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Moments of Viggo
from Shadows Fall (Crucible Chapter Five)

Sitting outslde the Hound barracks,
sipping the hot mead of the black bean,
watching all the ladies walk by. 

Rathmon sees a living Havok, exclaims "Constantine!" and shimmers away.

Ragnoc is gone and Viggo stands guard over Fox, Samedi, and the corpse. Not that they need guarding, but Viggo doesn't know what else to do. Should he hug the people or hold the body like Fox does? Or would that be seen as odd or wrong? As always, Viggo finds it difficult to know how to handle people experiencing emotion.

Unable to stop the fall of the axe himself, he watches as an Alteraanian shield comes between him and the descending weapon. Thank you, Alistair, that would not have been a good way to die.  

Beaten by greater numbers in the dark, awaiting inevitable death, he lies and admires the stars. I never  looked at them enough he thinks. 

Hearing a beautiful melodic voice, feeling the brush of light hands, when his last memory was of entering the final dark as the blade bit into the back of his neck. His body twitches as the singing continues until the woman compresses his chest and breath begins again in a long, painful, inhalation of sweet, sweet air. The constant Dark murmur is gone, and the colours have returned, Sachsen blue, the fair lady Elena is exactly the sort of sight one wishes to see when awaking from the sleep of the dead   

Finding out that Elric was responsible for Viggo's resurrection, by providing the Angelhair that he had won in a story-telling contest with the ghosts of children on the same night. 

Fox tells him that she doesn't want to have to say prayers to his ancestors over his body again.

The demon shoots fire at Viggo, and Viggo laughs. The demon tries electricity on Lea and she laughs also. Disconcerted, the demon tries the reverse tactic, shock at Viggo & fire at Lea, clearly unaware of the Hound mutagen that makes them immune to both. The demon then quickly falls to Lea's Holy Axe. Viggo says to the demons dead form "Sorry, you picked the wrong targets this time."  

Taking the claws of an infected and crazed dryad to the face as he tries to hold her down while surgery is performed.

With a slight bow to Adaedem, Viggo indicates recognition and respect. Adaedem returns a nod of recognition at least, and says "Make sure these fools don't get too close." Viggos complies with the demon's request, as it seems the safest course of action. He finds he has to explain to some people who Adaedem, Tribune of the Court of the Pale Crown is, and what he is capable of. Viggo struggles with the fact that though he has no reason to dislike the Lady Nikora, her current predicament, seems for some reason he doesn't quite understand, highly amusing.      

This... feeling of anger, that Fox should have to suffer both the loss of Ragnoc and then the loss of Samedi within a space of two days.This feeling of the unfairness of it all. Is this hate he is feeling toward Samedi for doing this to Fox? But why does he care? Fox is a friend and a comrade, yes, but why this confusingly strong feeling toward Samedi who was only doing the necessary thing? And why this feeling of anger at the universe in general for not preventing this from happening to Fox? Is this something like that love thing people were talking about it?  
Viggo, though less inebriated than when Garm threw him out of the tavern, was still a little hazy. Having lost all his coin when he died the previous night seemed less of an issue after the vampire tavern owner told him that prostitution wasn't legal in Daggerwood. He'd realized she was trying to help with her advice about talking to people to get sex, but knew that, outside of other Hounds, that sort of thing led to all sorts of complications, and thus he had always preferred a nice simple exchange of value. But it had been a good night to a great day otherwise, and ending it with a good fuck would have been his preference. Best way to celebrate not being dead!
It had seemed unlikely Viggo would get such a celebration until Manfabio and his entourage had appeared. Whilst many of the lads Manfabio had with him were tempting, he only had eyes for the luscious creature who first tempted him to join the party. He waited for her to work her way around to him again, and when she asked if she could do anything for him, he made it plain what he was most interested in. She was unfazed by his desire, and suggested they retire to a dark area behind a nearby tree.
Afterwards, Viggo couldn't remember details, just flashes of bouncing fire-light on perfect skin, her touch on him, his rough hands on that seemingly fragile body, and the wonderful feeling of release, like nothing he had ever felt before.
"Yes" thought Viggo, "This was a good night."
Later, as the other hounds teased him for sleeping with what was, in retrospect, obviously a succubus, Manfabio having been revealed as the Crimson King, he couldn't bring himself to regret it. She had not asked for anything from him, he had not felt drained by the experience. The one problem he thought, was whether he would be spoiled for sex with anyone else. Was even someone as hot as Fox able to compete with Manfabio's servant? "Didn't even get her name..." he though before laughing at himself for the idea that a demon would voluntarily give out her name.
In horror he watches as Emmeline's head is severed, unable to reach her in time to stop the kllling blow. The head being hurled at him did not have the full effect the demon desired, mere gore wasn't enough to faze a Hound. But the weapon break leaves him defenceless again.

Wearing night-clothes, with all his own weapons broken, carrying a borrowed axe, he answers the unstoppable demon "That's coz we're not fucking ants, you prick."  The demon is drawn from Lea and the important people to deal to "the mouthy bastard", as he goes down again Viggo thinks "The ant got you to do what he wanted you to do, even if it it did cost it's life." 

Viggo speaks in Aetherial with the demons recently released from the Dark by the Malevingian's sacrifice, telling them that the new chapter of the Order of the Wolf, the Ebon Wolves, led by the malefactor Janus, would be happy to provide a place for those who want one, if they felt they could not return to the Ebon Legion anymore. Viggo now respects and admires the Malevigian, for her sacrifice, rescuing her remaining forces from the Dark in exchange for herself returning to them. He reflects on how much has changed since arriving on Averynas, as he is now welcoming demons he would once have tried to killed on sight. Drinking with Janus, and seeing him get cleansed by the Crimson Marquis, and then state his case to the Hound leadership, there is so little difference between us.  

Hydra 2014

Apr. 15th, 2014 01:48 pm
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Great weekend, need moar sleep.

I have however, proved to myself that I am still capable of staying up till four in the morning on both Friday & Saturday night, and still going to work the next Monday. Luckily I didn't have a lot of thinking to do on Monday. So what is it about Naomi, Steph, Nick & I, that results in the four of us always being in the Maere Hall (Taverna) long after midnight? This time we were joined by Daniel & on Saturday night also by Ollie. Team Snore Room FTW!

Friday night I got to be Bobby Singer in "Roadhouse Blues." It was a lot of fun, especially the way the random music kept being appropriate to the situation. As per the series, we failed to save any of the "innocent humans" in the end. All in all, a good start to Nick's LARP writing career, even if he did try to lead me into the river twice in a row.

Saturday morning  Bryn & I played inquisitors in Kerry & Paula's Exodus. The most interesting thing to me in the game was observing the power dynamics. Even though significantly outnumbered, not once were the inquisitors truly threatened by any of the villagers, and even the most belligerent and powerful male in the village submitted to his torture without a struggle.

I remember one of the stroppier villagers (Sam, I think?) at one point declaring You can't burn all of us!" and enjoyed watching the play of emotions over her face as we replied, almost in unison "Yes, we can. We will raise the entire village if necessary!"

Of course, we burned two innocents, the very observant old woman, and the priest who confessed to spare the rest of the village, meaning it was technically a tragic failure, but it was still great as an exploration of the context. Another interesting thing was how both Bryn and I were so keen to get out of the Inquisitor robes at the end.

Saturday afternoon I played in Hannah Mckie's BDL Play Competition. This reminded me why I prefer being in LARPs over being in plays, I suck at remembering lines. It was interesting to see the sexism inherent in a lot of the structures, the guy with the least lines who appears only briefly at the end of the play, listed first in the Dramatis Personae, the actors being given their certificates in the prize giving in this order also.

And I experienced being a "cripple". I don't know if Hannah intentionally meant for the warm-up exercises that consisted mainly of walking to be such a trial for James, the polio victim with a semi-functional leg, but that, and said leg accidentally catching the chair leg as I got up to receive my certificate, and people throughout assuming I couldn't do things because of my leg, and trying to be "nice" to me because of it... well, let's just say that I feel I have a far better understanding of how those with real physical restrictions might feel, though of course being subject to it for only three hours can't be compared to living it.

Then Saturday evening I got to be the opposite, a supremely confident and extremely physically capable Bravosi. Thanks Daniel, for that first round fight. It was a perfect way of introducing my character to those who hadn't met him yet. I loved pulling off the woolen cloak and fighting in the rain in the cut-down tunic and just generally acting as an honourable swashbuckler. By the end of the game though, Itzal had become somewhat numb. he had been robbed of his vengeance on Seda by another's  dishonourable act, he had been knocked out of the tournament, and he had discovered too much about what the "Ruler" became. He was happy for his sister Rosalia, & Amatus, whom he considered a brother, as their loves worked out, and for the end of the feud, but knew he would lose his only love again at the end of the evening when Damoc returned to the dead. With the ranks of the Bravosi  drastically reduced by the various events of the evening, there was little left for him but duty to family & his newly returned sister. I must give my thanks yet again, Leonie, for the lovely last memory of Damoc you left Itzal with.
Sunday morning was Slash. I was impressed with the way the new players threw themselves so physically into their roles, & it wasn't at all awkward having my son acting as an NPC. Not at all. :) 

Sunday afternoon I attended a funeral. By this stage I was starting to burn out, so couldn't summon up any energy to protest about being ejected from the funeral, after my plans had failed, though this was also partially because IC I felt bad about those plans anyway. So I took a few photos of Hydra Games instead. Will try & upload them soon. It was nice of Sophie's character to talk to me outside anyway, and later for her & the monkey girl *grin* to invite me back inside. Though quite why I was the monkey girl's hero I don't know.

The tea-cup mechanic was interesting, but often hard to react to usefully, as often one is thinking about what one has just said, or what the hecks going on over there?

So overall, I played Bobby Singer, a filth wizard, two homosexual men, a religious torturer, and a swashbuckling bravo. None of these were married, or hooked up in any way, to Naomi, so I think that streak has been well & truly broken.

Not all the emotions I experienced in character over this weekend were fun, some of the were downright horrible, but luckily I am, OOC, happy enough at present that I could actually enjoy feeling terrible IC.  


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Last night, I think primarily because of the heat, I slept poorly, and thus remembered my dream

The scene was the kitchen area of a camp-site, like Brookfields, during something like Hydra or Chimera, and people had gathered for breakfast.

We were kissing hungrily, ignoring the stares of those around us, even though I knew that I should not be kissing you where others might see. I didn't care, and it seemed neither did you, there had been something more that night, and we were beyond caring about social norms, basking in each others company.

There were nervous attempts at jokes from those around us, about us "practicing for our character roles". Some acted disgusted, some looked jealous, others just found it funny but it was obvious everyone knew that what was happening in front of them would have significant consequences to the social group and our other relationships.

Later that day, everyone prepared for sleep, and somehow whatever had happened to the original pair of us appeared to have infected others. A whole group of us placed our sleeping bags in a pile along with some mattresses and jumped into them together. There were limbs, torsos, hands, feet, and other parts, all touching and moving together. It was very difficult to sleep that way.

Later, I awoke, and the camp for LARPs had somehow morphed into a training center, and it was my first day on the job. I stumbled into it, hungover, wearing only bath robe & shorts, looking very Dude-like, to discover that some-one had scheduled me to run a course on Digital Communication Technology first thing in the morning that I had not even read yet.

I went to the class room, and, in my bath robe, apologized to the three or four students who were already there, saying there must be some sort of scheduling mistake, and that I'd sort it out, and headed off to the staff room.

There I found all my colleagues from when I was at Software Education, along with the writer of the course. When I approached him about it, he told me that it would be easy, I knew all the stuff in the course already, and I could easily handle it. I restrained myself from punching the smug-looking bastard in the face and told him that while that might be true, it would have been nice to have been told about the course before breakfast this morning...

At this point I woke up to find that both the side of my face and the top of my left foot were aching as if they'd been punched or stood upon, respectively.

And no, I'm not going to run the first part of my dream as a LARP at Hydra. Though I suppose it's possible the Slash LARP might head that way.
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Weekend was busy. Disposed of numerous things on TradeMe, and gained enough money to eat until next pay day. Played [ profile] jarratt_gray's Mage LARP on Saturday night, in which [ profile] evie_fae's character, Nyx Catastrophe, raised the concept of getting someone to "Ghost Angel Sit" for her, which to me is crying out to be used as the title of something. Ended up geeking over TV shows with [ profile] argentbear and [ profile] exiledinpn while [ profile] catnip_mouse put up with us.

Sunday I woke up in time to get dressed and do the dishes before my ex-wife arrived with Ben, and I took him into Armageddon to see Christopher Judge (Teal'c from Stargate ) We got there in time to see the end of the Stargate movie, which means I have no need to watch the rest of it, it felt like just another episode. Judge was arguing with Bill over whether the footage shown of the moon-landing in 1969 was actually recorded on the moon. Ran into [ profile] sproke_ina_can and partner multiple times.

Ben enjoyed getting a free Demon pin-up calendar, and I spent more than I should have on manga and animé. Still, it was cheap animé, $5 a disc or less, and I filled in several set holes, now needing only one disk each to complete my Last Exile and Wolves Rain sets, and now have an almost complete Fruit's Basket manga set. It would have been complete, but I couldn't remember exactly which ones I was missing. Ben was very good waiting for me as I dug thru the bins, though he did want to take the life size "Girls of the Playboy Mansion" cut-out home with him. Found the real live Halo Warthog to be amazing, and didn't quite buy Vampyros Lesbos, though I was tempted.

While there, I got texts from [ profile] ferrouswheel asking to be picked up from the airport at two, and I needed to get lunch for Ben and I, which meant that I completely failed to find [ profile] asgard and go "Phwoar!" at her slimmer figure. Sorry, luv!

I tried to convince Ben to have banana pancakes at Astoria, primarily so I could have one of their Mega-lattes, but he insisted on Burger King. Picked up [ profile] ferrouswheel, and I got my bowl latte at the airport while waiting. There's something about bowls for latte, it makes me drink it in a more spiritual manner, as if it;s miso or sake, and headed out to [ profile] panda_pitt's place for a family birthday gathering. Evening excitement was provided by regular txt updates from [ profile] amphigori about a lovely thing she was doing for me in Christchurch. Big hugs to that lovely lady for her efforts! It turned out to be an extra special day for that to happen, but I'll let [ profile] seraphs_folly explain that if she wants to.

Now to get more things listed on TradeMe.
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So, I now have the timetable for the Capital Fetish Extravaganza this Satyrday.

I'm gonna be picking up the bus and the heavy equipment at 2.30pm, and we'll be heading in to set up the TES area, and do other preparation stuff. Hopefully most of that will be done the evening, and then it will be out to dinner and to get changed, before needing to be back on site by 9.30pm for the public start at 10.00pm. Stage shows start at 11.30 pm, and finish at 1.55 am, and then the party continues till 6.00am.

I think, given my lack of thinking about costuming and that I'll be doing staff stuff, I won't be wearing anything fancy.

But I do need to start thinking about a costume for Kapcon LARP, Sanctuary, it seems I am going to need something rather piratical, I wonder if my character should be modelled on Captain Kennit... Anyway I suspect I shall have to procure an appropriate pair of soft leather boots
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It's Sunday morning and I am pleasantly exhausted.

It has been three days in a row of staying out till 2.00 am and cruising through the days with almost no personal angst, excerpt for some momentary drunken maudlinity. (Is that a word? It is now!)

I've already covered Thursday, so here's Friday and Satyrday, because y'all so want to know what I've been up to.

Friday )

Satyrday and the FF X LARP )

Enough, it's midday and I should get dressed and get on with Game prep for tomorrow!


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