiskey : A Taste of A Scotland at present. as you can see Amazon are selling it at $44, and OTB have it $20.00!

(heck, anyone would think I had shares in this company, the way I've been pimping them recently)


Nov. 19th, 2007 05:31 am
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So I wake up to people's birthday wishes from across the globe, and sit down to chat, and my colleague G and his mum, J, bring over a chocolate mud cake with candles on it and sing me happy birthday. And then they give me presents as well! Mmm, chocolate mud cake for brekkie

Just finished chatting with [ profile] seraphs_folly on the phone, who has been being very nostalgic over our history, looking at old LJ posts, and it's catching. So I went and looked at my archives, and the earliest I have here is 10th October 2005. That year was the Halloween party [ profile] amphigori organized in the city cemetery, and we all dressed up, and one of the photos from that was sent to [ profile] seraphs_folly, so she could see what I looked like, as I had few recent photos at the time.

It's cold and rainy outside, and the constant dripping of water is a little annoying, but I am sitting inside warm and happy, with a glass of "Peat Monster" beside me.

The whiskey, pale and almost urine-coloured, is surprisingly smooth and mild for something with such a name. It has the nose of a smoky peaty Islay malt, but none of the bite. I think that makes it very dangerous. It's almost sweet, and you can swig it with none of the burn you might expect. But then your tonsils go numb. Maybe that's why it's called Peat Monster, it hides while you drink, and then jumps out and drags you down into the bog!


Most of the afternoon has been spent lazing around watching re-runs of Fraser and Becker while reminiscing, reading old things on my LJ. These last two years seem to have packed a lot into them.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!
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It's Friday, so I had fish and chips for Tea.

[ profile] seraphs_folly gave me some money to buy myself some whiskey for my birthday over here (even though she said she'd already bought me a pressie!), so this evening when picking up milk and bread from the local Waitrose I thought I'd check out their liquor section on the off-chance, not expecting much, and OMG!

This supermarket here in Sheffield has a better range of whiskey than most specialist bottle stores in New Zealand! It has all the standards, Talisker, the GlenLivet, Glenmorangie, Laphrohaig, and tons of others, many of which I haven't tried! And cheap! Most of them are just £20! Less than $60! Even the Special GlenLivet is only £25!

So I chose a whiskey I haven't had before called The Peat Monster from the Compass Box Whiskey Company which was on special for £21 , down from £27. Then, when I went through the checkout the operator said I could get another 20% off if I bought six of them! It's described on the box as
Big, Peaty, Smoky. A superb, balanced and delicious combination of smoky, peaty Islay malt whiskey with rich old Speyside malt.
Here's a review. The Whiskey Guide tells me
Peat Monster is bottled at 46%. It is not chill filtered and contains no colour additives. The whisky is composed primarily of Caol Ila 10-11 years old and Ardmore 12-17 years old. The whisky is married for several months in ex-bourbon First Refill American oak casks. The marrying allows the intense smokiness of Caol Ila to be beautifully balanced by Ardmore’s milder, sweeter notes.
I'll find out on Sunday when I get to open it. I am seriously considering bringing some whiskey home at these prices. And then da guys will have to do "The Whiskey" again! :)

Last night G and I found a hilarious TV show on one of the comedy channels called Badly Dubbed Porn. It consist of badly made porn movies being voiced like Kung Faux was by British comedy actors. I'm pretty certain I heard Dawn French in there.

Right now we're watching a sci-fi show called Charlie Jade, which was made in South Africa for Canadian television, and G tells me his twin brother M was an extra one of the episodes.

Shame [ profile] seraphs_folly couldn't make it to Welly this weekend, but I hope you guys all have a great party tonight!
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After a long and quite stressful week (though a lot of the stress was nice stress, IYKWIM! ) it was great to sit around until almost 3.00 am drinking some wonderful whiskeys, hanging out with friends, and reminiscing about role-playing and other things.

Once the crew, [ profile] jarratt_gray, [ profile] eloieli, [ profile] mr_orgue, and myself were all there, we went on an expedition for water for the cask-strength whiskies and bread to go with the dukkah, all climbing into [ profile] mr_orgue's car.

First we went to the Pantsu Express, and were decidedly unimpressed with what they had left in the way of bread. So we went the back way to Upper Hutt, [ profile] jarratt_gray directing the driver by saying "this way" or "that way", nicely avoiding the problem of dyslexia.

Stopping at the Woolworths, we were tempted by the 'real' organic Highland shortbread, but put off by the price. The Woolworths signage indicted that "entertainment" was to be had down a certain isle, though it seemed their idea of entertainment consisted only of alcohol, so that was disappointing.

Searching for bread, we found a Sicilian Horn and just had to buy it. The journey back had us speculating on which parts of the journey represented which section of the "Hero's Journey".

So we began on the whiskey. The Sicilian Horn gave us much amusement, including reminding [ profile] jarratt_gray of the Wine episode of Black Books. We watched it and found it hilarious. I discovered that having dukkah with kiwifruit chocolate is a waste of dukkah. The chocolate overpowers it completely

I would like to give a list of the fine whiskey's we sampled, but frankly I didn't bother memorizing the names. Maybe one of the others bothered doing that.

The only slightly worrying thing about the evening is that [ profile] jarratt_gray was taking photos. I suspect there are some seedy looking individuals in that camera's RAM now.

I was truly drunk when I flowed down the steep drive to head home, at that stage of drunkenness where one feels like a king of the night, especially seeing as the streets are dead and empty at that time, the only sounds the running of small rivulets at the side of the road, every now and then a particularly loud rain drop, the creak of my leather coat and the clack of my shoes.

It was lightly raining and small drops glistened silvery on the power lines and trees reflecting streetlight in many directions. I made a large shadow as I walked past some lights, swinging coat and swagger.

And yet this morning, when I awoke I felt a lot less seedy than I had the previous morning after a couple of bottles of Kingfisher. The warmth of the company, room, and whiskey obviously driving any potential hangover's away!

Today I received a corset and several other pieces of female lingerie in the post. Because a stupid US company, not content with trying to charge me twice for the items, mucking me around a lot in the beginning about ensuring the credit card was valid, failing to place the correct thing on the customs declaration thus costing me extra in duty and GST, also failed to put the correct shipping address on the package, even though the correct shipping address was on the invoice in the plastic document holder on the box. Fecking idiots. I certainly am not dealing with that company again.

Ah well the goods are on the way to their lovely owner, hopefully in time for them to be used at a certain upcoming event. Shame it will not be until a bit later until I get to see what they look like! :)

Also received the AA membership I had to purchase last Tuesday evening today. Came with a free CD of NZ Music from George FM. Am listening to it now. Most not really the sort of stuff I like, but Rhian Sheehan's Degrees of Freedom is nice background ambience

Pretty lazy day other than the washing.

Looking forward to the Rumpus this evening!
If anyone's not already coming, come along! And bring dancing shoes!
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It's Sunday morning and I am pleasantly exhausted.

It has been three days in a row of staying out till 2.00 am and cruising through the days with almost no personal angst, excerpt for some momentary drunken maudlinity. (Is that a word? It is now!)

I've already covered Thursday, so here's Friday and Satyrday, because y'all so want to know what I've been up to.

Friday )

Satyrday and the FF X LARP )

Enough, it's midday and I should get dressed and get on with Game prep for tomorrow!


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