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Last Friday I turned fifty.

The previous night, I had attended Thursday Night Curry, starting in the Fork & Brewer with [ profile] adrexia, Joel, Jacob, & Martin. [ profile] seraphs_folly joined us at Dawaat, along with others regular TNC-ers.

I'd taken my birth day off of work, after [ profile] seraphs_folly expressed surprise that I hadn't already arranged to. I had intended just to go to work as normal and head into the party after work. Had I done so, I might have gotten to the party on time! As it was I slept in at [ profile] seraphs_folly's place.

When she awoke I was presented with a marvelous gift, two beautiful limited edition resin Studio McVey miniatures that had had been masterfully painted by Rachel (of Iron Halo. The first is "ar Fiach" a modern/steampunk fantasy avian elf creature with a musket perched on a brick chimney, sculpted by Yannik Hennebo, and the second is a lovely rendition of "Pan" sculpted by Jaques-Alexandre Gillois.



Yes, those are tiny naked green fairies in the Pan picture, and while ar Fiach is wearing a fancy jacket (probably stolen from a washing line somewhere) she sure ain't wearing a shirt!

I think you'll all agree Rachel has definitely done these sculpts justice. She went town on adding fairy forest detail to the "Pan" base, and added an entire roof to "ar Fiach", as you''ll see if you go and look at the originals on the Studio McVey site (I can't provide a direct link because they have a silly Flash-based site). I spent some time examining the detail on these miniatures in sunlight. I would have loved to show them off to people at the party, but I was afraid of potential damage. Not that anyone would do so intentionally, of course, but they are resin and very fragile. Anyway, you really need sunlight, or really good artificial light, and a very close look to see the detail, so photos are probably more useful to get the full effect.

Following that lovely start to the day, we toddled down to Caffiend's in Petone for a late brunch, where I made my first mistake of the day, leaving my Samsung Galaxy SII sitting on the table when we left. Of course I didn't realize this until somewhat later.

After returning from Petone, my lady retired for further rest and I proceeded to play Borderlands on my Envy17, as I had recently purchase the PC version complete with all downloadable content for the minimal fee of $7.49 during Steam's Halloween sale.

It was then that I made my second mistake, of not keeping a proper eye on the passing time, and suddenly realized I should have been at the Fork & Brewer five minutes ago. It was also at this stage that I realized I no longer had my cell phone, as it is my primary timing mechanism. Then had to wait while my lady got up, as I was also supposed to have woken her with time to get up, so in the end I didn't get to the bar until almost ten to six. Sorry to keep people waiting!

Despite the late start, Part One was good, with people from mutilple "families" turning up. Certain people were being naughty in the corner of the booth, not that I minded, but as a result certain ladies might be interested in the picture that [ profile] wyldcard pxted to me... Moving on, I received a number of presents, including a dice bag complete with dice flogger, a book on bootleg whisky during WWII, and some white curacao from my D&D dungeon-mistress.

The Fork & Brewer's beer selection was good and I discovered a couple of new brews that I will drink again, though I stuck mainly with the good old Emerson's Bookbinder.

I would have stayed longer in the bar, but some people wanted actual food ( I don't know why, it just soaks up the alcohol quicker!), so we cruised off to a Korean place Sophie knew which was too small/full, and ended up instead at a nearby Vietnamese place.

Got back home not too late and fell asleep.

Saturday morning I got up early, as I'd gone to sleep pretty early for me, and then played Borderlands again until [ profile] seraphs_folly woke up, when I got showered & dressed and headed down to Caffiends and luckily recovered my Galaxy, did some shopping on the way back, and then waited until it was time to go to Yum Cha at Dragons with the family.

My mother and sisters came down from Levin, the first time I'd seen them in quite some time, Ele & Ben came over also, but the big surprise was [ profile] ferrouswheel turning up with [ profile] tatnja, all the way from Hong Kong! Thanks for that Joel, it was a nice surprise, and I'm sure others appreciated seeing you too! :)

[ profile] seraphs_folly tells me Ben tried all of the strange foods, and [ profile] thomasdequinc seemed to get on well with Ben also. The food was good (I <3 coconut buns), but I had to sneak into Joe's Garage afterwards for some real coffee.

Then it was back to Harbourview for more Borderlands before needing to prepare for Part Two. Yes I know I should have been playing SkyRim, but that would have involved taking my PS3 round too, and anyway [ profile] seraphs_folly's TV isn't big enough. *grin*. I have actually shown great restraint in not playing SkyRim over the last few days. I think it's wearing thin though, maybe I'll give in tonight.

I put out all the snacks with assistance from others at the the flat, and the first selection of drinks, and then got a bit flustered as the first people were arriving as I had discovered the secondary hard-drive on my lap top, where the play list I had set up was stored, seemed to have failed. Anyone happen to have a spare 1TB laptop drive anywhere? Hopefully I haven't lost too much in that crash, as the first sign of the drive going was the back-up failing, and I thought it was the the back-up drive and it's drivers that was the problem initially, so I don't have a recent back-up of the drive.

Luckily all the actual music was on the main drive, and [ profile] wyldcard expressed his love for 80's music, volunteering to be the de-facto DJ for the night, so we managed to work around the hardware issue.

More people arrived, and I got other presents including new music from [ profile] panda_pitt booze of various varieties, including a nice looking Laphroiag, and books. [ profile] tyellas insisted on feeding me a chocolate-coated strawberry, not that I needed much convincing.

I'm not sure what time I ended up getting into the spa, but it was after the first round of savouries, and there were a lot of other people already there when I got in. Obviously, one does not talk about the spa, but I feel it's OK to talk about a few fun things around the periphery, such as how [ profile] evie_fae and [ profile] jarratt_gray's choice of Bruichladdich Rocks as a gift went down really well. Coming after the strong peatiness of the 16 yr-old Lagavulin (trust [ profile] adrexia to go straight for the good stuff when sent out for another bottle!), it's easy to see why this spa event was particularly memorable.

The one draw-back of the spa is that there were people that I'd intended to talk to, that I never really got the chance to, and even some gifts that were left for me that I didn't get to thank people for in person. I know [ profile] pombagira left me some witchy bath salts, so thanks for those, Polly! Apologies to anyone else I didn't manage to spend time with, and thanks for coming!I don't even know if any fire-spinning occurred out front, as had been rumoured to occur.

Once the spa party finished up (not sure when that happened, someone may be able to let me know) I found myself involved in a long session of interpretive dance with [ profile] adrexia to the soundtrack of Bob Dylan's "Blood On the Tracks" (primarily). I'm sure we must have been amusing to those socializing in the kitchen, but it was a lot of fun, even if I am not the most co-ordinated of dancers, and the one or two lifts I attempted were abortive, despite [ profile] adrexia's co-operation. I hope we didn't scare the hare too much. The dancing was eventually ended, I believe, by car pool people needing to leave, and I do not know if I said good-bye to all the people remaining, I was, after all, somewhat drunk.

After everyone left, I found myself lying in bed with [ profile] seraphs_folly listening to songs on my Galaxy SII (Tori's Bells for Her seemed appropriately beautiful to my mood) whilst exchanging tweets and Facebook entries with other party-goers who had also not yet gone to sleep.

On waking in the morning I found my legs very weak and wobbly. I blame the combination of several hours soaking in hot water, followed by the interpretative dance. Overall though, I felt pretty good. My commiserations to those who did not, and/or who had to get up & go to work.

My lady & I got up relatively early, to head into town to pick up her latest cat from the airport, which had been kindly brought up from Christchurch by [ profile] argentbear, whom it was good to catch up with during the car ride, and then did some party clean-up.

After I got back to Wolf Castle I found a large pile of parcels had arrived while I'd been away, including a large order of RAFM miniatures that had been spending several months making it's way toward me across the sea, so before crashing I unpacked and processed some of that stuff. My lounge really looks like I've only just moved in now. So many figures, so little time.

To sum up though, I have fun memories from a great weekend into which many people put effort to make it lovely and memorable. Thanks to all, though especially thanks to [ profile] seraphs_folly for hosting us and transporting me when I was drunk, and arranging beautiful gifts, and being accepting of me sharing significant & meaningful times with others. Thanks to those others, and to all, for your hugs, kisses, gifts of song and joy, your presence, your assistance when needed, your energy, and your love.

I am now fifty, but I've had a spring in my step on the way to work this week, and am not at all feeling old, because of you all. <3

I'll leave you with a song from the party play-list that is one of my favourites, from Simple Minds, the title of which I think sums up my attitude at present : Alive & Kicking

You turn me on, you lift me up
And like the sweetest cup I'd share with you
You lift me up, don't you ever stop, I'm here with you

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Last night I went and purchased high quality cotton boxers from a local  manufacturer (Yes it's a horrible web-site, it seems the owner agrees). It's been a long search to find anything that matched the ones I bought in India four years ago, but now I have, and they're also local, so I get to feel good about supporting local industry as well.  They're lovely, and I got them for $35 ea which is about $10 ea less than they sell for in Kirks, and comparable in price to mass produced brand name stuff, but far better quality. I also picked up a brace of matching nightshirts. 

On the way back I picked up Thai for my lady, and Bun from the station. When we got back, I discovered Tetrajak was in bed with my lady, so I told Bun, and we all piled in.

Unfortunately I had to break up the cuddles sooner than would have been preferable or the Thai would have got cold and roti is not the best when reheated.

In this case it , it was all quite platonic, as they say, but I am so glad that we are all in the sort of relationship space where I can write paragraphs like the one two above, and it is defintiely does not signal the start of a long string of recrimination and angst and anger.

For some reason I'm drawn back to The Sisters of Mercy (the original Cohen song, not the band named after it) :

And you won't make me jealous if I hear that they've sweetened your night
We weren't lovers like that and besides, it would still be all right

I suppose I just wanted to say life is good.


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Had to think of you this evening while listening to U2's Original of the Species on the train :
And you feel like no-one before
You steal right under my door
And I kneel 'cause I want you some more
I want the lot of what you got
And I want nothing that you're not
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Well, almost. [ profile] seraphs_folly could have not had the sniffles, and then it would have been nicer for her. Still 'twas a nice two days and three nights. My lady arrived late Friday, and we went straight home. In the morning we met up with [ profile] jarratt_gray & [ profile] evie_fae for brunch, then went home and prepped for [ profile] tyellas' Mad Scientist party, filling it the remaining hour or so with playing with the new toy.

Without going into too much detail, we have come to the conclusion that all wars could be stopped by air-dropping pallet loads of said toy(with appropriate power supplies) into combat zones. Both cheaper and much nicer than cluster bomblet munitions, but providing more "bangs for the buck." I can see it now, the Valkyrie Air Corps in their DPM cut-offs and khaki under-bust-tied fatigue shirts, shoving pallets of HMWs out the back of a pink C130 Hercules with both boxes and parachutes marked with a big red "O" Thanks to those who managed to "liberate" one for us. They know who they are. And seriously, if you haven't got one, you should. As soon as possible. Really.

Then we picked up chinese and headed round to [ profile] tyellas' place where she introduced us to chocolate & peanut butter ice cream, which was a lot nicer than I thought it would be, as I don't usually like peanut butter itself, except in sate. In fact, it was delicimus. The home made vanilla was lovely and tasty too, much better than commercial vanilla. Then people turned up to help prepare the party and I got chained into my "Igor" costume.

There were some pretty impressive costumes, T's aviatrix with aerial wings and mini-jet pack was perhaps the most inventive, though the aetherial energy effects of the wings would need to be added in post. It was a very relaxed party, except perhaps when [ profile] khaybee decided to actually tie the arms of my strait-jacket together and [ profile] seraphs_folly decided to feed me beer. Or when the bucket of dry ice started making dangerous noises. We did discover that dry ice hypnotises roomfuls of people, and that [ profile] tyellas is a dry ice pusher, providing it free to neighbourhood kids, presumably in an attempt to get them addicted young.

Things wound up, and we went home to watch the first two episodes of True Blood. Yummy. Finally, a TV vampire show done right, with just the right amount of sex and squalor, and some stupendous dialogue, along with believably stupid characters, and nasty violence. Not for the faint-hearted or prudish though. I mean, a show that in one episode has a major sub-plot based around vampire blood-induced priapism isn't exactly kiddie materiel, is it? Lovin' it at the moment, the mixture of Southern tropes, heat, bigotry, sex, and the supernatural, reminds me of parts of Warren Ellis' Hellblazer run, tho it is based on the Sookie Stackhouse book series by Charlaine Harris, which, unsurprisingly, I haven't read, as the author normally writes Ellery Queen style mysteries. The series is produced for HBO by Alan Ball, previously famous for Six Feet Under

We finally, after lazy snuggling, fell asleep at around half three in the morning, awaking in time for brunch and a drive to visit [ profile] seraphs_folly's publisher in Waikanae. Back home and a quick run to Piwakawaka to pick up more True Blood crack, which filled in time till dinner [ profile] jenni_talula & Lee, whom we hadn't caught up with in ages. Afterwards I found it amusing that we spent much of the time talking about toilets. Such scintillating and appropriate dinner-time conversation! *grin*

Prior to dinner, I had shown m'lady the bed in Okooko which she had previously seen on the web but not in real life, and which she is in love with, and she showed it to our dinner partners.

Back home, more True Blood and early to sleep due to m'lady's early Tauranga flight in the morning. Shame we couldn't have caught up with more people over the weekend, but it was the first time we'd seen each other in almost two months. so there was need of a certain amount of alone together time.

The lady returns Thursday afternoon, and we will probably be going straight to JJ's for early BBC, followed by TNC, as she is going through Dawaat bhaji withdrawal. Later in the week I'll hopefully confirm the BBC, so if anyone wants to catch up, they can pop in to JJ's between five and seven, whether or not they're not currying.

Friday I'll be seeing her off in the morning again, so she can have a dirty (labour) weekend with [ profile] argentbear, [ profile] holding_pattern, and [ profile] grendel_khan, while I go and play a cute wee dispossesed anime girl called Emba in [ profile] grandexperiment's Lambs of a Nameless God at Fright Night, which is fast becoming Wellington's regular Halloween role-playing con.
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It's Wednesday morning afternoon. Friday evening I shall be seeing [ profile] seraphs_folly again, first time in almost two months. Looking forward to it. With this Vodafone Best Friends thing, I get to talk to her almost every night for as long as we feel like, so I don't feel like we are apart, but physicality and proximity, obviously, add something that electronic comms don't at this stage.

On the train this morning the Oracle of Random Music melted me into my seat, matching my thoughts well. I wonder if any research has been done on how easy it is to control cell phone software using one's bio-electric field and thought? Is it an oracle or merely a reflection of my mood, like a fancy mood ring? *grin*

So the trip started with Live's Dolphin's Cry, which I've quoted enough before now. Followed by U2's Luminous Times ( She is the avalanche, She is the thunder, She is the waves and she pulls me under ) which, along with Bass Trap and Bad are my favourite U2 songs , and then I reminisced along with Tori to a A Sorta Fairy Tale. Then Leonard Cohen's Tonight Will Be Fine ( Sometimes I see her undressing for me, she's the soft naked lady that love meant her to be, and she's moving her body so brave and so free. If I have got to remember, that's a fine memory). Which is quite upbeat for Cohen.

We had another minor ant invasion this morning. It seems that liquid honey is like crack to them, they risk almost certain death to wallow in droplets of it.

And a simple meme from [ profile] bunnyshortages (the other one is too long for me to bother with right now)

Using band names, spell out your first name:
Franz Ferdinand
Rage Against the Machine
Armor For Sleep
Inkubus Sukkubus
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So this morning the Oracle served up Pat Banatar's We Belong
We belong to the light, we belong to the thunder
We belong to the sound of the words we've both fallen under
Whatever we deny or embrace, for worse or for better
We belong, we belong, we belong together

Can't dispute that. This was followed by GnR's Patience, The Scorpion's Winds of Change and then Katrina & The Waves doing Walking On Sunshine

I used to think maybe you loved me, now I know that it's true
And I don't wanna spend my whole life just a waitin' for you
Now I don't want you back for the weekend, not back for a day (no no no)
I said baby I just want you back and I want you to stay

Certainly sounds like what I was hearing last time I was in Christchurch! :)

Here are some more pictures of my bling  ) taken last Friday by [ profile] khaybee in Fidel's :

The last one, with the red lighting makes it look almost more like a dragon than a wolf. A heraldic wolf that looks almost like an oriental dragon. I'd like that as a description. Should one be a wolf-dragon or a dragon-wolf ? Though wolf-dragon reminds me a little too much of Wolf's Dragoons. New LJ icon in place!

[ profile] seraphs_folly and I have been terribly synchronous recently, sleeping similarly, snuggling up remotely, etc. Hmm, is it wrong for one to be this silly or soppy in public? Ah, who cares, not everything can be angsty or angry.

That last song also has the following lines :
Now every time I go for the mailbox, gotta hold myself down
Cause I just can't wait till you write me you're comin' around
The latter made me think of songs being outdated by technology. Who would wait at a mailbox for a written letter from their lover to arrange a visit now? An e-mailbox maybe.

I could go to Drinking Liberally this evening, but if I did I wouldn't be home all week, and I have left-overs from Monday to eat, as I'll be at JJ's and Daawat tomorrow. Friday is shaping up to be interesting! Firstly a work do at The Temperance bar, I feel I should wear a dress to it in protest. Then Kazu with [ profile] evie_fae & [ profile] argentbear. Sunday, I get a visit for Father's Day. Love to you all ! :)
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The last four days have been one long wonderfully decadent pastciche of snuggles, sleep, food, and anime, primarily Death Note

Read more... )
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[ profile] seraphs_folly last night gave me an antique gold ring with a collared wolf relief on it. I feel sorta like a girly girl with an engagment ring. Squee! Pictures will follow, as will more words. Happy! :)
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Well, it turns out the bed wasn't really for sale, it was one of those emails you forward round people at work, so I' afraid I won't be buying a four-penis bed unless I can source one from elsewhere.

As you may have noticed last night, I'm digging thru old things, at present I'm scanning a few old photos, so to make up for the lack of penis-beds, here's a photo of my first love, taken somewhere in Nelson/Marlborough, on a Form 2 trip in about 1974, when I was about 12 (I think?).

It's all cracked and worm, because I used to carry it around with me. As I think you can still tell, she was a lovely girl of French Tahitian descent. We used to get teased for actually enjoying dancing with each other.

Specially for [ profile] seraphs_folly, due to her recent obsession with gold-panning, here's a picture of me from that same school trip, panning for gold :

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And my mobile seem to be one of them.

This is the sequence of tracks it served to me on my trip into work this morning :
  1. Morningwood - Nth Degree - The classic poly love song

  2. NiN - Closer - the classic industrial love lust song
  3. Live - Dolphin's Cry - The remarkably good Christian love song

  4. Hoobastank - The Reason - A basic rock love song
  5. Moorcheba - Rome Wasn't Built In a Day - the "Bollywood goes to New York" love song.
  6. The White Stripes - The Union Forever an angsty refusing-to-believe-in-love-but-falling-for-her-anyway song
So I think my mobile is trying to tell me something... I wonder what it is?

Rome Wasn't Built In a Day is a forced-march song, it made me walk much faster than I normally would.

p.s. OK, I know The Union Forever is really about Citizen Kane
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David Levy, best know for making chess-playing programs is getting press coverage for writing a book that basically covers nothing that Chobits hasn't already covered.

Ediit : This discussion on /. is fun. Not that they cover any new ground either, but it's fun.
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I must post to warn others of the nefarious Dark Lady of the Sith, and her co-conspirator!

Having practised their kidnapping to Kazu techniques on people such as myself, (this evening, on the pretext of offering me a lift home due to the state of the Hutt Valley trains) and reportedly, a certain bear of the argent persuasion on a previous occasion, they plot to do it some more!

On the other hand, as kidnappings go, it was a very nice one, Kazu had the all the usual nice things like takoyaki and tori kariagge, and they kindly dropped me back at my car.

In the morning, the afore-mentioned Sith Lady commandeered the Wairapa diesel in order to get round the lack of electricity on the Hutt line, lending even more weight to rumours of her secretly ruling the world!

Meanwhile in Christchurch it seems there is a beautiful black furry kitty that is pining for me Ah! The perils of interspecies polyamory and long distance feline relationships.

Looking back to a wonderful week of time spent with [ profile] seraphs_folly (and the previously mentioned black kitty, her brother, and a dogle).

I took the opportunity of the visit to deliver a lovely gift to us both from [ profile] trickofthedark, the first two prints (signed and numbered!) of her "Apple Lady" work,
which I had finally gotten framed.

[ profile] seraphs_folly said it reminded her of us when she saw it! :) Thanks a lot [ profile] trickofthedark, now one is in each of our houses!. If you like it, click on the picture to get your own!

We had a six-pack of visits to Drexels, where-in I became mightily impressed at the Drexel's special as a filling and efficient meal, and at the bottomless cup of coffee. One visit was made even brighter by the appearance of [ profile] ferrouswheel and my sister V and her daughter Sam (hey, I have a niece!) who hunted escaped bears around our feet.

I got to meet my lady's builder and his wife, and got to know M and [ profile] thehollowmen better whilst sampling the tasty fare at The Bodhi Tree, also tasting a new (to me) Burmese beer. Earlier I had met Tox of the Tail, their cat, and gone for walkies in the park where Dougal got mistaken for Hairy McLairy several times.

It is really quite surprising how much enjoyment can be gained from hanging round a house helping someone out. Loves Her

Looking forward to multiple partyings and role-playings over the weekend.

Oh, and seeing as it's after midnight, happy birthday Dark Lady of the Sith.


Jan. 22nd, 2007 11:17 am
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I don't think of myself as the sort of person who talks soppy stuff, but the one overwhelming thing that seemed to come out of this KapCon weekend was a feeling of love. Yep, I'm using that word. The one people are often afraid to use, and that many of us, including myself, have trouble defining.

I've seen [ profile] mr_orgue talk in a similar way in the past, and, I have to admit, I would tend to think "[ profile] mr_orgue's a lovely guy but he is a bit over emotional about this sort of thing".

But, sitting around at the after party, this time held at Norm's place, as we did the traditional "Best KapCon Moment" thing it just felt great to be surrounded by people who loved the same things, and who had all obviously enjoyed an uplifting experience, and were feeling good, if tired, I think I fully understood what [ profile] mr_orgue had meant, perhaps for the first time.

I have never before felt that connected to such a large group of people in such a way. And that's not a comment on others, that's a comment on myself. The games I took part in this weekend provided some interesting learning experiences. Taking on assigned roles, rather than those one might choose in a non-convention game, allows one to explore things one might otherwise not. And watching sixty-odd people run around in a maze of puzzles and connections one has helped prepare, seeming to thoroughly enjoy themselves, is most rewarding!

It was almost perfect. The only things that kept it from that perfection were the non-presence of those who would also have understood and connected and sadly could not be there, such as the aforementioned [ profile] mr_orgue, among others, and that at the after-party I didn't have [ profile] seraphs_folly on my lap like [ profile] repton_infinity had [ profile] stephanie_pegg

I'll do a more complete report at some stage soon. I really must get some work done around the house first, but I felt I had to capture this feeling before it faded into the dross of the day.

There is certainly a lot of power in the collective telling of stories, and I feel much closer to that magic, to all our ancestral shamanic traditions, than perhaps I ever have.

And the creativity it stirs inside is building pressure, I actually want to write stuff again! Such as the tragic tale of Brogue of the Clurracan, trapped in the mortal world, doomed by his un-keepable promise to the young Lee....

Thanks to everyone involved for making this one of the best weekends I've had, from the partying on Friday evening to this nice calm afterglow on a sunny holiday morning.

Peace, Love (and mung beans) to you all!
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This evening I am off to Christchurch to spend five days, including my 45th Birthday, with my beloved [ profile] seraphs_folly, and also to attend Southern Exposure, and the famous Christchurch Fetish Ball.

I'm hoping to be opened to some new experiences over this period, meet some interesting people, and to have a lot of fun, as well as a lot of snuggling!

I have a new pair of leather pants. If the costume design committee (i.e.: [ profile] seraphs_folly ) approves of them, this will be the first time I've worn leather pants in public since I used to hug tightly to the back of my room-mate RF on his bike when I was in RNZAF Woodbourne. And unlike then, when I was wearing RF's cast-offs, these are new! Mmmm! I love the yummy smell of new leather!

Before I go, some quick reviews! )
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A bit of time spent relaxing and listening to new musid, or to random music comin' down the cable really is a fun thing.

So thanks [ profile] rincewindtvd, for putting me on to Jonathan Coulton. Heh! I especially like Millionaire Girlfriend :
She’s my millionaire girlfriend and she’s my life
Once I finally find her I’ll get permission from the wife
We will all live in our castle high
My beloved and my millionaire girlfriend and I

Mandelbrot Set has to be mentioned, educational, like They Might Be Giants' Why Does The Sun Shine? . W's Duty is ambiguous, is it supporting "W", or is it subtle sarcasm? Either way it;s catchy, and an interesting play on "booty". And Skullcrusher Mountain is a hilarious love song from a crazy megalomaniac!

But I have to say Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars really sums up my feelings perfectly! <3
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can compare
to when you roll the dice and swear
that your love's for me.
I just wanted to say that I really like Finley Quaye's Dice The vid helps too.

And the video for Evanescence' Call Me When You're Sober has Amy Lee sitting in a red Edwardian (i think) dress petting a wolf. Nuff said.

I like Melanie C's Never Be The Same Again as well. Its not a secret anymore... :)

Jes chillin'.

Point of Fashion: Pajamas at 3.00 pm
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I received some packages today. I got a copy of the double disc special edition of Batman Returns for $12.5 off of TradeMe, and the big thing, I received some porn from my lover, [ profile] seraphs_folly!

Well, actually it can only loosely be categorized as porn, she sent me a copy of the Japanese edition of Playboy. I don't see why though, I can't read Japanese!

She also sent a small passport type photo of what I believe is [ profile] mellific, [ profile] the_simon and herself. On the back someone had written "I Love You Mr. Pitt".

Now I am wondering which of three in the photo wrote that... ^__^

Recently I keep missing out on chatting with [ profile] seraphs_folly. She keeps coming on line just after I've given up and gone to bed, even though I keep waiting a bit longer each time. Or this morning, she had five minutes on line and happened to hit the time when I was in the shower! Shame, but it's nice knowing she's there!

People are coming over (too many to list) for [ profile] jarratt_gray's new Mage : The Awakening game. Exciting! I'm playing a character, Drake, who was originally based around a prop I bought in India, a silver cane with a ducks head. but it's fleshing out nicely, and looks like it'll be fun to play

Because of that, I'm working hard to get the place cleaned up. Not so much that I have to, but because there were numerous little things I've been putting off coz it's just me and [ profile] panda_pitt here, and we're hardly ever home anyway. Like washing the kitchen floor, and tidying up all the books and papers spread out across the lounge. The arrival of people gives me an excuse to get it all done.

I've started trying to get rid of things, but so far this week I think I've got more than I got rid of. What I need is some discipline! No, not like that, you kinky people! Though I suppose that would work just as well. :)
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For those of you who don't have my lady [ profile] seraphs_folly on their f-lists, and who have an interest in Japan or things Japanese, I suggest you check out her latest post. .

She writes well, that one. It's one of the many reason I love her! <3

It seems Japan has drawn in a lot of people I know, [ profile] mellific and her beau are there on JET, like [ profile] debzter and her beau were a few years back. My eldest son Joel was there presenting a paper about three weeks back, [ profile] fd_midori was there a short while ago, [ profile] seraphs_folly is there now, and [ profile] giffydoll is planning to go there soon (presumably with [ profile] superlate). I've probably missed some people off that list as well.

Speaking of my eldest son, he's just starting up a new commercial venture. Though it does remind me a bit much of certain things in [ profile] superlate's game....especially seeing as I know more about it than I'm letting on here.

Edit: I just realized that in my financial forecast spreadsheet I missed an entire pay day out! It seems there's a third pay day in November on the very last day of the month. And I had succesfully budgeted all expected and regular expenses without it!

Which means my budget has just had a significant amount of money added to it. Whee! I'll be rich! Though not until the end November. Might be handy for Christmas presents, though reducing credit card debt would also be a good thing. Sort of like getting a Christmas bonus even. Does anyone still get those?


Jun. 27th, 2006 04:04 pm
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So I got here in one piece.

Read Peter Hamilton's Misspent Youth on the light over, finished it in bed last night. Will comment more on that later.

Arrived in Adelaide got off the plane and spent fifteen minutes standing in the boarding tunnel, because they'd lost the key to unlock the door. Adelaide's airport is bigger than Wellington, but not by much.

Chatted with Aussie customs officials for a while because they hadn't seen an EU biometric passport before. I explained to them how it was really a kiddy-grade biometric passport because all it stored was facial measurements digitised from the photograph to assist in machine-based face recognition, and how the tech was pretty unreliable anyway, as even a frown or a smile will change the facial structure to not match. One of the people I was taking to speculated on how easy iit would be to remove and replace the chip. Interesting. I decided I shouldn't make too many comments about faking passports! :)

The taxi ride from the airport to the Oaks Embassy was short and cheap as expected. My room has two separate bedrooms both with double beds!There could have two couples in this room quite easily. KItche design is crappy as far s functionality goes, but is complete. Lots of space and two separate balconies. I may take some photos of the view from the twelfth floor and upload them.

It's a nice city, though it seems I'm only one street over from the red-light district. Wandered around briefly, lots of girlie clubs and "Cosmic Dreams" style shops. One very nice shop full of gothy boots and clothing, though I think they aren't used to guys in suits appreciating their merchandise! There's some sort of gothic horror-styled night spot I can see from my balcony.

The hotel is about three buildings from the one I'm working in, a short walk indeed. That's how I like to work! And the the provide toilet paper and coffee is much nicer in this building than in Wellington!

Last night was woken around three in the morning by car horns and football hooligans in the street, Australians drowning their sorrows over the loss to Italy in the World Cup, and Italian Australians celebrating Italy's win. At first I thought, my god, that's keen, partying till three on Monday night!

There's a Nando's here. I may eat there tonight. . .

Hotel internet is 55c a minute so probably won't use it.

Looks like Indian trip is a necessity, so is almost certain as long as the Indian authorities don't decide they don't like me when I apply for the visa.

I am missing my lover though. Already. Saw her just a week ago. Chatted by phone with her almost every day since until yesterday. Somedays twice. I think I'm in serious trouble. This love thing, wanting to be with someone all the time, who lives in another city, is a real pain. How does one fall in love like this? I feel so silly and teenage. And extremely lucky and blessed. I really didn't know it could be this good. Well, actually I suppose I knew it could be this good, but I never expected to find it so quickly.

We've been discussing buying a house together in Christchurch. Nothing will happen shot term, but there is the possibility I may be heading back to Christchurch in the long term. Unless we can find a functional teleport device. I may also be selling up Pinehaven and taking an apartment in town.

The time since we first met on-line seems to have passed so quickly. This time last year I thought my life was over, and now I'm planning another life with some-one who seems ideal. (I.e.: just as perverted as I am! )

Sorry for the dump of gushy love talk, but being alone in a hotel with nothing to do makes me think about things and then I ether get depressed or, as in this case just think how good life is and can be.
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I'm waiting for lunch while Clearcase re-installs. I'm also waiting to leave work this afternoon. Because I'm also waiting for [ profile] seraphs_folly to arrive on the train this evening.

When she does we will grab some food and then bundle ourselves back Pinehaven and hibernate for the weekend. Well, we may make foray's out for brunch and dinner, and I may have to get up and put stuff in the house coz Ele will be temporarily moving with Ben to her brother's house in Carterton on Satyrday , dropping some stuff off to temporarily store at my house. And we might make it to a certain party on Satyrday night, if m'lady is up to it.

But other than that, looking at that weather out there today and the forecast for the weekend, I think we'll stay wrapped up in warm duvets and cuddle. It's terrible. It's only been since Conclave that I saw my love last, and that was actually only two weekends ago, but it seems like an age! I think there is a high level of infatuation going on at the moment.

There;s also a high level of uncertainty. The future is up in the air. Will I go overseas next week? Don't know. Will I go overseas sometime in the next month? Don't know.Will we go overseas together? Don't know. Will I manage to last through to next pay day without running out of money? Probably not.

The latter is cause for a rant! Bloody BNZ! They changed the configuration of my account without being asked. Now, instead of declining my EFTPOS card when there are no funds, it lets me have whatever money I want and then charges me $20 for the privilege! Bastards. One can;t tell know how much is in an account when one is at an EFTPOS machine. It is has been usual practice to try one account, and then if that one is declined, use the other. Or use cash.

So last week I ended up paying $23.50 to send a packet by mail, and $32.00 for three coffees. Bastards!

The guy I spoke to at the bank about it said "Why don't you set up a new "Net Alert" to tell you when your account goes under one dollar? It can txt your cell phone!"

I felt like saying "Why don't you pricks stop fucking around with my accounts without my permission?" But I was polite and merely said "I don't have a cell phone". It seemed the tellers didn't know how to stop this from happening.and they had to get someone in to help them. They first tried to say it was "normal" for this type of account

"Well it wasn't normal last bloody week" I said!

So all together I Iost $60 out of my food and living money for the next two weeks (the $200-odd left after mortgage, power, telephone, other debts, and Ele have been paid .I don't know whether there is any way I can sue the BNZ for this, but I'd like to. This sort of shit from a bank which is already making a lot of money off of me means I will very likely look at the KiwiBank option for refinancing my mortgage!

But I'm going to forget about that over the weekend. I have much more enjoyable things to think about!


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