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On the way home, walking to the railway station, last night, I saw three notable personalized plates within a block. The first was DRAKE FD. Had me speculating on Mage game bleed. The second was simple and too the point, but amusingly placed on a late model sedan : A BIKER. The third was a self-explanatory N0 DOG.

This morning I ran across some things posted by someone in one of my social communities, that might be of interest to people in others, so sorry of you've already seen them. The first is for the zombiologists : Pride & Prejudice & Zombies in which Jane Austen meets Seth Grahame-Smith, of which I was reminded by [ profile] mashugenah The second is

Which is just awesome and came to me via [ profile] danjite Similarly awesome in concept is

(The Legend of Chun Li)

which [ profile] kumimonster brought to my attention, and finally from Pink Tentacle, we have an article on recovering gold from sewage sludge :

On January 28, sewage plant operator Nagano Prefecture Suwa Construction Office announced that approximately 1.9 kilograms (4.2 lbs) of gold can be mined from each ton of molten fly ash generated when incinerating sludge at its facility in the town of Suwa... By the end of March 2009, Suwa plans to mine a total of 5 tons of ash for a profit of 15 million yen ($167,000). The sewage operator says it will use the revenue to help pay for plant maintenance and operating costs.The facility treats about 100,000 tons of wastewater each day, generating about 3 tons of ash in the process.
I wonder if gold in one's "waste-water" is a cultural thing as, IIRC, Asian cultures like gold-plated toilets and eat gold (as a supposed health supplement) more than others. Or should we be suggesting this to our local councils?
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For the zombiologists on my flist, I thought I should point out that the comic strip, Better Zombies Thru Physics, is appearing on the web courtesy of Tor Books.

Oh, and happy birthday [ profile] kittyfarmer, Your handle and the story have something in common!


Aug. 31st, 2008 08:59 pm
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Random surfing resulted in finding this collection of zombie miniatures.
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I just had to pass this on for the zombiology students

I found a date through zombie harmony - one of the best free dating sites for zombies

Make sure you read the disclaimer
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This is my first LJ post from my new Athlon 5600+-based system with a 22" monitor. Things went well yesterday afternoon, other than plugging the speakers into the wrong socket, and gettng terrible interference. It's great for playing anime lik GiTS on! And for Half Life 2!

But things fell apart today when I got an MBR and boot record virus because the AVG anti-virus system wasn't good enough to detect the virus on download (though it did detect the executables it infected after every reboot, it didn't detect the fact that it had infected the Windows restore copies as well) , and then spent hours today trying to figure out how to fix it. Still not fixed...

When picking up the computer, I had just been across to Miramar to pick up another aution win, after dropping my dead lap-top at work and finding a pirate jacket and coat for Sanctuary. On the way I noticed that Miramar has a Palmers, and that there is a Chocolate Frog cafe attached to it, so as it was a hot day and almost dinner time, I had a lovely iced coffee and a piece of "chocolate fish" cake, which was just yummy.

I'm glad I did get in some food and drink, because then I was introduced to trying to get from Miramar to Karori during rush hour. It was OK once I got to Aro Valley, but it was crawling from St. Pat's to the Willis St. intersection. On the way back home with my prizes, I passed one of the Google camera trucks as it turned off the Hutt motorway into Petone.

This evening, prior to going to [ profile] rivet's place for the zombieology lecture organized by [ profile] xhile, I carried out some VR pratice for dealing with ZA Day by playing Doom 3. It's pretty damn impressive how much scarier a possesed marine is when he combat rolls and comes up in a crocuh with his shotgun. Also, Imps were blase, but in Doom 3 they are scary. At the lecture we examined the zombie species documented by Peter Jackson in Braindead. I'd forgotten how bloody it was, and Peter's desire to make King Kong is so obvious from alll the little references.

As I sped home on the motorway in the dark, police cars racing past with lights blaring, and the wind pushing me onward, the radio blared out first "They rally round tha family! With a pocket full of shells" (Rage Against The Machine's Bulls on Parade ), folllowed by Iron Maiden's Run to the hills ( run for your lives ! ). While neither song is actualy about zombies, the first being abojut warmongers, and the second about the killing of Native Americans, they
both be perfect for an escape sexquence in a zombie apocalypse, the first as the protagonists break out with shotguns, and "pockets full of shells", and the second as they drive out of the city pursued by the zombie hordes.

[ profile] panda_pitt is now leather-working and I'm badly missing contact with [ profile] seraphs_folly, I hope they're OK up there and aren't holding off zombie hordes or being flooded out!
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I sit here typing what may be last missive from these plague-begotten shores, my only light an unsteady desk lamp that shakes with each key pounded by my trembling fingers. Through the thick curtain the fires flicker and the pitiful screams of the lost echo around my room. Every now and then a loud hailer booms, and engines are heard.

Shh... I must stop typing and turn off the lamp, I hear a cough in the hall... the scraping of tired or recalcitrant feet on the carpet.... Ah it seems they've missed me, I may yet get to tell my story.

Late this afternoon my colleague, G, convinced me to travel with him to see a tactical briefing interestingly entitled Resident Evil - Extinction. The briefing was held in the third sub-basement of a concrete fallout shelter code-named ODEON. G's security clearance got us past the first guard post after we got past the external automated doors by the simple expedient of tail-gating a pair of singly unobservant female operatives. We availed ourselves of the supply of high energy combat rations available in the lobby before descending into the depths.

As usual the briefing assumed that those watching it were either super-soldiers or psionics, but luckily, just that afternoon I had stolen the power of Micah's female cousin to be able to copy any combat manoeuvre witnessed on a screen, which turned out to be somewhat useful.

When the briefing was over, we climbed up out of the buried depths of the complex and emerged through the automated doors striped with yellow warning lines down each side, into a world turned strangely dark. Just outside the ODEON complex there was the rusting hulk of something that looked like a burned out APC, and unattached riot fencing and bollards. Various cars were scattered around, and we could see human-like shapes shuffling through the underground car-park to the right. Smoke, and the smell of roasting flesh filled the air, as did the screams of young girls, and drums and car horns.

We passed rotted corpses, zombies vampires, and ghosts. At one point we saw one poor man holding a horde of the creatures at bay by spinning flaming sticks around himself, I suspect the poor sod would have been done for when he tired of that twirling dance, but we used his distraction to hurry past the hungry mob, so he did not die in vain. We finally reached a point were we had to dive in amongst the hordes pretending to be like them. For a moment I was separated from G, and thought myself lost but he risked calling out, directing me toward him and the hotel entrance. Quickly, we made our way back to our stronghold in the Mercure St Pauls.

I have managed to take some photos from the windows of the hotel, perhaps this intelligence may assist any who read this.

Many pictures of the zombie apocalypse in Sheffield )

I don't know if I shall last the night, I must go out there again to try and get some food supplies while they are distracted. In case this is the last chance I get to say this, [ profile] ferrouswheel, [ profile] panda_pitt, [ profile] wasup_bro, I'm proud of you, don't try to save me, stay there and preserve civilization on the islands. [ profile] seraphs_folly, I love you! And if you see me again I shall probably be a zombie, so please shoot me in the head, no matter how much you want cuddles.
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The Zombie Apocalypse begins : Mystery illness strikes after meteorite hits Peruvian village


Oct. 6th, 2006 07:42 pm
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This just has to be publicized more widely!

The Wellington Zombie Walk! Next Friday!


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