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After having reformatted my ipod and ripped all my recently acquired CD's I believe I've listened enough to Vostok Lakes' new album, Small Group Psychosis, to make comment there-on.

Retro-synthpop is one way of describing VostoK Lake's style, on the web-site it's described as "melodramatic electroclash". says "Think of the offspring of Tori Amos having hate-sex with Gary Numan", and it's hard not to think of Vince Noir when one sees those terms, but intentionally or not, Daphne Lawless is drawing on a wide range of materiel.

On listening to Kalla Kalla Amrika or the beginning of Girl Without A Past, I had to check the "Now Playing" tag, because I could have sworn I was listening to early Emerson, Lake, & Palmer. In fact Girl Without A Past sounds exactly like what might have happened if the now sadly deceased Eric Woolfson (song-writer and co-founder of The Alan Parson's Project) had written lyrics for ELP.

I think the fact that are so many attempts in the last couple of paragraphs to utilize similes to other artists shows that actually Vostok Lake has it's own unique style, sythn-pop, not because it uses synthesizers because, but because it is a synthesis.

Abomination, which I first heard what seems like years ago, is as catchy as ever, and is a nicely produced wall of sound. Mandatory for playing at full volume whenever you pass a Destiny Church. Likewise, Crawleigh In A Previous Life is an old friend. There's also an interesting cover of Leonard Cohen's Teachers.

Vostok Lake will be here Friday, playing at Happy, corner of Tory & Vivian as part of their promotional tour for Small Group Psychosis, and is The NZ Herald's Editor's Pick of the gigs this week.

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Thank you kindly. Looking forward to seeing you there. I'm not sure whether "Eric Woolfson writes the lyrics for ELP" is better than "Yazoo meets the Skeptics meets Raw Sex", which was my favourite attempted description up to date, but it's getting close. :)


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